Title: Respawned: Back from Hell
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/rspnhell.zip
Size: 1.17 MB
Date: 11/07/14
Author: Zalewa
Description: Classic, vanilla map set for single player and cooperative games with 12 small, medium, and large levels. Theme is hellish and consists of flesh, cave, temple and catacombs levels. Action in final levels takes place in outdoor and base areas.

All maps are meant to be played in vanilla, oldschool Doom 2. If you wish to play this in a modern source-port, jumping and crouching must be disabled or else some maps can break. I also recommend disabling freelook, but that's up to you.

Ultra-Violence is designed to be tight on ammo and health (but not too tight :)). If you find that too daunting, I recommend switching to Hurt Me Plenty instead. It's not much easier than UV.

Even though every level is beatable on Ultra-Violence from pistol start, the WAD has been designed with continuous play in mind. This means that you're supposed to carry over inventory from map to map.

Even with this continuity, MAP06 is meant to take away all your inventory on exit and you're supposed to start with pistol only on MAP07. If your source-port fails to do so, I recommend restarting MAP07 from scratch.

MAP07 is a gimmick map where players are supposed to win through infights. It's a fairly short one and the only gimmick map in the WAD.

It's ensured that maps will never break in cooperative mode. There are no spots where players can die and block other players from completing the level. It's safe to play this with your friend with "noclip" cheats off. Also, in multiplayer, a bit more ammo is provided, but it's not very much and WAD is tight on ammo otherwise. I recommend leaving "multiplayer items" enabled.

Even though this was thoroughly tested in Chocolate Doom for visplane overflows, some maps come dangerously close to savegame size limit. Please be aware of that and keep your saved games on more than one slot.

MAP09 was a bitch to get the visplane overflows worked out.

This project was first started at the end of the year 2010. I was attempting to create a map set where each map is different from all the others in theme and layout, but at the same time offers continuity in which previous map progresses into the next one. Ultimate map count was undefined back then. Maps were made out of order.
Credits: My girlfriend, Supergod, PFL and all the people from YouTube for testing.
Base: None
Build time: 4 years with very long breaks
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, Slade, midi2mus.exe
Rating: (21 votes)
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