Title: Return to Daro
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/rtd.zip
Size: 202.67 KB
Date: 07/13/17
Author: Ryath/scwiba
Description: Four maps created to celebrate the 20th birthday of the one and only STRAIN. If you don't know what that is... man, screw *this* WAD; GO PLAY STRAIN!

STRAIN has long been my favorite Doom WAD, and I've always wanted to pay tribute to it in some way. Suddenly, its 20th anniversary was barrelling toward me and I figured -- it's now or never!

Let's take a trip back to Moonbase Daro together!

NOTE: STRAIN.WAD and STRAIN.DEH are REQUIRED to play Return to Daro, and must be loaded in the correct order: STRAIN.WAD/.DEH and then RTD.WAD. If you don't see the "Return to Daro" title screen, something went wrong. And if you get stuck arachnotrons, the DeHackEd patch wasn't loaded correctly. When playing in ZDoom, make sure you unzip the contents of strain.zip before loading them.
Credits: id Software Alpha Dog Alliance for STRAIN CodeImp, SlayeR, and Visual Vincent -- creators of Doom Builder, SLADE, and Doom Writer TITLEPIC font, "Space Age", by Justin Callaghan Playtesters: Albertoni bzzrak David Newton Dragonrider Jayextee
Base: New maps from scratch; based on the STRAIN resources
Build time: The month of June, 2017
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, Doom Writer, SLADE2, and MSPaint
Bugs: None
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