Title: Rubicon.Wad
Filename: levels/doom2/p-r/rubicon.zip
Size: 31.65 KB
Date: 10/19/96
Author: Brian owens
Description: Ummmm..!!! Not really a description but a brief word 'Cos I'm using the unregistered version of Deep this level is rather small due to size restrictions , so I've put in a few rather tough puzzles , I do apologise if people think there a bit unfair but there in to make up for size. If you see any promise in this wad then please mail me and I will register Deep and make a bigger and better wad.
Credits: Authors of Deep ( Unregisted version ) Tony Sideris , the author of the tops wad POST ( get it if U haven't yet) for hints and tips along the way. My girlfriend Katie , who I love lots for playtesting.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About a month ( my first wad Ahemmm.!! )
Editor(s) used: Deep,DCK
Bugs: Ceiling error in area behind exit where imps spew from PS ( If anyone can fix this let pls mail me and let me know cos I couldn't)
Rating: (3 votes)
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I'm the author of this map and I'm fucked if I can work out how to finish it without cheating. I assume its possible as I playtested it thoroughly as I recall. Was 18 years ago tho so ho hum.!x
This map is from 1996 and it's not bad. Very simple, and it looks and feels like a good 1994 level, but it's fun in a nostalgic way. There are some bugs, although they just add to the charm; at one point you have to press a button that's hidden behind a crate, and shortly after that there's a blue key door that the monsters open for you (in fact you don't need the blue key at all, and I'm not even sure how you're supposed to get it).x

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