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1 new classic map for Doom 2. The idea behind this wad is to do a map with not more than 400 linedefs. Each of the maps has another theme. I'm not the best mapdesigner but I hope you'll enjoy it :D...Date:03/17/12
Size:38.67 KB
Author:Lukas "Omegamer" Wilhelm,

Sacrifices: 1. the time given up to create a WAD. 2. the creatures that I puposely "pinned" so you can walk up and get in their face right before you blast 'em messy. 3. all the newbie deathmatchers :]...Date:02/01/95
Size:48.69 KB
Author:Mark Hibbert

Saddam's Bunker v1.4
Saddam's Bunker! Compact yet full of surprises and danger. Can you "sanitize" the place? No, I haven't plugged Saddam's mug into any of the graphics (feel free to add 'em if you can - send me a copy of the revision). Consider the vile guarding the ...Date:10/25/98
Size:51.51 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

Sadhus Chauffeur Trio
: This is a total conversion for doom 2. it replaces enemies, weapons, levels, music and sounds. it is realy brutal. see below for more info....Date:06/29/04
Size:1.01 MB

Sadhus time Travels
: This is a 12 new maps for doom 2. it replaces enemies, weapons, levels, music and sounds. it is realy really brutal. 2nd in Sadhus series: even tuffer than the last...Date:07/08/04
Size:1.05 MB

See below...Date:04/24/97
Size:82.37 KB
Author:Michael Sager
Hi my name is Salem Christ, i wrote this little level for Doom 2. it's little, but hopefully is impossible to do the first time you try. O:)...Date:12/07/95
Size:24.54 KB
Author:Salem Christ

Size:27.64 KB

Sand Chain
A small map for Doom II, but loaded with quality!...Date:09/23/09
Size:3.38 KB

Replacement level for DOOM II...Date:01/17/05
Size:26.42 KB
Author:Glenn Geiss

Sandy DooM II: Fractulous Fate Entwined With Imaginary Vocabulary
All hail Sandy Petersen!...Date:12/19/11
Size:283.65 KB
Author:Sandy Claws, aka You know who -_O

Ziffnet 1994 Christmas DOOM II Level
A sinister gang of mutants and mercenaries has converted...Date:04/11/04
Size:99.42 KB
Author:Stephen Baldwin

This is the first wad I ever build. It is far from perfect but nevertheless I'm very proud of it....Date:05/21/97
Size:27.8 KB

DOOM II PWAD, so you think Sargeants are a piece of cake, :)...Date:05/07/99
Size:15.83 KB
Author:Jim Donovan

SargeBaldy's and ZarcyB's Excellent Adventure!
SargeBaldy and ZarcyB are sent onto a magical adventure with tricks and flips....Date:09/25/03
Size:16.59 KB
Author:Holand Chinkomina

Satan's Altar ][
4 mOTherFUcKiNzSs mAPs 4 Sp, C0Op & dM. 1st map: Sataltar 2; 2nd map: tHe fACe oF tHe EvIL mAStEr; 3rd map: fLo0D. Sataltar good 4 Sp, TFOTEM good 4 all, but the nice thing is that the map is the face of tHa EviL mAStEr. The fIRsT time u play, do IDB...Date:09/09/96
Size:243.01 KB
Author:DarKSIdE (Daniele Levi)

Doom II-Level
Size:260.19 KB
Author:Peter Tauber

Satan's Lair v666
This is not intended to be a continuation or sequel to Satan's Lair, but rather, its more of an add-on to the previous level. It has more rooms, some very difficult to find secret rooms, and more monsters than you can shake a chainsaw at! And it's ma...Date:03/17/95
Size:120.41 KB
Author:Jeffrey Kung

Satan's Workshop v1.3f
(See below)...Date:05/16/97
Size:77.92 KB
Author:Brian English aka "Captain Camshaft"

Saturn Communications Complex
A communications base that makes a pretty damn good level... Not a lot of story really. This is going to be included in a major DOOM 2 project tennatively called 'BIGGER' due out in a couple of months... It's gonna replace all 32 levels... (ambitious...Date:01/18/96
Size:133.43 KB
Author:Pain Elemental (Jason Staples)

Saturnia is a spa town in Tuscany in north-central Italy that has been inhabited since ancient times. It is a frazione of the comune of Manciano, in the province of Grosseto. Famous for the spa which gives it its name, its population is 280. ... ...Date:10/02/23
Size:1.08 MB
Author:Manco Casali
A 6 level soloplayer Doom2 wad. The good levels from a Doom1 episode I did about a year ago, with a few new textures, monsters and linedefs. Nothing truly fancy, but a good solid solo game....Date:07/13/95
Size:151.09 KB

Playground - Singleplayer
Single-player challenge....Date:01/30/14
Size:116.33 KB

Terrorists have invaded America. Its up to you, the only surviving soldier, to take down the terrorist threat. CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY...Date:03/15/14
Size:5.81 MB

In the middle of a beatiful day,Earth has been invaded by unknown demon forces.Earthlings were no match for their superior power, so they dominated whole Earth in a few moments.Yet you decided not to give up and decided to travel to Hell to destroy t...Date:02/03/16
Size:11.57 KB
Author:Zack aka.DeF1LeR

Snowball's Chance
Size:56.34 KB
Author:Stephen Galvin

Scenes (for Doom ][ Only!)
There are 3 wads in this file, subtitled as follows: Map 01 -- Castle Map 02 -- Country Club Map 03 -- Vacation, further subdivided: a) Island b) Dungeon c) Caverns d) Mine e) Mountain The wad is designed for single-player mode, although spots are ...Date:05/04/96
Size:264.99 KB
Author:Scott Appleton

High School
a doom2 level based on a real school...Date:01/12/99
Size:153.5 KB
Author:Steve Katz

It is written in the Holy Bible: "Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. [...] They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they h...Date:10/03/02
Size:1.76 MB

Space Communications
Very short but playable space port themed map with an escape pod exit....Date:05/16/12
Size:52.24 KB
Author:Matt "TheBraggle" Napier

This level is made with rookies and serious Deathmatchers in mind, with varied terrain and viewpoints from which to snipe friends and enemies alike. Conserve ammo, take advantage of cover and concealment and run like hell. More of what the original S...Date:12/07/95
Size:114.17 KB
Author:John C. Boyle

Deathmatch in an open slime area with five stations; four in each corner and one in the middle. Four ways to the outer area with more ammo. Similar to the original MAP07 but the pads have ceilings. Monsters added for single player and co-operative pl...Date:10/27/01
Size:9.86 KB
Author:Josef Griffiths (Scragadelic)

This level is made with co-op and Deathmatchers in mind, with varied terrain and viewpoints from which to snipe friends and enemies alike. An area of mineshafts and tunnels coupled with very intricate layouts make this a very challenging level. Not s...Date:12/09/95
Size:130.97 KB
Author:John C. Boyle

Features: A ghost church; strange prison; lavish battlefields; electic chair; ..jus check it out!!...Date:11/10/97
Size:44.83 KB
Author:Charles Daniel

Scum [v666]
Size:61.39 KB
Author:Charles Daniel

A waste filtration facility based out on Mars. I've tried my best to focus on balance between ammunition, health and baddies. I've paid specific attention to texture allignment and theme. This is played best on Ultra-Violence, do _not_ give up! If yo...Date:09/03/04
Size:105.63 KB
Author:Ian "Scrum" Ferguson

Sonic Doom
You stand in a quaint little village. And it's very quiet. (Yes, too quiet.) Roam a bit, nothing seems to be amiss. But if you scratch the surface of this peaceful abode you will find the gutters crawling with all kinds of mutant life forms. Frankly,...Date:05/07/14
Size:53.49 KB
Author:Doria Biddle

A death maze/arena
Hunt and be hunted in the maze of columns, then run for your life in the arena. This came out as sort of a Deathmatch type level, but it's not bad for single player or cooperative games....Date:10/09/12
Size:33.91 KB
Author:Scott Davis

A hard level for hard core players, this level is good for both deathmatch and co-op,(is best for single of co-op)....Date:02/17/97
Size:47.09 KB
Author:Jamie Secord

Dark secrets
Dark! scary!small and flows easy -notes- - should be played on ultar violence - there are 4 secrets...Date:05/16/97
Size:15.4 KB
Author:Darren morris

Proxyon Sector KGx/57 mini Episode
Proxyon Sector KGx/57 was built on the planet Andromeda in the Alpha Cruxus system, known as Summer Row because of the five Earth-type worlds that orbit this G-type sun at comfortable distances. The whole system is possibly the richest non-mineral sy...Date:10/12/95
Size:384.23 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

A very tough rework of Milo's earlier Greek.wad People liked the architecture, but it was a DM only wad, so I converted to a single player carnage level. I haven't counted the monsters but I'm sure there are close to a thousand, in true Punisher styl...Date:07/11/96
Size:59.81 KB
Author:Dario Casali

Selfish 1-3 combined into a mini-episode for Doom 2. I originally released these levels as Selfish1.wad, Selfish2.wad and Selfish3.wad but decided to merge them into a mini-episode with music replacements....Date:04/08/01
Size:279.42 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Days of Xornox The Oracle of Ordeals
This is a wad that has 1 level. In this part you have you face yourself. It's kind of difficult. Everything is in proportion except his rockets take away the same amonut as yours but he can't move around as good as you can. When you think you beat hi...Date:06/14/98
Size:315.25 KB
Author:Frank Laing

Part 4 of the Selfish series for Doom II, this level runs on any port. This level was originally intedned for Plutonia 2 but that project has been dead for 2 years, I'm not going to waste levels for dead projects. It is the smallest map in the Selfis...Date:03/06/04
Size:65.58 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Part 5 of the Selfish series for Doom II. Mainly E4 style. Completed in March 2004 and originally intended for a Megawad which lost pace. Level is heavily inspired by John W. Anderson's master levels. The largest map so far in the selfish series....Date:03/14/05
Size:138.08 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Selfish X-FORMER
A small level for Doom2 consiting of a Bricks theme in the main area and teleporters to E1 and E2 style areas....Date:12/01/05
Size:73.91 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

SEMATIC (si-mat'ik). adj., serving as a warning or sign of danger.
A new level for Doom 2. It seems that the Chigs have overrun a UAC installation and have built a heavily fortified refueling depot to assist in the attack on Earth. You are the last of a team of four to transport down to the surface. Your job is simp...Date:05/22/05
Size:143.53 KB
Author:Insane LTD.

Sentinels Of Damnation
You shove your trusty DB shotgun into the mouth of the imp. You turn your head to the side and pull the trigger... Blood splatters onto your arm and chest, as the imp richocets backward from the blast. The imps once shiny coat of fur is now shaggy an...Date:04/05/06
Size:106.63 KB
Author:Gary Atkinson

Serious Series level 1
One day, the creator sets his foot upon the ground and pronounces: "I will begin creation seriously NOW!!!" and he sends a shock wave over the earth which sets off many natural disasters, and then he begins the creation of a new living hell. Beware, ...Date:10/09/95
Size:16.94 KB
Author:Cain Piper

Serenity III -- Map11
This is an old and unreleased level by one of the 'second generation' Doom level designers - Holger Nathrath, whose levels appeared in S*T*R*A*I*N, a great TC. (those levels for the record being 17, 26 and 32, which were altered to fit in to S*T*...Date:02/25/01
Size:94.34 KB
Author:Holger Nathrath

This wad is great for single player mode. It also supports deathmatch and multiplayer...Date:05/12/95
Size:45.36 KB
Author:James Relunia

This level is the second level of my WAD series. My first level can be found at FTP.CDROM.COM in the /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/s-u/ directory....Date:06/30/95
Size:78.55 KB
Author:James Relunia

Fortress of the Seven
In the tradition of The Keep! Levels, this level has an ending that should make you sweat. Many new sounds and music. New sky. Even a new status bar. Additional Credits The geniuses at ID; the creator of Edmap, Jeff Rabenhorst; the various creators...Date:10/29/03
Size:682.66 KB
Author:Sonny Wasinger ( CONDUCTOR)

SEVENLEV.WAD (7 levels of fun)
This Wad is for DOOM II only. This level supports single and two player multiplayer modes which has added monsters for added challenge....Date:06/17/95
Size:156.96 KB
Author:Ray Trochim (6/95)

Wet and dark. Too bad it's only a wad :) Take a break from deathmatch (but just a minute). This wad supports single and multi-player cooperative modes at all difficulty settings. Made for DoomII....Date:07/10/95
Size:34.89 KB
Author:David G. Lamb

The Sewers
Level takes place in a sewer-like environment. Dark and dingy (pronounced DIN-GEE) walkways and rooms provide plenty of places where the enemies lie in wait. Huge level! Takes an average player about 1 hour to play! Check out the unique ideas and wat...Date:12/19/04
Size:113.52 KB
Author:Steve Kraushaar

A single Doom 2 level, for single player mode....Date:08/26/07
Size:25.96 KB
Author:Phil Memmer

Escaping through the sewers...Date:10/04/96
Size:70.4 KB
Author:Psyborg (Pete Kolts)

Best for deathmatch because there is lots of hiding spots, hidden passages, secret & invisible teleports and tricks. And yes, there IS an end to the just have to find it....Date:06/10/95
Size:23.42 KB
Author:Mike Prentice

sewers of hell
A Doom II Level...Date:02/22/98
Size:33.36 KB
Author:keimpe visser

a tiny little level, its so tiny that it doesnt take long to make it done which is when you finish it n stuff. i like macaroni....Date:11/22/01
Size:23.23 KB
Author:Cast Draling

Shooting Gallery!
Just a shooting gallery I made for you all! Hope you like it!...Date:04/30/13
Size:58.64 KB
Author:James Mcolaso

Slaughter House 5
Size:893.94 KB
Author:Chris Lloyd

I experimented greatly with light and shadows, and tried to create a level that not only tests your reflexes, but your brain as well. It has a little of everything...tricks, traps, teleporters crushing ceilings, lifts, secrets... not an easy level......Date:04/20/05
Size:61.21 KB
Author:Alex Mayberry

Shadows in Bronze
DOOM II pwad. Single player only....Date:01/15/99
Size:71.85 KB
Author:Thomas Drugg

Mine Shaft
They found something in that mine. Nobody that dared explore it came back. Alive, anyways. They thought it best to seal it up. But that wouldn't stop a bloodthirsty space marine!...Date:11/03/05
Size:41.57 KB
Author:Marc A. Pelletier

Shalom, welcome or farewell -- Doom ][
UAC Outpost Nine has been invaded by alien lifeforms. A reconnaissance squad of ten has been sent in to assess the situation and secure the outpost. The squad leader reported that the outpost personnel had been killed, and were perhaps cloned for ali...Date:09/19/99
Size:11.58 KB
Author:Elliott Pacetti

Shalom, welcome or farewell -- Doom ][
UAC Outpost Nine was invaded by alien lifeforms. A reconnaissance squad of ten was sent in to assess the situation and secure the outpost. The squad leader reported that the outpost personnel had been killed, and were perhaps cloned for alien soldier...Date:09/19/99
Size:13.17 KB
Author:Elliott Pacetti

Shalom, welcome or farewell? -- Doom ][
UAC Outpost Nine was invaded by alien lifeforms. A reconnaissance squad of ten was sent in to assess the situation and secure the outpost. The squad leader reported that the outpost personnel had been killed, and were perhaps cloned for alien soldier...Date:09/19/99
Size:13.39 KB
Author:Elliott Pacetti

Shalom, welcome or farewell? -- Doom ][
UAC Outpost Nine was invaded by alien lifeforms. A reconnaissance squad of ten was sent in to assess the situation and secure the outpost. The squad leader reported that the outpost personnel had been killed, and were perhaps cloned for alien soldier...Date:09/19/99
Size:16.4 KB
Author:Elliott Pacetti

Shalom, welcome or farewell? -- Doom ][
UAC Outpost Nine was invaded by alien lifeforms. A reconnaissance squad of ten was sent in to assess the situation and secure the outpost. The squad leader reported that the outpost personnel had been killed, and were perhaps cloned for alien soldier...Date:09/19/99
Size:9.4 KB
Author:Elliott Pacetti

Shalom, welcome or farewell? -- Doom ][
UAC Outpost Nine was invaded by alien lifeforms. A reconnaissance squad of ten was sent in to assess the situation and secure the outpost. The squad leader reported that the outpost personnel had been killed, and were perhaps cloned for alien soldier...Date:09/19/99
Size:5.74 KB
Author:Elliott Pacetti

Shampaign Jam v1.5
Indoor/Outdoor with plenty of surprises. Lots of opportunity for letting the monsters duke it out amongst themselves if that's your thing ... or, punish the boys yourself. Warning: This level is not recommended for pregnant weeeemin or those with h...Date:10/25/98
Size:129.04 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

based off a recent quick sketch i made...Date:03/08/10
Size:60.55 KB

Shards of Glass
A dark, gloomy castle type map with fitting music to enhance the mood. You will need the GothicDM texture set in order to play this map, which can be found at in the Texture Stock section....Date:01/06/11
Size:112.86 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

My second map, which is so far my best. I've finally gotten use to the ins and outs and can make even better maps. My first was way to simple for an upload. This map was entirely inspired by the doom 2 master levels, and I've learned practically ever...Date:07/13/19
Size:65.62 KB
Author:Zillo (Ziyo) C.M.

Size:18.85 KB
Author:Jim Shrum

So How is Hell.
Same wad as my Dumb Wad except this version has more Monsters in it and it has less Weapons....Date:01/02/97
Size:4.58 KB
Author:Daniel McGann.

This level is fairly large and challenging but playable. I worked on it in my spare time for a couple of months, play-testing and modifying. It makes a great deathmatch level or regular game with secrets and items scattered throughout. I hope that yo...Date:02/22/96
Size:54.93 KB
Author:Byron Collins

ShmoLand Doom
New Deathmatch Levels for maps 1,2 & 3 New music - stooges theme, Indiana Jones, a Micheal Wathius tune, and Axel_F New sounds - Mostly three stooges sounds (very funny)...Date:03/29/96
Size:860.63 KB
Author:George Doodlepuff, mayor of ShmoLand

Shooting Galore
I created this wad for people that can't avoid enemy fire too well. This level provides a lot of targets to fire at and plenty of ammo and armor. You can death match in this level... but i would not recommend it....Date:09/04/98
Size:3.17 KB

"Shoots" -N- Ladders 2.0
I think you're gonna like this one. Ladders. No, really. A level map with blinking indicators. Mayhem. Destruction. Plot twists. Air ducts. Vents. Secrets. Suspense....Date:05/01/95
Size:164.56 KB
Author:Lloyd Shelby

If you like doom, you'll get to shoot yer wad playing this all new pwad!...Date:05/16/95
Size:82.41 KB
Author:William Sullivan

Good level, but short....Date:07/26/96
Size:4.65 KB
Author:Roman Ost.

Shotgun for DOOMII
Playable with health/ammo provided. Will challenge most players. As implied, a Shotgun is the best weapon for this level....Date:12/22/95
Size:29.05 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

Fastest Shovels #1
A speedmapping excersice made by the people on Shovelware Society discord server where the main gimmick is to make a map using a old time editor of the old days such as DEU 2 or DeePSea, mixed with modern ones where needed. Adding to the said challen...Date:11/21/22
Size:544.86 KB
Author:The Shovelware Society

Fastest Shovels #4
Another session from the Shovelware Society discord gang made of literally 2 guys again This month's i put a restriction of making a map using only 100 sidedefs, mashing up the original E1M1 and the 100 lines limitations....Date:04/02/23
Size:96.36 KB
Author:The Shovelware Society

Fastest Shovels #5
Another session from the Shovelware Society discord gang made of literally 3 guys this time, dropping out 9 maps this time! This month's session is a special one, based upon map gimmicks from all time favorites maps from the community! Enjoy, if yo...Date:05/10/23
Size:285.43 KB
Author:The Shovelware Society

Fastest Shovels #9
Another session from the Shovelware Society discord gang, this time we'll defeat nazis again in 8 Wolfestein 3D levels, with 2 made exclusively for the original Wolfestein game from 1992 and 6 maps for Doom 2! Enjoy square mazes and no height variati...Date:10/25/23
Size:300.4 KB
Author:The Shovelware Society

Shovelware Adventure!
Welcome to Shovelware Adventure! This is a 100% vanilla compatible wad & dehacked file for DOOM II. This map is full of bloody battle arenas and slimy passageways! There are many secrets to discover and several paths to reach the exit. This map was d...Date:01/02/17
Size:2.28 MB
Author:Doomkid (Doomkid92 on steam)

Size:117.23 KB
Author:Carlos Dwa

The shrine of the fire god at the edge of town has always had an ill-repute, but it and its morbid rituals were tolerated by the town elders. Last night, however, the worshippers of the flame went too far, when they tore your firstborn from you and c...Date:04/05/06
Size:141.64 KB
Author:Jonathan Tourtellot

Shrine of the Warriors
You begin right next door to hell. in a twisted chamber used by hell spawn as a portal to the human realms. You venture beyond the portal to find... the Shrine. The shrine is a large complex that pays tribute to the hell spawn. Some what of a cross...Date:07/01/03
Size:326.05 KB
Author:Daniel "Stormin" Norman

Size:118.11 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

Days of Xornox The Shapeshifter
This is a wad that has 8 levels. In this part you will have to fight a shapeshifter. He's not that hard but he puts up a challenge. You start off in a barron place with nothing except a few slimes. You have to work your way through 7 level to get to ...Date:06/14/98
Size:305.57 KB
Author:Frank Laing

This map was supposed to be a part of a now dead community project, which is why it starts on map 4. I could never decide on a name. Nothing really special about this map but I'm releasing it just so my effort wasn't a total waste....Date:08/14/13
Size:158.67 KB
Author:Ray "shitbag" Schmitz

DoomII 1.7a Created on 486DX2 66 VL-Bus Accel....Date:12/11/95
Size:71.46 KB

Shadows of Darkness
This levels has a few surprises in it, so be careful!...Date:01/07/97
Size:29.25 KB
Author:Nick Gawel AKA "Meat Grinder"

Suspended in Dusk
A set of four levels, which all push the limits of the good ol' vanilla Doom. If your computer refuses to cooperate with doom2.exe, I recommend Chocolate Doom: Has also been tested and found functional on Z...Date:10/08/05
Size:1.84 MB

Single-Level/Cooperative for Doom ][. You (and your team) lay siege upon a the evil teleport center and use the center to engage in different scenarios and gathering the three keys: Level 1 Siege Upon the Entry Port Level 2 The Teleport Center Le...Date:10/07/96
Size:319.49 KB
Author:Derek Merrill

Siggi's "heh" Speedmaps
This is the result of one working week of attempting to make complete maps in the shortest possible time. Each map was made in one about afternoon. The result is an episode of 5 small monster filled levels, which I find challenging to play. I imagi...Date:07/14/09
Size:85.92 KB
Author:Stephen "Siggi" Finniss

Level 1 - Ernst #227 - Ever wonder what a store in Hell would be like? Here's one version. Just enough sargeants to make your shop- ping experience interesting, with a few imps thrown in to slicken the floor. Don't forget the chips and beer for the b...Date:01/21/98
Size:174.6 KB

This Space Intentionally Left Blank
More an experiment than anything else, it's a small map with intentionally strange elements....Date:03/11/14
Size:22.67 KB
Author:Sophie Kirschner

Kinda threw this together...Date:06/19/97
Size:42.36 KB

A challenging and detailed level for Doom2....Date:10/21/96
Size:57.75 KB
Author:Albert Lam

Simple Map 1
A simple, vanilla map for those who enjoy the old classic look and feel. The map is rather unassuming, the playtime is about 10 minutes. Just one key, one secret, available weapons are CS-P-SG-SSG-MG-RL. The final arena looks quite hard for those not...Date:11/28/22
Size:33.92 KB
Author:Milton Maldonado Jr (ARMCoder)

Simple Map 2
A simple, vanilla map for those who enjoy the old classic look and feel. The playtime is short, of about 10 minutes. No keys, five secrets (not required to win), the available weapons are P-SG-SSG-MG-RL-PR. Some switch hunting is required but it's ke...Date:12/20/22
Size:94.65 KB
Author:Milton Maldonado Jr (ARMCoder)

Simply Dead
This is a fun level for Doom 2 called Simply Dead. You kill 2 hanging toy like things and a fatso and then have some hard fights with archviles and the exit is really interesting. I dont know why people hate my levels but I think you will like this b...Date:02/26/08
Size:7.44 KB

Simply Simple v1.0
Mindless senseless violence. Plain and simple! A tribute to the classic, with ample ammo and monsters running around. Not nearly as hectic in DM, but a good fragging ground nonetheless. I'm interested in including a cool speedrun or other interesti...Date:07/29/99
Size:57.46 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

A new Icon of Sin map, mtotally crappy....Date:04/22/05
Size:4.63 KB
Author:Bjarne Christensen

Welcome to Sin2_9.The updated version of Sincity5 and Sin678.wad. and a brand new level 9.This Wad contains all new graphics and all new sounds.Most of the textures have been redrawn or modified to make a little more interesting.Demo1 has been replac...Date:11/05/95
Size:1.74 MB
Author:Kurt Maples

A single-player/cooperative map. Kind of that rocky\ hell theme....Date:02/18/09
Size:60.71 KB
Author:Colin Mitchell aka 'Radtard'

Sinister Halls
Size:71.42 KB
Author:Five Magics

The Levels of Sin - Number One
A very good Single and Co-op play wad for DOOM II. Look out for "safe sectors". There are two small squares in the level that are noticeably darker than the surrounding sectors. If you get yourself into one of these and stay there, monsters can't see...Date:07/04/96
Size:198.6 KB
Author:Martin Hawkins

Sinister Seven - Vanilla Maps by Doomkid
7 sp/coop maps, vanilla compatible (besides map07), with some fresh sprites - I added the extra marine and zombieman rotation angles (Thanks Mr. Romero!). Some of these maps are from submissions to communtiy projects. Special thanks to The_Miano, MrC...Date:07/11/15
Size:2.86 MB
Author:Doomkid [Adam P.]

Sinister Intention
Having been away from Doom mapping for a decade, this was a thing I did to get back into the swing of things. As a result, these may be bad. And definitely not what I'd call 'finished' -- I'd rather cap this at 7 maps and focus on a 'real' project,...Date:11/24/12
Size:676.21 KB
Author:Jay Townsend AKA Jayextee AKA ComicMishief

Sirius1 - suburbia
This is the first in a series of levels I have developed over the past year or so. This level is designed for a single-player adventure, but multi-player is also supported. I have tried very hard to create a detailed environment, not just some rooms ...Date:06/18/95
Size:56.12 KB
Author:Chris Arkenberg

The setting: You find your-self standing on what use to be a fine green lawn in front of an old building. You can tell it use to be a state hospital, but you know something is not right. Who knows, if you had been nicer in your 1st life, then you mig...Date:03/11/97
Size:71.74 KB
Author:Ron Gibson Sr.

Cool Single-play Doom ][ wad with bad guys and bad weapons. Linear. No mazes, no running around looking for the blue door....Date:05/22/95
Size:24.29 KB
Author:Big Tiger

After playing plenty of Marathon (you know, DooM for Mac), I had the idea of making a quick map in the same style. This means 1994-style geometry and texturing, gloomy lighting, and an emphasis on switch-hunting and puzzle-solving. However, I soon fo...Date:05/15/16
Size:635.83 KB

Skull Hall
Marine Private Sparks having completed boot was on a short leave. While touring the countryside with his sweet baby.....Babs, he chanced upon the Sarge's secret Hole-in the-Wall. Armed with but a revolver Sparks brought that house down! Recovering fr...Date:01/11/96
Size:76.1 KB
Author:Dr. Bombay aka Agent X aka AgX

This is Skulkeep.wad. When you get it, it may be named MAL_SKUP.WAD. This is just the same thing, but you must run SKULKEEP.BAT to expand it. Or Skulkeep.wad if it was expanded before. The resulting PWAD will be around 4,5 MB... Now for the level: ...Date:07/13/97
Size:399.67 KB
Author:Marcus Malden

Temple of Skulls
A temple, with a lot of skull textures...Date:09/13/10
Size:451.56 KB
Author:Joe Dotts

Size:33.05 KB
Author:Richard Smol

Sky Base
It is the future. Man has polluted the atmosphere to the point where we can no longer safely breathe it. Large, floating atmospheric reprocessors have been created to help repair the atmosphere. It will be a long process. A few years after the "skyba...Date:02/09/04
Size:191.03 KB
Author:Terence Burns

Play Doom outside in a forest,complete with angry trees,groovy mushrooms,exploding toads and a real DRAGON!...Date:08/29/96
Size:925.19 KB
Author:Steve Rescoe

Size:35.37 KB
Author:Matt Robinson

Sky Lab v1.51
Size:370.34 KB
Author:Marc J.S.

Palace of Sky and Water
These are three maps I found incomplete on my hard drive left over from the Doom2 days, so I went ahead and finished 'em. They're pretty damn good, I think. Map03 oiginally had been a Heretic level, but never got out of beta.......Date:05/12/99
Size:292.67 KB
Author:Sam Ketner

SlayeR.wad, Issue 2.
11 SP & 4 DM maps for DooM2. 2.4 Mb when unzipped. Issue2 contains a few bug fixes. You need a registered version of DooM2 or Final Doom to play this. This wad is not exclusive to any source port and will run with v1.9. These maps are mainly smal...Date:02/02/02
Size:802.25 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

A singhle player level, something of a slime factory, has pretty descent design and a few neat effects. This is one of my first half-descent levels, so it's quite rough. Still has some good elements tho....Date:02/12/01
Size:108.03 KB

Toxic Pit
Size:36.37 KB
Author:Jason Benson

Slime Tunnels
Sorry, there's no lame story that goes with my level... but no one plays Doom for the plot! Slime Tunnels is a dark underground level with a river of slime, which leads to a huge vat full of it. I think it's a pretty cool level - there are a couple o...Date:03/12/95
Size:37.94 KB
Author:Dave Hood

Fucking Hostile Psychoholic Slosh
6 new and very hard (but fair) levels for Doom2 that took me months to plan out and create. These levels are as fine tuned and detailed as the real Doom2 levels but are recomended for above average players only. Sorry, but not created for deathmatch ...Date:07/13/95
Size:152.97 KB
Author:Peter Schiecke

Slotter is a teaser map for the upcoming vanilla Slaughter megawad 200 Line Massacre. It features some of the new variants/enemies and altered arsenal you can expect in the upcoming megawad. This map / upcoming megawad relies heavily on Vanilla D...Date:07/27/22
Size:2.1 MB

SLOTTER II is a Vanilla Doom (complevel 2) demo for the upcoming megawad Hell Revealations, the spiritual successor to Hell Revealed I + II. This beta demo only includes 14 maps (maps 1-12 + 30 + 32) and is supposed to highlight how the full megawa...Date:04/23/23
Size:2.46 MB
Author:Arsinikk and others

SLOTTER VULT is a single Vanilla+ Doom map (complevel 2) created with the resource of the upcoming "Hell Revealations" megawad. Since the map doesn't really fall within the "Hell Revealed" style in gameplay or aesthetics, I figured I'd release it sta...Date:11/12/23
Size:1.39 MB

The planet of Cybertierra, a man made planet of metal, is a new hot spot for smugaling of contraband. Some inter galactic forces have been tring to build up for war. To limit smugaling troops have been sent to check ships for wepons. The city of Phla...Date:04/13/07
Size:123.47 KB
Author:Konrad Bresin

Sludge Plant (SLUDGE.WAD)
A sludge-reclamation plant (who would want to reclaim sludge???). Deathmatch, SIngle and Co-Op play. This is a very tight, mean little level, with a wide open space near the end (which just means there's no cover :)...Date:03/15/98
Size:34.38 KB
Author:Andrew "Dman" Orman

10 levels for DOOMII! These are high quality levels, not just a bunch of boxy rooms with mismatched and unaligned textures. The levels include new sounds, new graphics, and all - new music! The final level puts you up against the most hideous monster...Date:10/25/95
Size:445.68 KB
Author:Shamus Young

Very Small Level.
This is a very little level. This is one of my first levels and you'll probably be able to tell....Date:07/27/95
Size:28.33 KB
Author:Jason Garoutte (aka J*Dog)

SMDOOM.WAD - Sailor Moon Doom II v0.65
Size:1.65 MB
Author:Doyoon Kim

Escape from the Hellbase(demo)
Player escapes from the Hellbase....Date:12/26/03
Size:175.83 KB

The Smelly Part of Hell (fixed version)
modified from Smelly.wad for DOOM 1....Date:03/29/95
Size:38.93 KB
Author:nicholas r. spampata

Doomguy can't stay focused, always having visions of an underground cavern with beautiful, shimmering, red and blue walls. Will he go back to work or drop everything to find the location of his dreams?...Date:11/01/14
Size:234.13 KB

Smoke on the Water
A large new level for Doom 2. I've tried to create something really unique with this level. E-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:02/19/96
Size:341.01 KB
Author:Sam Melluso

Rather simpleminded. First real try at a WAD. This is a DOOM II WAD. Was interested to make 6 imps dangerous. The rest is mostly fer da blood 'n' guts. Comments to:
Size:33.59 KB
Author:Eric Merth

single tiny tyson-map designed for fisting foes and one pistole-especial. May expand on this....Date:08/16/14
Size:33.93 KB
Author:Carl Buddig

Sniper - A view from both sides
This is a medium size level. Took me around 32 minutes to record. Lots of action with plenty of health and ammo....Date:04/16/02
Size:314.31 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

SNiPER 0.1
Sniper 0.1 is my first attempt at a big wad and I hope veryone enjoys it. It will be part of another whole series, with added sounds, music, and maybe added sprites. Please send any comments to Any way its a large castle wit...Date:07/29/98
Size:53.3 KB
Author:Nik Pilkington

Snipers alley
Small map, playable in about 30 minutes without cheats. Additional maps soon to come. Most fun playing it in Ultra-violance mode. You'll come through!...Date:02/27/95
Size:23.4 KB
Author:Elroy Blom

See the original snyper.txt...Date:02/22/08
Size:32.22 KB

This is the sequel to my series of incredible Wads offered to the public. You can also find all of my great works of art using the phone number below!! Make sure you play my first Wad before you play this one. This gives you more weapons and ammo...Date:09/26/09
Size:38.88 KB

This one should be OK, if not, send me e-mail and I'll repost. This is my first serious attempt. Its a variety of rooms with lots of places to shoot through windows and down stairs... There are several screens to duck behind, good cover for sure. ...Date:05/11/95
Size:31.75 KB
Author:James "Wolf" Middleton

Stormtroopers of Death
When in doubt, head for the tree. If you have any comments, please fire an E-mail off to me....Date:12/06/96
Size:61.04 KB
Author:Rick Troppman

Short old school map made with stock textures. 10 minutes playtime It started as a speedmap but then I spent some time adding a little bit of detail and balancing the fights....Date:09/20/23
Size:35.77 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

This is a DOOM II-only deathmatch wad coop or single play. I is a small wad There are many secret areas to obtain health and weapons with not too many monsters in between. There is a megasphere in the centre pit but i wouldn`t suggest fall in to get ...Date:06/17/95
Size:45.65 KB
Author:Phil Mcewen

A five-pack of wads. Level 1 - Escape (Start off in prison...blah blah blah....) Level 2 - Mineshaft (Going down?) Level 3 - Stadium (Self explanatory) Level 4 - Stampede (Shotgunner's heaven) Level 5 - Bloody Run (Lot's of blood)...Date:01/17/97
Size:97.63 KB
Author:Sonny Barile

SOS DOOM version 0.3
SOS DOOM is developed by the SOS DOOM Team to support the efforts of the Save Our Sailors (SOS) campaign, which aims at keeping Sailor Moon on the air in North America. Please visit the SOS homepage at: ...Date:08/26/99
Size:820.65 KB
Author:SOS DOOM Team

my oldest map, from december 1995...Date:02/12/19
Size:47.54 KB

Just a fun level with a bit of a twist that we've not seen done before....Date:08/26/95
Size:31.25 KB
Author:Kyle Black Dave Black (

Speedmap 1
Playing dwspd024.wad inspired me to try making a speedmap. Run with Plutonia IWAD. The map is pretty hard on UV, casual players should probably start with HNTR....Date:09/22/10
Size:13.86 KB
Author:Przemyslaw "Belial" Woda

Space 2096: The Invasion Begins
This is a new six level episode created for DOOM2. All modes of play are supported: single player, cooperative, and Deathmatch. All skill levels are supported as well. I think you will find this episode to be unique in that I have tried to create the...Date:04/05/06
Size:401.42 KB
Author:Dave Sherwin

Space Station Takeover!!
Months after the second invation you think...Date:08/16/96
Size:9.45 KB
Author:Douglas Lacher

This is level 1 of a 4 level episode. It's supposed to take place in a Space Station. I have spent plenty of time aligning and drawing new textures to get some good effects. Hope, you enjoy it ! Unfortunately the previous version SPACE22.WAD tended t...Date:06/08/95
Size:126.17 KB
Author:Martin P.W. Rudolph

Built for Doom2 v1.9...Date:09/05/96
Size:569.76 KB
Author:Keith Hickman

Size:96.06 KB
Author:Tanel Pulver (Crow)

SPAM v. 2.0!!! I fixed some problems that I had with the original SPAM, and I added some new stuff. Look below to find out all the changes....Date:07/18/96
Size:908.6 KB
Author:Ken Ahrens and Garrett Steele

Sparkle (ver 3.0)
Made for COOP! This baby is big ... and mean too. If you play single-player be sure and save often. Indoor/outdoor w/lots of surprises. Features shortcuts to the action once you've gone the long way once. Keyed doors stay open once they've been tri...Date:10/25/98
Size:111.6 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

Spell of the Archvile
This is an awesome level for Doom2, much better than my older maps. theres no wall dots, and it looks awesome and dark. You mission is to try and find the blue key. It is guarded by 2 Archviles and you don't have much ammo. But a mixture of Shaved Go...Date:02/01/07
Size:100.93 KB

My very first map....Date:12/15/07
Size:51.08 KB
Author:Da Spadger

Goin' Down to South Park
Changes many of the sprites in to South Park stuff....Date:03/06/98
Size:699.47 KB

BOB BOBOS' Speedmapping Session!
3 maps made for a new speed mapping session in the space of 30 seconds, with 1 second for music and bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 map themes to choose from: - Brown techbase - Silver techbase - Green techbase - They were also restricted to a maxim...Date:10/26/14
Size:3.32 KB

Warriors of Spider
MAP01: Factory MAP02: Cave MAP03: City MAP04: Space Ship MAP05: Theatre, the Big Showdown! Map 4 and 5 are really challenging! Try It!...Date:05/23/96
Size:356.56 KB
Author:Andreas Lange, "APS-Software"

Small size level. Very playable wad built in the classic Doom style with attention to detail and design. Comments welcomed to Email address. A fun wad. I built this one a long time ago and never uploaded it. Not to tough to play but fun with a 3 key ...Date:07/01/97
Size:39.62 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

Utilizes all three keys, but it is a quite small level. Conserve your health. All weapons are found within. No big architectual wonders, as I kept 2 the basics....Date:06/30/96
Size:18.16 KB
Author:Chad Raeside

Space Inferno
Story: You work for a special marine unit that guards the galaxy from any threats. It is a boring job most of the time, but there are a few times when there is heavy action. One weekend afternoon, you were relaxing on your sofa, drinking beer and wat...Date:07/29/17
Size:70.62 KB
Author:Labropoulos Jim (Shotgun Demolition)

Spiral Zippy!
Several spirals to climb, a tunnel section designed to cause heart failure; wide open section with spider, arch-vile & Tubby. Keep that BFG for the big guys.....Date:05/02/95
Size:48.29 KB
Author:Perry Smith a.k.a Peri

SPIRIT2.WAD for DOOM2 is an update of SPIRIT.WAD with some modifications and without additional graphic patches. I only used the original DOOM2 graphics to make WAD-editing easier and to keep the file as small as possible....Date:06/02/95
Size:75.24 KB
Author:Andy Badorek

Three Splat-tific levels!!! Just the right combination of puzzles and carnage... Not too anal, not too idiotic. This .wad does not have the endorsement of Bob Dole....Date:01/14/04
Size:119.31 KB

Unstable Gadget
I wanted to try and make a speed map, so I made this in about an hour....Date:05/22/22
Size:12.66 KB
Author:Jordan Driver

Spock IV Wad
Well, after a long delay HERE IT IS! Wad IV in the Spock-DOOM series. This one starts a new trilogy of wads called "Death Sanitarium." Each wad is designed for the ultimate experience in pure violence. This level contains a few more tricks than...Date:06/01/96
Size:40.53 KB

Size:138.5 KB
Author:Jason Sloan AKA

A large, detailed, single / cooperative player level....Date:08/06/08
Size:40.66 KB

Hot Spot
Small map made in a week :)...Date:06/01/14
Size:97.73 KB
Author:Gwenvael Le Bihan (subject_119)

fastlane250 vs the roblox admins: the final battle
you are a roblox adminstrator and fastlane250 has created an army of alts and is trying to remake the forums into a place where there are no rules or people to enforce rules. can you stop him?...Date:08/14/13
Size:9.06 MB

Baron's Keep
I decided that I'd upload some of my older maps just for the sake of archiving them. This map happens to be the first map I have ever made. As you can probably see by playing it, it's HORRIBLE. For those that might want to see what my early maps were...Date:12/23/04
Size:28.75 KB
Author:Agent Spork

Temple of Chaos 2 - Warped Reality
"The last thing you remember is trying to leave this god-forsaken temple of evil and chaos, only to find yourself being blown to bits by several large, hulking CyberDemons toting Rocket Launchers. So, how is it that you ended up here? You are in what...Date:05/01/05
Size:1.65 MB
Author:Agent Spork

Geo I
Two maps, one of which I made in about a week, and another which took about two years to actually finish (I rarely worked on it). both of the maps generally have a gothic/quakeish theme....Date:10/21/04
Size:6.36 MB
Author:Agent Spork

Shaken, Not Stirred (updated)
Why think of a theme, just kill everyone!! Actually, you're in some sort of an electrical storm. See if you can make your way to the city undergrounds and kill as many people as possible on your way down.... Your goal is 100% kills!!!!! I made the ...Date:07/14/95
Size:15.13 KB
Author:Ben Allred

Squonker 3
Squonker 3 is an 8 map megawad for Doom 2 and one of the most anticipated sequels in all of doom wads, featuring breathtaking visuals and hyper polished gameplay....Date:01/08/22
Size:893.86 KB
Author:DCG Retrowave, Egg Boy, Skronkidonk, T.Will, ZeMystic

Cabala.Wad for doom2 by id software
Zepper's impeccable DM only CABALA.WAD re-envisioned as a spawnSQwad...Date:08/16/99
Size:17.35 KB

Squadron 417 (2,3,4 Player Cooperative ONLY!)
Squadron 417 has earned a reputation throughout the solar system as one of the finest two, three, and four man fighting units ever to come out of the Deimos Academy on Mars. As such, your unit is continuously asked to go above and beyond the call of ...Date:09/08/96
Size:2.27 MB
Author:Sam Lopresti,Jeff Cruser,Keith Hickman & Damon Thomas!

A small, fast and furius SP-map, with a lot of Big Ones!...Date:03/24/05
Size:11.62 KB
Author:Bjarne Christensen

Short map based on a design i made on notebook paper in the mid nineties...Date:01/18/10
Size:42.07 KB

Squonkamatic's WAD
Five original DOOM2 single player oriented levels plus one "bonus" map*...Date:04/13/99
Size:122.15 KB
Author:Squonkamatic for the People!!

Mr.DooM's "NukeWalk.WAD" for DOOM2 deathmatch, represented as a spawnSQwad - your goal is to achieve the highest "KILLS %" possible and exit alive. The map has lots of nukeslime ... I like slime :-]-~...Date:08/17/99
Size:15.6 KB
Author:Squonkamatic for the People!!

Search and Destroy
This wad is going to be part of a 32-level wad i'm currently working on. The idea for this wad comes from a book i've read called NEANDERTHAL. Who wrote the book? I can't seem to remember. But in the book the Neanderthals had the ability to know wher...Date:09/24/97
Size:52.81 KB
Author:Vaughn Corpus

3 levels of DooM II mania. I made the plot which you can read below. I wanted to include different music, but due to lack of utilites, I could not create any. You should find these levels fun, and I made it so that each level continues off of the las...Date:07/26/95
Size:95.8 KB
Author:Jon Skeels

Sacrificial Suicide
A medium-to-large map30 replacement. Note that all weapons are available and that some walls need to be shot at....Date:02/03/06
Size:67.32 KB
Author:PROLIFIC dEaTH WORKSHOP P.d.W. are Mark & Nik alias Sir Richard Richard Esq. & Eddie "Chopper" Hitle

Star Ship ATC (ATC stands for "Almost Total Conversion")
A non-linear level that is set in a space ship. Don't look at the map if you want to preserve the idea that it's multi-floor!...Date:01/20/97
Size:1.1 MB
Author:Kyle Smith

Star Ship ATC (ATC stands for "Almost Total Conversion")
A non-linear level that is set in a space ship. Don't look at the map if you want to preserve the idea that it's multi-floor!...Date:01/20/97
Size:488.43 KB
Author:Kyle Smith

SS CASTLE Level 1 (Map 01)
This is the first level of SS CASTLE Saga. I hope to add other wads at this serie. I decide to create this WWII "theme" with the will to realize a complete story. So each level will be strictly linked with the previous. The story is simple; a spy (ou...Date:04/07/96
Size:529.17 KB
Author:Massimo Protti (alias Max '96)

You are in the city at night-time. You must enter a Simple Complex in order to deactivate the ecologically damaging energy core. However, you are being watched. Don't shoot if you're in the light outdoors, or THEY will come for you! Difficulty settin...Date:06/12/21
Size:186.19 KB
Author:Albin Persson (Alper002)

sstlevl1.wad Is a start to my multi-level wads which I will be adding music sounds, sprites, the works. prison Type wad Opinions, comments, suggestions to!...Date:07/30/98
Size:25.93 KB
Author:Nik Pilkington

sstlevl2.wad Is a start to my multi-level wads which I will be adding music sounds, sprites, the works. Fun Deathmatch! Opinions, comments, suggestions to!...Date:07/30/98
Size:16.66 KB
Author:Nik Pilkington

It takes a while, but once you get into the stable you may either join the beasts in their solid seclusion, or you may find your way out ... Watch out for the secret swimming pool though. It is not as friendly as it may seem at first....Date:09/28/96
Size:45.5 KB
Author:Bob Ferguson

stadium2.wad is a stadium (of course) for two players or multiplayers deathmatch or cooperative 2-4 players (you can go right through the exit or kill all cyber demon boss) but above all it's a deathmatch wad. All weapons are there exept shotgun beca...Date:05/29/95
Size:24.93 KB
Author:Martin Champagne

Size:32.68 KB
Author:Ed Brown

Stairway to Heaven (STAIRWAY.WAD)
Size:103.02 KB
Author:Jonathan Hall

This is an excellent Doom 2 all-purpose wad....Date:03/27/97
Size:123.81 KB

The Stand
BTW: THIS WAD IS FOR DOOM 2 This wad is based on HEADLONG.WAD but I made many improvements and I think you'll find it's quite different. It's got (as far as I know) every weapon in the game and is intended for deathmatch with no monsters (only way to...Date:10/10/94
Size:20.04 KB
Author:Chris Hopkins

For those die hards out there who like Plutonia and H2HMUD, but want more!...Date:12/08/96
Size:175.28 KB
Author:Paul Bais

8 Pointed Star Chamber (Doom 2)
My 3rd and most complex level so far. This is a GREAT level for Multiple players, and a bit of a challenge for a normal game. Have fun!...Date:02/27/95
Size:21.74 KB
Author:Bryan Murphy

First wad I ever made. If you find any errors or bugs please email me immediately so I can fix them....Date:02/01/11
Size:10.04 KB
Author:Eric Plaisance

Star City
Single level with lots of new graphics. This is a 2nd sequel to the Pleiades level where you captured the starship pleiades. (you may wish to download Pleiades, which can be found at the same sites as this level under the names and Pleia...Date:11/02/97
Size:467.74 KB
Author:Roger Ritenour

StarCove - A Tribute To Ty Halderman
I decided to pay tribute to Ty Halderman who passed away last year by making a map inspired from his level in Icarus called Starhenge; although it also features other homages from Ty's mapping career. Requires Icarus: Alien Vanguard to play and repla...Date:06/30/16
Size:138.88 KB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

Starlite! for DOOMII
This is a medium sized level which is very playable with the weapons provided and should be enjoyable for players of all levels. Look for secret areas and watch your back....Date:12/22/95
Size:32.39 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

Starport v1.7
Starport is a high-tech level containing new music (the theme from Halloween), floor, ceiling and wall textures as well as a couple of new sounds and sprites. The level itself resembles some type of futuristic starbase. The level contains several l...Date:05/28/04
Size:172.7 KB
Author:Dave Wilcoxson

Size:691.11 KB
Author:Jonathan Hopkinson

Story: You are captain of the starship Intrepid. You encounter a distortion in space and black out. When you awaken your crew is gone. The bridge does not work. You hear a noise. Clutching your sidearm you step on the lift. You are greeted by som...Date:01/04/97
Size:24.42 KB
Author:Jaime Bunn

This wad was to be the begining of a mega wad, but got lost in the shuffle of things. It is supposed to be the entrance to a land based star port that the alians have over run....Date:03/19/98
Size:164.37 KB
Author:William C Drummond, II

The U.S.S. Valiant has been taken over by aliens. Fight your way to the bridge and regain control of the ship. Works well for deathmatch and as a stand-alone level....Date:04/19/11
Size:59.49 KB
Author:Alex Mayberry

A fun map for DOOM2.wad...Date:07/31/17
Size:32.08 KB

Creepy Station (v.1)
A seemingly quiet station that has a few hidden surprises. Find the red key, through the red door, get yellow key and get out - simple! If you have any trouble look at the .LMP file that comes with the level....Date:02/18/96
Size:29.01 KB
Author:Ian Stewart (c) 1996

Station Alpha Omega
Just run the Station.bat file and a full description will be available....Date:11/13/00
Size:311.22 KB
Author:Giac Veltri

Well, this started out to just be a small DeathMatch wad, with a center area, and four off-shoots connected to each other through hallways... After creating the base of the level I decided to include some creativity and throw in some added rooms and ...Date:12/03/94
Size:26.64 KB
Author:Stewart Presley

11th Hour Stauf Wad
A reproduction of the Stauf mansion from The 11th Hour: The Sequel To The 7th Guest. PLAY DEATHMATCH WITH MONSTERS. STAUF.WAD is for DOOM, STAUF2.WAD is for DOOM2, STAUFH.WAD is for HERETIC. Very simple. An example command line for DOOM is C:\DOOM>DO...Date:11/12/05
Size:58.98 KB
Author:Mitch Feldman

Santa Rosa 8 ASSAULT
I hope you didn't loaded my first Santa Rosa WAD; it was a shame. I have worked during the last weeks to give you the improved version I promissed you. And if you were disapointed with the first one (I´m sure you were), try this one and you will inme...Date:07/11/95
Size:500.43 KB
Author:Luis Gerardo Reyes Vega

This one is another a precision level: a couple of wrong moves can destroy your chances of finishing. You might want to get used to using the single barrel in a couple of places in this level. But try the big room with the stairs with just the double...Date:07/01/96
Size:34.95 KB
Author:David Jewsbury

Stairway To Hell
My 1st good Doom2 level...Date:03/19/96
Size:24.38 KB
Author:J. Brown

Steps Level
Steps, steps, and more steps in my sixth Doom II wad Add-on. Try this for a bunch of "uphill" fun. The title says it all....Date:05/08/97
Size:25.78 KB
Author:Michael Cortorno

you haven't lived if you haven't died in stepsv2 wad...Date:10/31/00
Size:138.93 KB
Author:harry planet 1

Great Deathmatch play and also a 1 player level....Date:03/14/96
Size:26.46 KB
Author:Steven Harris

Size:47.02 KB
Author:Stevie Milne

Insanely Great? My first .WAD - a standard level replacement, with a few surprises, and my own little signature teleporter. Check your map occasionally to see what I was going for. It's short and sweet - basically, you're fighting a virus....Date:02/19/96
Size:32.89 KB
Author:Alexander Stein

Small, extremely detailed, beautiful, cool, difficult level. This level contains only shotguns and chainsaws (and a chain- gun if you kill the heavy weapon dude). It was originally made for single player and cooperation, however it turned out to be e...Date:03/05/96
Size:18.92 KB
Author:Stian W. Sletner

Medium sized single/co-op player map. Gstone themed....Date:04/24/04
Size:146.18 KB
Author:Ray Schmitz

Simple room designs are common in this level, yet it can be a fun and exciting.(oh yea lot's of gore!)...Date:07/31/95
Size:18.25 KB
Author:Steve Parkinson

Level ripped out of an unreleased megawad named "The Twilight Zone 2 which was rejected by So I'm going to release the levels as seperate wads as time goes on. The Story (reviewers put this story into your review) "Oh no, I'm stuck in a ...Date:07/06/99
Size:35.92 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Doom2 wad with excellent playability in either single or multi-player environment....Date:11/16/96
Size:33.04 KB
Author:Edward E. "Doc" Brown

stop this wads updated in 1994
Payback time to whoever the hell is displaying this message to Doomworld's idgames archives reviews!. So, you want a 1994 wad right?. Scary because this one could be even older....Date:04/12/05
Size:39.18 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

A HUGE level. Includes an inside area resembling a storage warehouse and an outside area which is fun in Deathmatch (sniper towers, etc.). My first WAD....Date:11/25/98
Size:64.71 KB
Author:Luke Swanson

Short map, strange places in water dimension....Date:04/11/11
Size:118.02 KB

STRAPS v2.1 (Doom ][ version)
Dark. Lots of traps... Watch your back! And remember: "The fact that you are paranoid, doesn't mean that they are NOT out to get you."...Date:05/04/95
Size:52.16 KB
Author:Knut Arild Erstad (the Soulman)

Size:46.5 KB
Author:Harry Daalmeijer

A street crossing and four buildings at it. Funny deathmatch level. The red warehouse contains all the weapons, but the rocket launcher and the BFG. The brown house is something like a hospital. There also is a kind of sewers. Every building has a ac...Date:05/14/05
Size:44.97 KB
Author:Rene Franzen

A cooperative only level. LOTS of monsters. A 'That section was hard... and THIS section is harder!' level. Plays out extra funny in Cooperative due to accidental fragging. :.)...Date:11/13/97
Size:42.74 KB
Author:Derek Merrill

The Strong Hold
Your deep in a strong hold from hell an emeny base. Armed with a shotgun you must go in all by yourself and destroy the hidious experement and get back out....Date:03/11/96
Size:11.51 KB
Author:Kevin Waugh, Darren Kemp

Just a mock .WAD!...Date:08/31/10
Size:16.32 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Imprisoned! Copyright @1996 by Steve Wilson
You wake up in the middle of a prison, somewhere in the far reaches of Hell. Can you stay alive long enough to escape? With several ambushes and a maze-like layout, you'll have fun figuring out where everything goes, especially if you find some of...Date:10/24/05
Size:104.24 KB
Author:Steve Wilson

This set of wads contains new graphics, sprites, sound and music to create a Mortal Kombat in Doom2. I suggest you to play in Chosen One, but, if you're brave, play in MASTER (heh heh...) All the weapons were changed, and it can be a little difficult...Date:01/29/98
Size:3.64 MB
Author:Female Sub-Zero

The Adventures of Sub
In SUB you're a well trained soldier of the German spy organisation, CIA. You've found out that USA have started an operation called "dungeon-blazt", this operation is about a bomb which could destroy your whole homecountry Germany. So you must ...Date:12/26/06
Size:578.54 KB
Author:Tony Soderlund

Subliminal Messages
You know how people say DOOM is satanic and will corrupt your soul... well it's true. This wad is designed to send subliminal messages to the player. It can be played anyway you want and should provide quite a challange at Ultraviolence. It should al...Date:09/25/95
Size:27.68 KB
Author:Muskie Mckay

Sequel, at least in part, to The Trial Zone -Available as DM2TRI.ZIP Lethal. **Verbose description available by email**...Date:09/26/09
Size:73.65 KB
Author:Bob Back

Single player designed WAD file. That's all I have to say....Date:04/01/97
Size:131.93 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

The Suicide Missions
You start out in a UAC factory, then go to jail, and then go through Hell itself. Tough levels, Many surprises....Date:07/15/96
Size:263.51 KB
Author:Jimmy Clark

SuicIIde Doom
These levels are VERY SMALL and are intended to demonstrate my technical trick that uses the voodoo doll bug....Date:04/21/14
Size:285.72 KB
Author:Peter Hawes

Super War
This is my second level for Doom2. In this map you must try to win World War 2 all by yourself....Date:02/10/07
Size:50.49 KB

Super wad
This is a collection of about 25 levels for Doom2 created by Michael Newton and Dan Gravell....Date:03/12/96
Size:642.77 KB
Author:Michael Newton and Dan Gravell

It's a high detailed wad, with additional music and a lot of new and cool sounds too. I spent a long time making it: gathering the sounds, the music and of course creating the map....Date:05/03/96
Size:208.41 KB
Author:Joao Carlos Martins

Just your basic co-op level that plays equally well in single and deathmatch mode and will make you give up all other wads....Date:08/10/05
Size:70.79 KB
Author:Jim Jankowski

Super Imps
I experiment with a level where I put many imp into a big room and there is a Cyberdemon in the middle. You can also exit in the start room if you get boerd....Date:12/02/06
Size:6.38 KB

For the longest time, I wanted to try my hand at Doom mapping, but it took joshthenesnerd's stream to give me enough motivation to actually do so. If all goes well he should eventually be playing this on his idgames archive marathon stream! This is a...Date:04/28/18
Size:10.32 KB

Super Base
Yeah, the name sounds stupid, nonetheless the level isn't too bad :). This is basically a rather straight walk-through blast-away level. Among its highlights are some nice secrets, however there are very few good design elements. The level is REALLY ...Date:05/27/02
Size:24.47 KB
Author:Oleg Rekutin

Release the hounds!
After that big frag fest (referring to DOOM II: Hell...Date:11/06/98
Size:12.89 KB
Author:Call me Reviver.

Your mission is to enter the Nazi Supply Station, kill as many as you can and then press the secret self destruct switch....Date:04/25/99
Size:46.95 KB

(Full Ol') Surprise
A original built wad that is full ol' surprises. If you are playin' single, try NOT to cheat... can be done!...Date:07/07/95
Size:23.46 KB
Author:Michael Ciccarelli

Can you clean the level 10 consecutive times?...Date:12/13/00
Size:180.03 KB
Author:Kim Vidal

Surreal2.wad (for Doom 2)
This is a re-release of Surreal2.wad, it includes some minor changes such as texture re-alignments, texture improvements, and one new texture. Surreal2.wad is designed to look and feel different from a standard ID wad. It includes a 360 night time sk...Date:03/05/95
Size:198.94 KB
Author:Dan Teeter

Surveying Base
You've been on a survival exercise away from the surveying base you're stationed at for the past ten days. Just before you left the boffins were very excited by what they'd discovered. As you arrive back at the base after the exercise, you wonder idl...Date:07/14/95
Size:56.75 KB
Author:Adam Windsor

These are seven of my wads. They aren't supposed to be played consecutively as an episode, each one should be started with a pistol. This Swarm.wad was originally released as Swarming.wad but that was too dificult and map04 was so massive you couldn'...Date:10/28/96
Size:446.02 KB

See the end of this file Short filenames for convenience in this ed....Date:11/18/00
Size:89.33 KB
Author:S. Woodman

Lava City Outskirts
Made shortly after the first Doom Speedmapping entries were released, this is sort of a practice map for making one in an hour. It took me a little less than an hour and a half. ;-) It's tiny, but fun. Extreme violence never hurt anyone yet, cha...Date:06/02/01
Size:33.61 KB
Author:S. 'Metabolist' Woodman

Mortiser 1
See bottom of the file...Date:11/05/00
Size:62.81 KB
Author:S. 'Metabolist' Woodman

Ice Station Alpha
After you cleared out the military outpost, you stepped into a teleporter with demonic designs on it. This teleported you to the first strategically important part of your campaign: the north of the country, where steep valleys and cuttings of i...Date:01/24/01
Size:74.86 KB
Author:S. 'Metabolist' Woodman, Mattias Berggren

Supply/Shipping Depot
You've come to the Northern Supply Depot, at last. Your mission will be a short one; clear out the depot and take the supply train to your next destination, the chemical manufacturing plant....Date:02/25/01
Size:56.43 KB
Author:S. 'Metabolist' Woodman

Chemical Plant
Well, this one is a real upgrade from the last! And no, the reason it was eleven months between this and the last one was NOT because I spent all that time working on this one. :) This map is representative of what is to come in CXN. Maybe i...Date:03/03/02
Size:97.33 KB

Toxic Waste Dump
The next instalment in the ongoing saga. It's small but it's detailed and difficult. The layout in parts is a bit cramped, because of the VPO-blocking walls....Date:11/29/03
Size:97.92 KB

Ockham Complex
This map is called "Ockham Complex" and it was made more-or-less overnight. It's not been thoroughly tested on UV, but have a bash at it anyway and tell me what you think.......Date:01/03/01
Size:70.89 KB
Author:S. 'Metabolist' Woodman

Omega Facility
For those of you who have played through my previous levels and expect all of them to be smallish, like the existing ones, then prepare yourself for a major change. This my largest independent map (so far ;-) that I can still call coherent, weigh...Date:02/17/01
Size:192.3 KB
Author:S. 'Metabolist' Woodman

You better run. (Level 1) Leave'em alone. (Level 2) Clowds' Castle. (Level 3)
s - Level 1: Player #2, #3 and #4 are prisoners in thier start room. Only player #1 has the chance to exit from his ceil, and to set free other players ..if any. This is really cooperative! :) - Level 2: There are 4 Cyberdemons in a big room actually...Date:04/10/96
Size:163.38 KB
Author:Andrea "Mad Syd" Farnocchia

Aquatic adventures with lots of islands / boats etc.! This is the first in the SYMO series, set in a nice seascape setting. Nice until Hell stepped in that is. You'd better do something about it then....Date:06/10/06
Size:82.5 KB
Author:Symo Storr

Oh shame! Just back from walking the elephant and what happens? Bloody hellspawn again! Have to frag 'em I suppose. What a life, eh? This level is fairly HARD to complete, but fun to explore and even more fun in multi-player mode! New graphics create...Date:04/21/03
Size:53.13 KB
Author:Symo Storr (C) 1995

I.S.M. - Incredible Shrinking Marine...
A report has been sent to you revealing the location of one the Icon's many homes. You will be beamed into a nearby office thought to be a cover for demonic goings on. There are rumours that the Icon is in fact man-sized and uses machinery in this ho...Date:04/21/03
Size:115.01 KB
Author:Symo Storr (C) 1996

This is the prequel to SYMOSHR.WAD, where my shrine was taken over by hellspawn. In this scenario, you are taken to one of my chemical processing plants that Hell has occupied, probably for a spot of cybernetic experiments on the ex-staff....Date:04/21/03
Size:95.98 KB
Author:Symo (C) 1996

My shrine's been taken over! Not only has my house been infested (see SYMOHOME.WAD) but now my fraggin' shrine as well! This level contains new textures, a large hidden area, NO CYBERDEMONS, some neat puzzles and some serious bloodletting. Have fun w...Date:04/21/03
Size:75.3 KB
Author:Symo (C) 1996

17th Birthday Map
Figured I'd dedicate at least a little of my birthday time towards making a special (speed)map! MIDI is original. UV/ITYTD are the only difficulties implemented. The latter is recommended for the first time playing, mainly due to the final fight be...Date:11/29/23
Size:108.11 KB

DOOM ][ Wad files by SynJ. Series 1-8
Ummm... Here. These are all deathmatch levels, a few of them actually contain monsters, but who cares. SynJ1 starts out very primitivly, as you can tell, and show the progression of my level making. SynJ4, 7, and 8 are the most liked by the small aud...Date:05/12/06
Size:308.8 KB

First DOOM ][ co-op Wad file by Synj.
A coop-WAD....Date:05/12/06
Size:34.95 KB

Toxic Cove
A heavily Alien Vendetta Map10 (by Kim Malde, titled "Toxic Touch") inspired sewer map, initially created in roughly 110 minutes in early March. The map is mildly challenging, and there is one trap in particular that is quite nasty if you don't know ...Date:07/15/07
Size:134.52 KB

Map02 Mix
Map02Mix, is of course, a 'remix' of one of my favorite Doom2 maps, Map02 (obviously). It has a nice 'old-school'-ish feeling to it, so hopefully you'll enjoy that. :D The map was originally started in November of 2005, but I never got around to fini...Date:07/02/06
Size:54.51 KB

Map03 Mix
Map03Mix, is of course, a 'remix' of one of my favorite Doom2 maps, Map02 (obviously). It has a nice 'old-school'-ish feeling to it, so hopefully you'll enjoy that. :D The map was originally started in August of 2005, but I never gave it a proper rel...Date:07/02/06
Size:38.54 KB

The 3 Floors of Hell Killem bonus level! (DM)
3 level WAD. Quite a lot of attention given to the appearence of the levels...Date:01/09/98
Size:179.63 KB
Author:Tanel Pulver (Crow)

You've teleported to your home base, but there are bodies everywhere. You pick up a dropped shotgun, and move to the teleport . ....Date:01/05/97
Size:386.63 KB
Author:Bob Halberg & C.Cec Allred

Another DOOM II level - Just one big fight to the finish. You will find better and better weapons as you progress. There is plenty of ammo around if you can live long enough to get to it....Date:05/03/97
Size:67.85 KB

The Talosian Incident - A Requiem For Doom
A fond farewell to Doom from the Black Star Coven before we move on to working with Quake... 20 new levels, new music, some new sprites......Date:06/19/97
Size:1.38 MB
Author:The Black Star Coven

Tang's Hideaway v2.4
A nasty level with plenty of evil surprises. If you survive, you will be changed....Date:10/25/98
Size:94.72 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

Lots of different brick walls and corrosed metal. (Excuse my english, I think it's called corrosed, what I mean is metal with corrosion.) Dark, (not TOO dark) sunset-like feeling. Lots of brilliant light shadings. Clever setup, very good looking and ...Date:04/08/96
Size:89.35 KB
Author:Ola Björling (aka "mokum")

Tantrum 2
Sweet level with bricks and corroded metal as its main texture theme. Some wood and marble too. I've pushed the engine to its very limit in just about every damn area - enormous level of detail. A LOT harder on UV than the first version, but lower sk...Date:08/15/98
Size:163.16 KB
Author:Ola Björling (With funky dots over the o in Bjorling.)

Tattoo for Doom II
This wad is a compilation of all 5 wad files that I've made. They are placed in this wad in the order that I made them. The only change that I made to any level is that I put my own BBS ad in the panel that I made. You will see it as you play. Enjoy!...Date:02/18/96
Size:258.21 KB
Author:John Schultz

The Basement (first of a series)
This is the basement of a large power plant recently taken over. Several Space Marines have already failed to retake. It is crucial that this plant not remain in enemy hands. It is reported that there are spiders in the basement... The layout of th...Date:07/30/95
Size:332.76 KB
Author:Michael Gorsich

This is a set of three wads for Doom 2. My intention is to release further sets of three in the future with the next set due around Christmas `95. These wads are NOT particularly difficult. They are NOT particularly big. They are NOT particul...Date:10/30/95
Size:110.12 KB
Author:Tony Baxter

Talons of the Beast
Playable singleplayer, co-op or deathmatch....Date:02/23/96
Size:100.07 KB
Author:Adam Windsor

Total Control
I pretty simple map with a few suprises, based on a chemical plant....Date:04/24/05
Size:43.53 KB
Author:chris burgess

A large vac storage facility has been overrun by terrorists.It is your job to enter the plant and regain control by killing all of the invaders......Date:11/28/95
Size:430.09 KB

The Devilz Work
Hello fellow Doomers! Here are 7 SP/coop maps designed for DOS Doom2. I put a lot of calculation into these regarding ammo and health balance. Difficulty levels are present, but only in terms of power-ups rather than monster count. They go in order f...Date:02/09/14
Size:1.22 MB

The Dark Retreat
You are just comming out of hell when you stumble across this place. Whoo, what a story!!...Date:04/09/05
Size:3.48 MB

The Experiment
You wake up in your UAC bootcamp, with your fellow marines. You're the...Date:10/22/97
Size:707.45 KB
Author:Level designers:

Gaston Lahaut Roger Moraga Matt Olson Michael "Prower" Reid Simon "Simonfel

Technical Issues
A large single-level WAD for Doom 2. Vanilla compatible and simplistic. Mostly....Date:03/24/22
Size:397.37 KB

Tech Lab
Size:228.93 KB
Author:Lee "DooMAD" Wallis

TekBase ver. 3
My 2nd distributed level. It's a TekBase. See for yourself. Really!...Date:03/04/97
Size:142.96 KB
Author:Jim Ritchey

Tech Crazy
Size:33.06 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Tek Lab 1
This is the technological center that has been built on the planet Rigel 5. It is rumored that two new weapons, a plasma gun and a weapon simply called the BFG2000 have been invented by the Rigelians. You have been sent here to steal these weapons. H...Date:04/05/06
Size:107.38 KB
Author:Sonny Wasinger (aka CONDUCTOR)

Teleportation Station
You Emerge In A Small Room With Two Locked Doors And A Teleporter On The Ground... You Recognize It As The Entry Room Of An Old Base called the Teleportation Station. You Heard Some Crazy Rumor About The Base Being Taken Over By Hellspawn 5 Years Ago...Date:08/05/03
Size:25.45 KB

Control Your Destiny
Shoot the romero head to control where you teleport....Date:10/08/15
Size:11.11 KB

You start in hell. Too be more specific, a room flooded with barrels. You have to shoot the barrels with a pistol to manuever the barrels so you can walk out but once you shoot everyone is pissed off and you have limited time to escape to a safe spot...Date:08/08/97
Size:28.23 KB
Author:Vince Lupo

UAC Teleportatation Labs
You are a space marine, blah, blah, blah. You are in one of the UAC's teleportation laboratory's when Hell starts breaking in, through a teleporter. If in "I'm To Young To Die"-"Hurt Me Plenty", then the invasion has slowed. If in "Ultra Violence"-Ni...Date:05/24/03
Size:69.06 KB
Author:Samuel Horwitz (insertwackynamehere#)

A darkly delightful WAD with some thought in it....Date:08/17/12
Size:11.64 MB
Author:Ericson Willians (Tellerstein)

Tele-Direct Atlantic Doom
These files will (hopefully) serve as a replacement for the previous version of Tele-Direct Atlantic Doom I uploaded to this site previously. TELLY.WAD Replaces MAP01 of Doom2 with a layout of my employer's office. I have improved the appearance of t...Date:10/16/97
Size:121.88 KB
Author:Lawrence Harrison

The Temple of damned
You have hardly complete the yours last mission against stalks that you didn't know not even when your principal have called you and place trust a new mission. The Kalonaj sect has established a base in the beautiful half of the Rocky mountains and, ...Date:08/04/06
Size:1.63 MB
Author:Paolo Tagliaferri, Montesissa Marco

In Multiplay: your mercenary colleague has been captured by the denizens of an evil temple and you are supposed to break him out up captivity and put the temple out of business. Pass through the...Date:10/15/99
Size:110.5 KB
Author:Jefferson Bjoraker

Temple:The Deep (for DOOM II)
Size:45.62 KB
Author:Roberto Ullfig

The temple
You are on a temple and you have to go to the exit, the end....Date:07/08/02
Size:67.42 KB
Author:Sébastien "Darkstalker" Roy

TEMPLE21.WAD "Temple of Doom ][--Entry" Level 1 Version 2.01
It's now time to rebuild earth. However, before you can clean up, you have to make a mess first. Despite the fall of the huge goat headed demon, pockets of worship still exist on earth. Since, by most reckonings, you are the toughest thing in this ...Date:12/22/95
Size:31.46 KB
Author:Bill Robertson

The Inca civilization flourished in present day Peru from accent times to the 1500's .In the 1500's Spanish conquered the Inca's. Some escaped and made small cities or blended with others. Some time before World War II one such cites discovered. Afte...Date:04/13/07
Size:80.24 KB
Author:Konrad Bresin

Temple of souls.......Date:04/15/96
Size:214.58 KB
Author:Aaron Nichols

Templo en el Planeta Rojo / Red Planet's Temple
Small temple-like map for Doom 2. A new sky with red clouds, gray stone, green marble, red carpets and bricks. A lot of outdoor views. Made for the original game. Maybe a little hard: be cautious....Date:08/31/13
Size:205.35 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

The name of the level simply comes from the fact that you will have to be very tough to finish such a huge and complex level. I included a demo of myself finishing the level in ultra-violence mode. This level is designeg for running with a PCI Pentiu...Date:01/01/03
Size:270.85 KB
Author:François Coppex (Helioth)

TENEBRIS.WAD (Only for Doom II)
Nazis are back! Your Headquarter informs you that the good old Adolf H. is reincarnated in an Archvile. In the bowels of the earth, he is recruiting Zombies & Demons, in order to appease his thirst for power. But it is not enough... He want to see th...Date:04/10/96
Size:42.77 KB
Author:Fabius "Gen" Moonguy

Fortress Tenesmus
Keep 'em clenched. Also available STEVIE_1.ZIP aka "Epididymus"...Date:06/26/95
Size:83.88 KB
Author:Steve Milne

Terrace View
Based on the second map I ever created, which was never finished. I wanted to recreate another old home location in Lake Tahoe we used to live in - this time with focus on more Doomy designs and hordes of enemies flooding the exterior areas. This is ...Date:05/08/20
Size:235.02 KB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

The Trepidation Terrain
Epizode consists of 6 levels. A lot of NEW TEXTURES, some new sounds. A lot of fun !!! Your mission is to find and explode The "Round of DEATH" - source of Dark Power in "Castle Of 3 Runes"....Date:08/02/97
Size:913.42 KB
Author:E-Studio: Smirnov E., Lomovsky E., Bukolov D.

Size:67.75 KB

New level for Doom2 with new sounds, graphics, and some modified weapons (also one *NEW* weapon). Some of the monsters have been slightly modified. Great level design....Date:03/24/96
Size:382.13 KB
Author:Karl Jackson - Level design & creation Matt Hindle (Trigger) - Graphics, Sounds, Weapons, putting it

If you like Doom ][ Map 7, you'll LOVE this. The setting is an old Greek temple, and you've got a large arena to roam and gather weapons to blast your opponent away. There is only one megasphere, in the center of the map. Drop the lift and you got it...Date:06/08/05
Size:18.29 KB
Author:Malcom X

Terry Sux
So I got bored, took the non-shitty parts of Terry's maps and made a whole map out of them. As you might expect it's rather short. Was it worth it? Probably not. But you might as well get some enjoyment out of it. Runs in Vanilla Doom 2. Permission...Date:07/23/11
Size:105.92 KB

This level is easy, So please do not use the cheats. All the weapons are there!...Date:04/23/96
Size:22.03 KB
Author:Lee Howard
Size:98.8 KB
Author:name: Raymond Schmitz

Teutonic Two-Pack
This is a two wad combo, intended for solo and co-operative play. New graphics, new sounds, new music. In the theme I have tried to combine the settings of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D (see Story, below)....Date:12/07/95
Size:240.84 KB
Author:Topi Ylinen

The Final Assault
level 1 a base in a volcano level 2 a sinister temple level 3 a dungeon like series of rooms with a section that requires many jumps level 4 a canyon like level level 5 a level with many computers. level 6 the palace of the final demon overlord (an i...Date:05/17/97
Size:400.82 KB
Author:Carl A. Celizic

Thy Family Consumed
I wanted to make a wad that would be a bit different from most wads around. There are others like this one, but not many... Besides, I really wanted to draw a toilet bowl (for more intelligent reasons, see Additional Info below)...Date:07/02/96
Size:30.7 KB
Author:Eeva Marin

To Hell and Back
This is a GREAT Hellish wad and I'm sure sure of it that this is one of the best wads ever made. It's Much Better than the U.D.C THE SPRITE WAD IS A LOST WAD FILE!!!!! THE PATCH FILE HAS BEEN LOST TOO!!!! IF YOU FIND ONE OF THEM, YOU WI...Date:07/02/98
Size:1.3 MB
Author:Derrick & Rich Allen

Target: Tharsis
2 single-player maps for Doom 2. See below for "story"......Date:05/27/13
Size:266.48 KB

That Urban Sence...
My first real DM level! I do not know whether or not it will fulfil DM demands and rules in design and gameplay. I just felt that I needed to build a DM level...and I did. The level contains what I would classify as basic and "useful" elements in a D...Date:02/12/00
Size:44.52 KB
Author:Christian N. Hansen aka Dykanden

The end of the levels!...Date:07/26/96
Size:35.1 KB
Author:Roman & David Ost.

Well, what kind of description can I give? Just try the damn thing....Date:06/22/95
Size:53.79 KB
Author:Frank Lofaro

I Built this level with the serious DOOMER in mind. Not to say that this is one of those LAMER levels with 1000 Demons in 1 room. You will have to really THINK in order to make it through "THE-ZONE". Great Puzzles and new Techniques used throughout t...Date:02/28/97
Size:61.62 KB
Author:Claude Phillips

This level was designed with deathmatch in mind, but it also offers excellent single player entertainment for those of you with-out friends! Single player with monsters is also an excellent way to learn the level for the die-hard deathmatchers! This ...Date:06/07/95
Size:96.07 KB
Author:W. Davis Thornton

This is a Wad designed for COOPERTIVE!! You will die if you try to play single( you'll die anyways), but go ahead if you want....Date:05/05/04
Size:80.03 KB
Author:Andrew A. Fritz

Park 12 Cobb
A level based on the Park 12 Cobb Cinemas in Marrietta (Atlanta), GA. I have added quite a few new textures as well as desinging sectors to make some interesting structures... Don't forget to start the movies:) I designed the level primarily for Deat...Date:10/03/95
Size:362.82 KB
Author:John Scragg

Theatre of Doom
All your buddies have gone to the movies and they've taken all the heavy weaponry with them! This level is designed as your average modern day movie theater, with a few twists. Run through your local cinema blasting all those annoying patrons in your...Date:05/03/04
Size:83.57 KB
Author:James Wilson (aka Shade)

Escape from Alcatraz III
A very large single-player/deathmatch wad. You've been thrown into the brig again, for the routine incident of assaulting a commanding officer. As luck would have it, the prison comes under assault by the aliens as you are sleeping in your bunk. Of c...Date:05/12/00
Size:193.35 KB
Author:Jon Fussell

The Chase
In our previous adventure, we left our hero, Paul Nomard, in the chasm of death (and a big spider-thingy - surely no-one bothered to kill it?). We now join our hero, Paul Nomard, and (if you play co-operatively) his friends Len Keward, Mandy Me...Date:04/23/96
Size:43.7 KB
Author:Darryl Ashton

The Chop
A PWAD for DOOM II....Date:02/23/96
Size:27.18 KB

The City (at night)
You start walking down the sidewalk, staring at the blue sky. Then from out of nowhere you see men with shotguns start blowing the other pedestrians away! Remembering your guerilla warfare training you duck into an alley. You pray to god you can make...Date:01/11/96
Size:77.77 KB
Author:Thomas Giboney

The Clave (for DOOM II)
Size:98.58 KB
Author:Roberto Ullfig

Fairly large in length. Eerie red rock walls. Good for one player or equally fun for deathmatch. Plenty of room to run around, ambush areas, caves to explore. Some items require a little effort to find....Date:09/02/95
Size:65.33 KB

Into The Code
6 vanilla-compatible maps for Doom 2 made using the stock textures....Date:03/07/14
Size:590.73 KB

The Craze
Nice maze with laods os baddies 2 kill and enuff ammo & Health...Date:01/13/98
Size:28.67 KB
Author:The Dark Lord

The Crush
A fast-paced deathmatch level for Doom ][ with plenty of secrets, and double back-stabbing traps to nails your friends with....Date:08/05/95
Size:29.93 KB
Author:Matthew Parrish

One of the harder wads i've made. I always try and focus on level design and lighting and thecrypt.wad is no exception. I must have played this level hundreds of times and I still have fun!....Date:05/18/08
Size:52.74 KB
Author:A. Gartland
And just think,You thought it was all over well you better think again,Cause They're back and they all have an attitude. So think what you do and plan ahead and you just might make it out alive, And remember, ( CHEATIN'S FOR WUSSY'S )...Date:02/12/00
Size:86.93 KB
Author:Wes Burd Jr

The Gap
Shotgun shells across the gap, but where is the shotgun?...Date:09/13/15
Size:11.71 KB

The Gate
Size:37.18 KB
Author:Joe Pallai

The Great Wave (version 1.4)
Size:19.28 KB

The Hallway of the Tempest
You're in a laboratory. Lab is invested by ugly monsters...Date:05/27/16
Size:2.77 KB

This Is The Hell (by HenSoft).WAD
This is the True Hell, others are only a bad descriptions. This Hell is like world end. This game isn't for childrens from above 15 years old. The ultaviolence dificulty is good. Congratulations if you finish it....Date:11/08/97
Size:87.2 KB
Author:Enrique Garcia Guarneros (The Fucking HenSoft)

The House of Cyberdemon
level for DooM ][ based on Quake map E1M7: The House of Chthon...Date:11/12/96
Size:129.67 KB
Author:Massimo Ciano

The Keep
Fast action in an Arabian desert style town. Assault the town, clean out the troops, but expect the dead to return....Date:08/17/13
Size:26.88 KB
Author:Walt Barrett

The Kult v1.1
/Play Info This wad is intended for single play! You find yourself trapped in a death cult's place of worship. The only way out is through the sanctuary, and the big demon they worsip just happenes to be guarding the only exit... This level is mo...Date:02/24/95
Size:37.38 KB
Author:Ravenwing (Ravn on IRC #doom)

The Lair
Built for Doom2 v1.9...Date:09/19/96
Size:374.77 KB
Author:Keith Hickman

The Lord
Hey, I didn't include the .EXE files with the ZIPFILE for nothing! Check them out!...Date:08/19/95
Size:338.51 KB

The Maze Ver. 1.0
Each room of this level is a type of maze or puzzle. Some are easy while most can get down right frustrating. It is impossible to get stuck, there are no "dead ends". Every area has its purpose and you just have to find out what it is....Date:06/10/95
Size:74.44 KB
Author:Jason Michelsen

The Secret Path
This is a huge wad that is set way under ground. It is totally futureistic and includes many clever effects. Even though this wad is massive, (over 6000 linedefs) it is not annoying in the sense that it is just one huge maze that take 5 hours to comp...Date:12/15/96
Size:838.47 KB
Author:John Graham

the SquonkerPits
Very primative take on Quake2 DM5/"The Pits" for DOOM2...Date:03/26/99
Size:30.52 KB
Author:Squonkamatic for the People!!

The Plant
First, this is the first third (fourth?!?) of what is sure to become a HUGE wad. The short of it: You're infiltrating a processing plant that is being converted to . . .no one knows. Fortunately, the plant's techs managed to sabotage much of of the...Date:06/22/96
Size:100.14 KB
Author:Chris Zepnick

The Raven
You are an elite special forces unit known simply as the Raven. Your orders were simple. You and a team of other agents were to infiltrate and destroy a suspected drug cartel headquarters. On your way, you and your buddies ran into some difficulties ...Date:04/05/06
Size:54.14 KB
Author:Matt Bollier

The Therion Project
Therion is a five level add-on for doom 2. It is still in the works, and a 15 level demo is due out soon (like nov 2003). The levels are single player/co-op. Therion does not really have a story yet, but by the time the finished version comes out...Date:03/27/03
Size:86.98 KB
Author:Stealthy Ivan

Thermite "the big blow up"
Size:280.48 KB
Author:Zeek Bower (SUDS)

You have esacped from hell and now you have to make your way back to home which is in the city. You must go though the biggest bookstore which holds evry book ever written and you have to fight your way passed the demon base were an evil demon army l...Date:08/20/10
Size:13.89 KB
Author:Jack Russel

The Tower
The armoured bunker at Ibal Usiom has been over-run by the usual assortment of space demons and undead. Only you can take it back....Date:03/24/96
Size:90.67 KB

The Zoo
This aint like the zoo moma took you to when you where little, keep your arms out of the cages if you want to keep them!....Date:03/01/96
Size:24.83 KB
Author:Jim Tanner

The best level in the world!
Just play, Sucker!...Date:05/22/99
Size:28.17 KB
Author:Candice Graham

This is one Action-packed level. There are load's and load's of secret's to discover, some EZR then other's. This level is PERFECTION in action for single, cooperative and deathmatch play. You start of with only a few creatures roaming around. If you...Date:12/26/97
Size:93.39 KB
Author:Alexander Weening ( Warlock ) ( from ) ( Cosmic ) ( Chaos )

The Pool of Despair
The story line in the level is a little hard to figure out. If you get stuck, just keep at it, it will work out....Date:04/05/06
Size:43.18 KB
Author:Jonathan Jordan

The Pumping Station
Size:68.43 KB
Author:Jonathan Jordan

The Void
Size:277.54 KB

The Wall
Silently behind a door it waits.One breath of oxygen and it explodes in a deadly rage. In that instant it can create a hero..... or cover a secret....Date:12/28/11
Size:46.51 KB
Author:Peter van der Kooij

Size:24.76 KB
Author:Mike Bowers

Think Twice
A dark, medium-sized, asymmetrical WAD. Nothing fancy, but has variety and allows strategy, so it's very playable. NOTE: difficulty settings 1-2 are specially furnished (bonuses, weapons, monsters) for altdeathmatch with monster respawn ON. - HMP ...Date:01/27/96
Size:58.59 KB
Author:John Upper

Size:33.33 KB
Author:Thomas Krammer

Thirtythree wad (for Doom ][)
March, 1996 Decent sized, around 1400 vertices and 400 objects. Called complete because I attempted to put as many functions (lifts, doors, raising floors, crushing ceilings, lights on, switches, etc.) as possible (more than 50 separate tags). There ...Date:03/24/96
Size:81.74 KB
Author:Douglas Ryerson

This SUXX!
In the midst of all the awesome, creative wads appearing in the Action Games Forum and on the Internet, comes "The WORST 32 Level Wad E V E R C R E A T E D for Doom II". Built, designed, and playtested by Team SUXX. Don't say we didn't warn ya!...Date:02/04/98
Size:57.66 KB
Author:NFSfreak(tm) / Weeds

You are finally home. You are tired so you go to sleep you wake up to find yourself in a bizarre fortress. Just keep saying its only a dream, its only a dream.....Date:10/23/05
Size:10.48 KB
Author:Chris Pollina

The cult of hell
Size:228.93 KB

The Throne Room
Most of the action takes place in one large room. A few tricks, but mostly just kill, kill, kill! Skill level four has three times as many guys as skill levels one and two. Deathmatch starting points and a few extra weapons for it have been included,...Date:03/08/13
Size:27.03 KB
Author:Michael Wildt

I'am not a great DOOM player, so this level is quite easy. The level is not for those how completes DOOM ][ in Nightmare. This is my first WAD....Date:09/15/95
Size:20.14 KB
Author:Peter Mathiasson

A little experiment with ambient sounds....Date:11/03/98
Size:70.3 KB
Author:Aadu Hurt aka Dominus Morbus

Thy Wrath Unleashed
Soon, your earthly body will pass through the Earth's crust. Soon, you will not only be fighting for your life, but for the life of mankind. And for this - for the pain you've endured - Satan and his dominions will surely feel your W R A T H !...Date:04/17/20
Size:1.14 MB
Author:Matthew "Wrath" Phillips

Tigger's Respite
Losers: have fun you little cunts! Cool people: have fun. It's just small but it's no pushover. I recommend Hard on this one....Date:04/02/10
Size:15.53 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Size:81.28 KB

Time 2 Die
This wad contains two levels that begin at MAP01 and end at MAP03. These levels can be played as single-player action or as deathmatch levels, though this feature has not been tested yet. So try this option with at your own RISK. MAP03 is not deathma...Date:12/25/00
Size:20.73 KB
Author:Andre' Mosley

Time to Die!
This is a HUGE, three-key level designed mostly for solo and co-op play. Death Match is supported, but I would stay behind the yellow key boundary so that play is restricted to a tighter, more circular traffic pattern area. This pwad started as an ex...Date:08/27/95
Size:114.9 KB
Author:Joseph J. Pecoraro

A small map inspired by Ultimate Doom's design....Date:12/17/13
Size:140.35 KB

Time Labs
What use to be an old UAC waste treament facility that is now a top secret time lab. Unfortunately it was taken over by demons that now have the ability to change history as we know it. You must clear out the faciclity and go back in time to make sur...Date:06/19/04
Size:45.27 KB

The Last Hope
Well... Your basically the last hope for humantity......Date:07/12/96
Size:431.24 KB
Author:Kevin Crawley ([HuNdA] on eFNET iRc) I used to go by the nick Raptor Man, so, that's obviously why i

The Lost Wad #1 (Version 1.5) Remember this is a WAD from The Lost WADz series!
/Story ......and so it happened. You thought you had beat them all. But as you were on your way out they attacked! What's this? They're back? No, you never really got 'em. See, they got smart. They knew that if you killed their boss with a keyboard c...Date:10/13/97
Size:723.8 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser (Formerly known as Manna Doom)

The Lost Wad #2 (Version 1.8) 10/97 Remember this is a WAD from The Lost WADz series!
/Story ......and so it happened. You thought you had beat Doom and Doom II. You moved on to Quake and various other first-person perspective games but still missed the virgin scare you had the first few times you played Doom and Doom II. You knew the...Date:10/23/97
Size:55.87 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser (Formerly known as Manna Doom) Tranquil Lament Software

The Lost Wad #3 (Version 3.8) 11/97 Remember this is a WAD from The Lost WADz series!
/Story ......This WAD was started in January 1996 and available for the first time in November 1997! Due to cheap floppies and a Hard Drive crash this WAD has been built and rebuilt countless times. This time we went for excellence! Using various edi...Date:11/06/97
Size:66.54 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser (Formerly known as Manna Doom)

The Lost WAD #4 (11/97)
As with previous Lost WADs, I built this with attention to texture alignment and playability using ALL the keys. However, This time, I pushed the game-engine while paying close attention to shading, lighting and texture choices. The size of this WAD ...Date:11/22/97
Size:91.87 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser

The Lost WAD #5 "G" Rated (12/97)
As with previous Lost WADs, I built this with attention to texture alignment and playability using ALL the keys. It is a bit smaller than previous work, but if you notice how well the game plays (tested at all levels) you'll copy this one to your flo...Date:12/19/97
Size:303.87 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser

The Lost WAD #6 (12\97)
The Original Lost WAD floppy disc was dusty. It had inches of dust on it. So, I decided to re-vamp the original, and make it up to date. Well, nevertheless, this is NOT The Lost WAD #1! This level's is based on the first. This is about three times bi...Date:12/23/97
Size:375.33 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser

The Lost WAD #7
/Story You awoke sharply at 3:53 AM to the sound of the sirens. You knew what that meant. In a matter of minutes the phone rang like a dull roar under the sounds screeching outside. The UAC Commander was talking so fast you could barely disipher the ...Date:02/17/98
Size:238.98 KB
Author:Jeromy John Visser

Temple of Sin
A Hell level cut from my megawad. I made this map in 1997, and it had a few updates as the resources changed. This was the first level of Hell, so it's pretty tough, but can make a go of it with pistol start....Date:02/15/19
Size:59.85 KB

Tunnels of Fun!
You begin in a place you are destined to return to several times -- three keys and an impaled head guarded by strange creatures are in view. The erie glowing landscape and the strange other-worldly sounds remind you that this isn't Kansas. There is a...Date:09/21/95
Size:695.33 KB
Author:Joseph J. Pecoraro

TNT: Renascence (episode 1)
TNT: Renascence (episode 1) is a remake of the first episode (11 levels) of TeamTNT's original TNT: Evolution. All levels are designed for 'vanilla' Doom2 or Final Doom executables and "compatible" with their limits. TNT.WAD must be used as IWAD...Date:08/09/10
Size:1014.34 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (map10 by Dragon Hunter)

TNT: Resistance
TNT: Resistance is an 8-map vanilla episode for Final Doom's TNT IWAD, featuring maps from various authors. All the maps were tested with Chocolate Doom/chocorenderlimits and should be playable in all source ports (well, almost all). The episode of c...Date:12/20/17
Size:980.59 KB

Disposed Raw
An attempt at mixing Residue Processing from Half Life with Habitat from TNT Evilution, had the idea after watching Dario Casali's gameplay video. Go check his channel:
Size:147.74 KB

Trails of Destruction
More DOOM 2 levels to kick ass in! Story: You recive a distress signal from UAC Sci-Lab 103. Aliens have invaded through the dimensional portal, and have destroyed everything. Your goal: Massacre the hellspawn and close the portal! This should be s...Date:04/25/96
Size:197.31 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian

uuh.. what? wandering through hallways shootin' stuff....Date:08/31/95
Size:19.67 KB
Author:Rick Schaber

DOOM II single player level designed like an ancient mastaba tomb. Inspired by the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Sethos I (c. 1290 BC) 125 K....Date:06/22/97
Size:42.58 KB
Author:Thomas Drugg

Quick map thrown up to emulate Tom Hall's techbase (or SHAWNbase) style with my own twist, and elements of Romero's design rules. TOMBASE also is designed to be a tad more challenging (mostly due to less resources) but masochists can always play on...Date:03/03/19
Size:37.15 KB

< Toms Road >
Fun gameplay. And rather detalized levels....Date:08/08/04
Size:2.17 MB
Author:Toms Gailitis

Tora Bora
This map is a single-level PWAD for Doom II. It is vanilla compatible. I did not design it with vertical mouselook/jumping/crouching in mind but if you want to play it with any of those that's fine, but if you break the map it's not my fault! You a...Date:04/19/20
Size:41.83 KB
Author:Miss Melee

This is the first WAD I've done with the always popular castle theme, so bear with me. This one has lots of torches (hence the name), marble all around and other castle-like features....Date:10/12/95
Size:56.24 KB
Author:Aaron Veenstra

This is a six level WAD for DOOM II that is designed to work great as either a Deathmatch, Co- Op, or single player game. All levels have every weapon (except the BFG) and the levels are designed so that the more powerful weapons are slightly harder ...Date:12/10/95
Size:349.03 KB
Author:Shams Young

So you think you have it tough huh? This guy is having a real bad day. 9 Levels of shootem up fun. Enjoy!...Date:01/27/96
Size:330.85 KB
Author:Lee Smith
This is my first .wad . I hope that you'll enjoy this level. It can be play by more than one player. But in multi there's only one level....Date:02/02/95
Size:25.26 KB
Author:Martin C.

Towers of Anguish
Size:14.69 KB
Author:Marc J.S.

My brother and I have built over 50 levels to date. Five of our earlier levels, were released on the Book/CD ROM 'Tricks of the DOOM Programming Gurus' by SAMS Publishing. This wad file is meant to represent a small community over run by the he...Date:03/06/08
Size:61.58 KB
Author:Brian Sparks

My first wad that is based off of a town I went to once. It includes a warehouse and theater. Enjoy!...Date:03/17/12
Size:18.66 KB
Author:Matt "TheBraggle" Napier

Townhouses (Townhous.wad)
Have you ever wanted to snipe your neighbors? Well you can now snipe mine. The are five complete houses The idea here is to go from house to house killing the inhabitants. This is a VERY detailed level. There are about 2500 sectors. I believe it may ...Date:11/17/02
Size:148.61 KB
Author:Dino T. Manzella

Toxic line
Size:168.59 KB
Author:Vincenzo VTM

The Process
Another level cut from my megawad. Made in 2001 from an even older drawing. I had to fix several broken sectors and remove oddities thanks to ancient tools of the time. Megawad assets have also been removed. Enjoy tripping on lamps and lots of stupid...Date:02/15/19
Size:93.43 KB

UAC Headquarters
Size:78.26 KB
Author:Tommie Quick

Flood Mines
Size:71.36 KB
Author:Tommie Quick

Train to the Abyss
A level i came up with in my spare time....Date:12/07/01
Size:285.82 KB
Author:Johnny Magnum

Sea of Tranquility
Keep your arms wholly within the vehicle. Watch out for the sharks!...Date:10/30/97
Size:24.21 KB
Author:Brett Myors

My tribute to my favorite wad....Doomed to Run Amok...Date:05/11/96
Size:73.14 KB
Author:Dr Bombay

The Transformer
I started this one in 1996 but I lost interest and never finished it. After rediscovering it I finally decided to complete it....Date:04/21/03
Size:46.09 KB
Author:Christoph Oelckers (Graf Zahl)

No plot just get to the end!. A big PWAD with all weapons except the BFG 9000.With nice lighting effects & perfectly aligned textures.Also catering all difficulty settings & most baddies. Including a large dome room,a lake,boat and oars. A mens toile...Date:02/06/09
Size:103.18 KB
Author:Robert W.S.Smith.

Trap Land
This level is loaded with traps. just wgen you thought you've done in the end there's another monster infested trap. Oh and in the end there's a teleporting Cyberdemon waiting to kick your ass. Many have tried and failed. I'm the only one who did it ...Date:09/21/96
Size:28.89 KB
Author:Panayiotis Kittenis (call me Pet)

This is a single player wad which I made in my spare time. I like it, and it is not as short as my other wad, although it still isn't large....Date:01/22/00
Size:20.49 KB
Author:Alex Brown

A large indoors/outdoors level with some special effects. If you beat it in fast UV, mail me a demo!...Date:01/23/98
Size:401.6 KB
Author:Donatas Tamonis

Tread Softly!
I built this level primarily to test out a new feature I'd found in the Doom engine, before realizing that, although simplistic, this level could provide a bit of play value and test someone's coordination. I make no claims to original architecture i...Date:05/15/95
Size:49.95 KB
Author:Brandon Bannerman

Two levels that have a slight theme. Moderately gimmicky parts, and a fair Cyberdemon fight on level 2. Level 1 is one big multi-sectioned room. Sounds unoriginal, but it is done effectively enough....Date:11/13/97
Size:35.69 KB
Author:Doug Merrill
This is a sequal to Trench Warfare which my friends clamoured for me to make....Date:09/25/95
Size:29.96 KB
Author:Muskie Mckay

Small, hell-themed MAP01 replacement for Doom II. Inspired by the early Scythe maps. Clean, minimal, and retro level design. DOS-compatible. Moderate difficulty. After conquering the UAC, Hell has taken note of our architecture and made a military ...Date:11/29/23
Size:64.71 KB
Author:UAC Project Night-Vision

This is a pwad which covers levels 1-8 of Doom 2 which I built 'cos I am fed up with 80% of cover-disc pwads being Deathmatch levels. Am I in the minority, not having loads of friends willing to uproot thier PCs and bring them round to my house, or r...Date:09/30/95
Size:97.86 KB
Author:Trevor Hearne

I like good shoot-em-up games, this one will keep you running. It's a standard 3-Key game with plenty of action, ENJOY....Date:07/11/97
Size:52.41 KB
Author:Joe Winter

The Trial.
Try to play and complete this map....Date:08/03/99
Size:95.44 KB
Author:HyperSoft Inc.

The Trials
Started out as a bit of a mess about with DB2 but developed into (I think!) some fairly cool ideas. Theres a couple of rooms I really like but I wanna know what you think!...Date:03/03/14
Size:71.36 KB
Author:Phil Walker

The Trials 2
A complete rebuild of the crappier parts of the original Trials level so I hope you guys find it better!...Date:10/22/15
Size:108.56 KB
Author:Phil Walker

This level is really a test of you brain power not your ability to gun down monsters (although there are plenty of monsters in the level). The whole level is full of traps and suprises. There is no way to beat the level without finding almost all of ...Date:04/26/96
Size:154.83 KB
Author:Michael Eastwood

Tricky Steps
This level is designed for single-player. It will only work with DooM II. It is the sequel to my first level, Black Lodge....Date:11/18/95
Size:65.92 KB
Author:Knut Andreas Ruud

This is a collection oft the first two of the classic Trident series of PWADs....Date:09/14/95
Size:59.14 KB
Author:Steven Lorek

Replacement for map01. Story: A long, long time ago in a galaxy..., wait that one has already been used, let me start again. In the year 2015, the large multinational company known then as Triad Experimental began to do its own exploration of porti...Date:02/24/96
Size:67.14 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

Trigger-happy (Updated version)
Trigger-happy is a fast paced almost claustrofobic indoor map with abstract design and filled with nazis to kill. Dare yourself to escape this Mastermind dungeon and face the beast with ULTRA-VIOLENCE. This is the definitive version of my 2nd map t...Date:02/25/17
Size:123.93 KB

The name says it all! Be ready when you pick things up and watch where you step. Tripline requires you to pick up all keys and many other objects. Cheat codes will work but you still must run over objects. If you get stuck just pick something up and ...Date:08/09/95
Size:62.63 KB
Author:Brian J. Wilcox (BUDMAN)

Trippy Skrill
A Single Singleplayer or Coop Level. ive made lots other levels but i felt that feedback on rhis one would be nice....Date:11/19/06
Size:80.91 KB
Author:Erik Lindahl

Tritium Refinery
Two Vanilla-compatible techbase levels for Doom 2. Two new midis by me are included....Date:09/19/16
Size:160.5 KB

Size:29.03 KB

Trouble on Titan
Well, you know the story. UAC keeps sending you different places on Titan to investigate various strange occurences. You keep telling them that there are aliens on Titan. You reported this after nearly getting your head taken off in the Mines. You to...Date:03/01/04
Size:317.05 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

It's a BIG level with some hidden areas and many, many booby traps. I defy you to survive without cheating!...Date:02/02/99
Size:88.04 KB
Author:Gul Dahre'el
It took me a while to figure out what to do for this Levels, But I eventually decided.... I put together SOME of my WADS. Not all of them are yippY! kind of levels, But I hope YOU enjoy them!...Date:04/01/96
Size:285.08 KB

You have been captured by an unknown enemy, and now find yourself in a dark, bloody dungeon. The only way to get out seems to be a dimly lit hole in the wall. What dangers lie behind it??...Date:11/24/00
Size:37.46 KB
Author:Bjorn Hermans

Try me if you can.
Try to play and complete this map....Date:08/03/99
Size:58.35 KB
Author:HyperSoft Inc.

< Toms Road >
This one is the 11 th level from the < Toms Road > series......Date:04/19/06
Size:2.34 MB
Author:Toms Gailitis

The Spawns Cave (version 2)
A single-player level for Doom II v1.9 featuring some modified monsters (look out for that green Former-Marine), and a few very nasty puzzles/traps near the exit. New to version 2: - removed the illegal doom2.exe file and added an equivalent DeHack...Date:01/01/01
Size:225.92 KB
Author:Nathan Iyer

The Smoking Dog [part1]
set of 5 levels for doom2. tested with the original game + mac doom 1.0.2 [on macos9] + chocodoom + woof! ports...Date:01/22/23
Size:879.62 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

The Stench Of Burning Death
A fairly large map, with several areas branching off from a central map24-style section....Date:02/03/06
Size:69.49 KB
Author:PROLIFIC dEaTH WORKSHOP P.d.W. are Mark & Nik alias Sir Richard Richard Esq. & Eddie "Chopper" Hitle

Tricks & Traps
Huge, complex and not very detailed map with awesome design, many bugs, lots of new graphics, sounds and new enemies....Date:09/30/00
Size:791.57 KB

Torch The Day
A Doom 2 level for any port which plays Doom2...Date:06/22/04
Size:161.65 KB
Author:«º¤PØTG|Ê$§ÊR¤º» (

Tetanus is a vanilla compatible episode for Doom 2, centered around clean, easily readable level design, with visuals inspired by "orange-box" designs from various source engine games, as well as Super Mario Odyssey's "Steam Gardens." Tetanus also fe...Date:08/16/23
Size:4.96 MB
Author:AD_79, Bobby (lolmcswagger), Egg Boy, myolden, Skronkidonk, T.Will, uber, Yugiboy85, ZeMystic

THE TROOPERS' PLAYGROUND (repackaged edition)
This is a reupload of the legendary 1996 Doom II episode, The Troopers' Playground v1.03, to repackage it in a manner suitable for modern users. The original version upl...Date:03/08/16
Size:885.95 KB
Author:Matthias Worch

New Episode for DooM II, featuring 9 Levels, a new enemy, new flats & textures...Date:03/29/96
Size:997.98 KB
Author:Matthias Worch

Tunnel Run (version 1.2)
Dark astmospheric level, confined tunnels and large storage areas....Date:11/18/00
Size:279.31 KB
Author:Russell DD Pearson

a very tiny wad taking place in a tunnel This WAD is a joke based off a discussion in #legacy Don't worry about loading the .cfg file, the wad will load it through fragglescript...Date:06/08/04
Size:61.24 KB

The Tunnels
Same as previous Tunnels.txt...Date:04/17/95
Size:65.34 KB
Author:Dominique Lavergne

Tunnel to Hell
Venturing out into this cavern, the deeper you get the more hellish it becomes. Look for the secret passage near the beginning; without more weapons you're dead. This is the first wad I have ever made, and I hope it is worthy. I will not be creati...Date:04/10/96
Size:63.39 KB
Author:Wesley Fredrick

Tunnels of Hell
This is my first attempt at a DOOM 2 level. I am quite pleased with the way this level turned out. I put alot of extra time into making sure the textures and conture of the walls lined up. I hope you enjoy it....Date:05/04/96
Size:45.21 KB
Author:Scott J. Sealey

Turbo Wad Level 1 version 1.20
Size:100.25 KB
Author:Shawn Thomas

Great for single play or deathmatch!...Date:03/26/96
Size:31.27 KB
Author:David Kratz contains 8 of my early levels, 4 of them good solid finished things, and the rest are really just experiments. The first four are sort of a story, You Go To Save Civilization, in four parts. Not much new art here, but some nice rooms and...Date:05/15/96
Size:294.74 KB
Author:Tom Gibson

TWILAB.WAD for DOOM2 is something like a sequel to SPIRIT.WAD. If you don't know SPIRIT then check it out now! By the way, I have just released an improved version of SPIRIT.WAD: a little bit larger, a little bit better and without custom graphi...Date:06/02/95
Size:237.72 KB
Author:Andy Badorek

The Twin Brothers
In the room with 'star', there is a guy looking exactely the same as you. I know that you're unique, but that's not a reason for shooting him down! If you want to, try to kill him; you will not survive to his death... This guy is a genetical copy of ...Date:01/01/03
Size:221.34 KB

Doom2 Map14 Homage. AKA: A map submitted for Master Levels that was REJECTED! =]
This is a Doom2 level - you'll have to idclev to map03 It's a level. Play it!...Date:07/26/16
Size:55.68 KB
Author:Tom "ParadoX" Mustaine

The World May Now !
I just woke up yesterday Had nothing to do I made this The World May Now !...Date:05/22/10
Size:52.34 KB
Author:Michael "Optimus" Kargas

Twin Peaks
Classic tech level. My first WAD. Takes me about 10 minutes to beat. Have fun! The remote Echo base is studying an anomaly atop the twin peaks of the Susquenatch valley. Your mission is to break into the complex and gain access to the mountain. The...Date:06/02/16
Size:106.64 KB
Author:Patrick Boyer

Toxic Plant
Your home town used to prosper in peace. But then, the air quality decreased all of a sudden. The nearby power plant started to emit toxic waste in colossal amounts, and that caused the citizens to become sick with bloodlust. You became curious and d...Date:07/05/19
Size:131.39 KB
Author:Jakub "KUBA18i" Majewski

Ty Halls v1.5
Massive outdoor killing area with plenty of sur- prises. Winding dim halls that will challenge your sanity and your nerve. Save the ammo! You'll need it before you're allowed to exit Ty Halls. Remember to cringe in the halls if the outdoor BBQ is n...Date:10/25/98
Size:100.52 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

The Authoritive T_DUNNxx.WAD Series - For Doom2
The counterpart to my Doom levels .WAD, The levels contained are VERY id like so if you didnt like the id variety then too bad. MAP17 and MAP32 are multiplayer specific. Also see T_DUNN01.WAD for my Doom levels and T_DUNN03.WAD for my lone Heretic le...Date:06/22/97
Size:227.13 KB
Author:Travers Dunne & Alister Dunne

Medieval Castle
One day, after playing alot of levels that thought that quantity was better than quality, I though why not make huge a level? So I started and from a few months work spawned this monstrosity. Exploration is cool. If you know what to do then you can f...Date:06/22/97
Size:121.78 KB
Author:Travers Dunne & Alister Dunne

U2, is my favourite band, so I decided to pay some homage to U2, by making a Doom wad, with that 'Hold me, thrill me,kiss me,kill me' song, in the Doom wad. Now, me being stupid, this took a huge amount of time and work. Though I wanted to give up ha...Date:05/17/98
Size:15.01 KB
Author:Mike Yamato

Private Domain
Just after failure of the Plutonian Experiment, the UAC hangared their "gateway" programs. Many of the Gateways were kept under lock and key. However, a wealthy UAC corporate saw personal benefit and secretly took a Gateway to a remote planet where h...Date:05/08/99
Size:36.65 KB
Author:Mark Grundel

Union Aerospace Corporation
An 11-level Doom2 episode, the first creation that the Sp-team has spawned thus far. The levels would probably be best described as a mix of Doom and Doom2 styled levels with some of our own ideas thrown in the pot. Quality and playability was one of...Date:11/24/99
Size:747.17 KB
Author:The Stimpack-team: -Kari Westerholm -Markku Steen -Janizdreg

I made this just out of boredom. I originally intended it to be the "official UAC building," and went from there. I've been working on it since sometime in 2000 on and off (more of the off). I only recently converted it to Doom II format so I can use...Date:09/09/02
Size:331.1 KB
Author:Kara C. Rader

The UAC Base -- Doom II version
Communications have ceased coming in from a major UAC military base/supply depot/ refueling center in North America. Also, before this happened, the base's chief administrator filed some classified reports with UAC headquarters. These reports express...Date:05/30/95
Size:134.96 KB
Author:Brian J. "B.J. Blazkowicz" Rowan

UAC Bunker
Doom 2 PWAD...Date:02/04/96
Size:25.05 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

A micro Doom2 episode. If you want detail in a wad in order to make it a good one, then this is probably something for you. Just look at our computers, bathrooms, couches, special elevators, lightning... Everything's there!...Date:01/25/98
Size:152.57 KB
Author:Martin Friberg and Christopher Sund

UAC Demon Invasion
Your just come back from vacation, and you overhear that the UAC staff "accidently" let some demons slip through there fingers.. The hell spawn start doing experiments of there own, wreaking havoc on the base.. Time to gear up and get the basee back!...Date:12/09/10
Size:40.78 KB

You get a phone call 4 am in the morning, you pick it up and ask "Who the hell is calling me 3 in the morning!?", the person on the other line answers, "This is the UAC H.Q., we've got a major problem here, no time to tell you the story, but this sho...Date:07/25/97
Size:124.03 KB
Author:Billy Daniel

UAC Plant level for DOOM II
This is a large, single-player level for DOOM II. It contains some puzzels, and visual trickery. It's quite tough at higher skill levels. It is an 02 level, so either -warp or IDCLEV to it, or just play through the first level and get a head start on...Date:04/05/06
Size:146.24 KB
Author:Bob Kudla

U.A.C. Power Station UACPS.WAD
Your on Phobos at a U.A.C. Power Station overtaken by the demonic monsters from Hell. Kill everything in your path and get out of there....Date:06/01/00
Size:24.45 KB
Author:John D. Corrado a.k.a. DOOMFLYNN

UAC's Deep Quarry
Long maps are looooong! And in this case, this one qualify into /idgames because of the compatibility and yet the utter fun it yields to the player. Comes with two vanilla-compatible demos recorded in PRBoom+. (version 1.90) Many monsters, all we...Date:11/29/15
Size:64.28 KB
Author:Gustavo Ramos "Gustavo6046" Rehermann

The UAC Water Refinery
**THIS IS SUPPOSED TO RUN ON DOOM2.EXE** This time, I wanted to try something different. A non-ZDoom/Skulltag wad that works with doom2.exe This is what resulted. A decently detailed 1-level wad. Story: A water refinery has been invaded by the de...Date:05/18/13
Size:42.21 KB

ok so this basicly a medium sized level,that should take you about 10 minutes to complete without dying,i was going to add another level but could'nt because of the thing limit,so enjoy!...Date:07/13/08
Size:87.31 KB

UAC Budget Cuts (v1.4)
A vanilla map built to a tight 'minimalist' set of design rules. Basically, rectangle-based, limited- space, grid-aligned layouts only. Emphasis is on gameplay, despite constraints. UV difficulty is a bit tight. See thread for constraint details....Date:08/27/14
Size:57.79 KB

A Truckers Nightmare! version 3.111111
This is a DOOM II pwad. Single or Cooperative. Deathmatch would be impractical - Single You are an independant truck driver. You are resting in your cab when it is pushed onto it's side. You grab your handgun from the glove box and jump out the win...Date:04/18/96
Size:597.03 KB
Author:Sam Dickie

The UAC Center v1.5
This was my first WAD. Your mission is to enter the UAC Center and clear it of all monsters. Along the way you'll face many challenges and lots of secret areas. Don't expect to find any HOM or texture problems, much time was spent making this level a...Date:12/19/99
Size:54.34 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

This is my second level, but it's my best. There's not many suprises, but I advise you to check the trash bins....Date:06/13/98
Size:111.54 KB
Author:Steve Gaucher

UAC Earth Base
The first map I have ever finished and released so expect some problems. Finished making on 8/8/18 and decided to upload it here on 8/26/18. Large feedback would be highly appreciated. Hint on finding on one of the secrets: One of the walls outside...Date:08/28/18
Size:52 KB

UAC Earth Base 2: Wrong Teleporter
A sequel to my first map "UAC Earth Base". Even though it never had a story I might as well write one: "After escaping the very cramped UAC Earth Base (seriously who designed this building?), Doomguy realizes that he took the wrong teleporter and i...Date:01/31/21
Size:207.05 KB

The UAC Dam Facility
UAC has called you in to save their collective ass once again. Seems some troops stationed at their (This is the story Rio hydroelectric plant have gone berserk and for the all of the (with the help of a few dozen denizens of Hell) seven levels, not ...Date:01/26/97
Size:226.15 KB
Author:Ben Turner

Doom2 Ultimate Challenge Beta Version (0.5)
The Ultimate Challenge is full of Nasty Monsters. And for the solo player may prove to much. You can always cheat. There is plenty of weapons and ammo and even a few secret areas. It is possible to win. At the directory in which you have doom2 locate...Date:04/25/05
Size:30.99 KB
Author:Steven J King

Ungrateful Dead
Can you blame them if they're a little peeved when, level after level, you constantly slaughter them? This time, however, they're ready for you and they've prepared a quite a few surprises. NOTE: The author mentions Twisfx.wad that was sup...Date:02/29/08
Size:56.29 KB

UAC Deathcamp v.1.2
Texture Alignment is was GREATLY needed To PERFECT this MASTERPIECE. Refer to the UDC.txt which should be included in this zip file....Date:04/18/98
Size:393.11 KB
Author:Rich & Derrick Allen of Allen Software

UD Speedmapping 1
We got bored and decided to spontaneously make some speedmapping maps that fall under that 1024 category that people like for some stupid reason. -deathz0r...Date:10/18/06
Size:176.39 KB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph Ralph "Ralphis" Vickers RottKing

Ultra-Doom. (Later to be renamed.)
Your name is Sgt. David Johnson. You were walking into a room in a small two story building. Suddenly you fall down in a chair... You wake up dazed and find yourself in the sa...Date:07/16/96
Size:14.87 KB
Author:I am Chris

My first WAD completely designed from scratch....Date:01/22/96
Size:126.69 KB
Author:Régis LE BOIT

Unholy Temple
Well, your in a temple. Okay, it's not really a temple; more like a cathedral, but unholy cathedral doesn't sound so hot, does it? Anyway, you have to do the usual (kill badasses, save the world, blah, blah,blah) but heres a twist: At the end of the ...Date:07/26/04
Size:103.23 KB

Underhall Remake
A new version of D2 Map02 Underhalls....Date:03/24/05
Size:27.9 KB
Author:Bjarne Christensen

Ultima6, Lord British's Castle
This WAD looks just like Lord British's castle. The rooms, placement of the keys. and many other details and additions....Date:06/09/96
Size:28.35 KB
Author:Ken Wieczorek

There's a story behind this level... please read STORY.TXT...Date:04/23/03
Size:4.47 KB
Author:Brian Hogg aka President201

The Unaided Eye
/story After saving the Earth from Hell´s most gruesome spawn, you suddenly found yourself in the unpleasent situation of being the center of the universe, and was very fast overrun by eager and irritating journalists from all over the world. Being f...Date:02/08/00
Size:95.21 KB
Author:Christian N. Hansen aka Dykanden

You can complete this level without God Mode, it is difficult but it can be done; you'll probably have to save it a few times. There are areas with energy and ammo, make sure you enter them; you'll need them. Really for single player only. **********...Date:01/26/97
Size:48.91 KB
Author:Vincent Lozupone

You can complete this level without God Mode, it is difficult but it can be done have to save it a few times. them. Really for single player only. ***********************GAME DESCRIPTION*********************** I'm not really sure what the theme is, l...Date:04/06/97
Size:41.3 KB
Author:Vincent Lozupone

You can complete this level without God Mode, it is difficult but it can be done have to save it a few times. them. Really for single player only. ***********************GAME DESCRIPTION*********************** I'm not really sure what the theme is, l...Date:01/27/97
Size:110.32 KB
Author:Vincent Lozupone

Uncertain Doom
First completed map for 2010. Generic techbase map with some surprises....Date:03/06/10
Size:72.62 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

There's a story behind this level... please read STORY.TXT...Date:05/01/97
Size:27.23 KB
Author:Brian Hogg aka President201
Here's the WAD file which illustrates several hard-to-implement and VERY important WAD features, texture-mapping, difficulty levels, and a couple of nice features, including monster "turrets," two-part doors, and one-way wall-doors. Enjoy, learn,...Date:09/23/95
Size:10.9 KB
Author:Mneumenth, cyborg dragon of Earth and helper of Dominia

2 bite-sized single player levels done in the underhalls style with a few twists. Focus is on single play and cooperative. Let me know what you think....Date:12/26/00
Size:146.29 KB
Author:Gregory Dick

The UnderDark
Massive underground adventure...Date:03/22/04
Size:93.21 KB

Under Fire for Doom 2
This is basically a square room/hallway layout, with several large rooms, no Cyberdemon, but a Boss Shooter, but you don't have to face it if you don't want to....Date:04/17/96
Size:21.5 KB
Author:Jeff Cruser

The Underground Temple
You are trapped in a temple, surrounded by monsters of some sort, what do you do?!...Date:07/06/13
Size:738.83 KB

Doom 2 PWAD. Very Large level. Has many Tricks and Traps. This is my 1st Try at Level building. Great for Co-op, but to large for Deathmatch. Other Wads by author homeland.wad, deathl8r.wad...Date:11/24/95
Size:87.36 KB
Author:Wayne Leutwyler

Your a cook on the USS Doomer and you suddenly realize the ship has been blown in half and and all the crew is dead. You must save the rest of the world by fighting terroist monsters. To save the world you must make it to sub and stop it from launchi...Date:02/05/96
Size:34.18 KB
Author:Gene Spinks

EAC has just discovered an ancient, desserted city, beneath the desert of Carran. Several Foreman decended into the city, and are still Missing. Deep Sonar indicates More than several Deep pits, from which there is no escape. Avoid them. Other agenci...Date:08/14/95
Size:72.78 KB
Author:Martin Tallman

The Holmez family has had ties to the mob since the Mexican independence. From buying protection to providing safe houses they have been good friends. Recently Juan (your brother) has joined the mob. He was involved in drug trafficking and got in to ...Date:04/13/07
Size:88.49 KB
Author:Konrad Bresin
this is an awsome deathmatch/coop level...Date:09/24/95
Size:30.88 KB
Author:josh bergeron

You're not a space marine, not yet... Just last week, you received a message via secret channels that you were to report to the "Axe" chapter of marines ASAP for inprocessing. You're blood was pounding. As an initiation, you're fellow marines decid...Date:10/22/95
Size:163.95 KB
Author:John Walker IV for DOOM II

Uh, I'm still working on that. Maybe a storyline will give me a reason to actually release a v1.1. For now, though, use the same story id gave you. I'm going to PLDC (an army school) in two days as of this writing. If it looks like I cheesed a litt...Date:08/11/95
Size:49.64 KB
Author:John Walker IV for DOOM II

The Unholy Keep
Doom 2 PWAD UAC have ordered you and three fellow marines to attempt a final assault on the headquarters of the hellspawn, known as the Unholy Keep, before the Icon of Sin's plans for the domination of this universe reach fruition. You must elimina...Date:02/06/96
Size:25.88 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

This is a PWAD to be used with DOOM ][. It's small (less than 80 KBytes) and non-linear; this means, you haven't only to run forward to find the exit, you have in the most rooms more than 1 door. It substitutes map 1....Date:02/08/95
Size:28.23 KB

The Universe of Sin (First Release)
This is a collection of four of my levels. The goal of these levels is simple: Kill the monsters and leave. However, the monsters have other plans for you. I have built this wad in a way such that the levels progress from easiest to hardest. These le...Date:05/13/96
Size:119.9 KB
Author:Merlin of Pleth

United Mod
I made this mod as an experiment. The results were unique enough that I figured I'd distribute it....Date:08/30/10
Size:2.78 KB

Unity City (Version 1.4)
A 6-level Doom Base style miniWAD created from scratch. Designed original Doom style, meaning No Jumping or crouching, mouseaim not recommended. My first work as a Doom mapper, so partially this was more like practicing mapping and introducing myse...Date:05/20/12
Size:1.28 MB
Author:Henri Kähkönen

Cyberdemons Unleashed! (UNLEASH.WAD)
A level designed preferably for Cooperative and Deathmatch games although solo play is catered for. This PWAD has been created with atmosphere and tension in mind. Thus, it is very, very gloomy and at times, freaky! Note: This level is what you could...Date:03/25/95
Size:54.58 KB
Author:Andrew Harvey

The Unseen Death
This level is based off another level but I added the out side rings most of the transporters and all the enemies and all the weapons....Date:03/16/98
Size:35.54 KB
Author:Chris Fischer

This level has many effects never seen before and an INCREDIBLE ending! As well, there is a life-and-death GAME with a CYBERDEMON! I've also put in what's never been done before, a barred door that you can see everything through which opens by the fl...Date:07/18/99
Size:102.57 KB
Author:Derek Illchuk

Castle of Unwisdom
A hell level with a new midi. The map number is MAP21 for the sky texture....Date:06/06/20
Size:43.78 KB

A short, simple starting map. It's pretty easy though it has a couple of slightly challenging parts. The radiation suit is more useful than it may seem at first. Designed for vanilla Doom and old school gameplay. All 3 difficulty levels available....Date:02/04/16
Size:25.12 KB

UNX02: Underground
This level is a sequel to UNX01 released in 2016. It's fairly easy because it's supposed to be a map02 from a set of 32. It's for vanilla Doom. Story: After exiting "UNX01: Infiltrate" you find yourself in what looks like an underground zone, with ...Date:03/24/19
Size:40.71 KB

UNX03: Headquarters
The third level in the UNX series. This level continues from where "UNX02: Underground" ends. Designed for vanilla Doom but should work with any common source port. Story: You finally arrive to a familiar place, only to find the gibs of the secre...Date:05/07/19
Size:54.72 KB

Medium sized level, 3 key solution for single and cooperative play for up to four players....Date:03/16/96
Size:102.26 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

Unia Polityki Realnej WAD
Size:39.19 KB
Author:Krzysztof Niekrasz

Secure Uranus 2
Ever wanted to climb the wall in a Doom pwad? Well you have to do in this one to get the 'protective clothing', also, watch out for the window illusion, now you see it, now you don't. My sequel to Secure Uranus for Doom (CIS Downloads 1800+)...Date:08/16/14
Size:79.38 KB
Author:John A Warren

You are on an Urban training exercise when it all seems to be going wrong. The guy's on your side aren't anymore, and some of the things firing at you aren't quite as human as they should be. It seems the only way out is to find the control room to o...Date:06/11/95
Size:1.13 MB
Author:Graham Evans

USQ goes to Hell! (or "Uni 'o' Deth)
Level 1: The refectory and library of my Uni. Not totally accurate but close enough. Attend a lecture with possesed shotgun guys with two (count 'em) guest lecturers. Get served hot food by the refectory ladies. Go to media services and say g'day! Re...Date:10/08/95
Size:142.74 KB
Author:\/\/ilbur (aka Chris Willacy). Doin' Info Tech. Hell drummer.

Underground Tension
Venture down an underground facility, engaging in perilous close encounters....Date:03/18/18
Size:372.3 KB

utopia1 and utopia2
well kill 'em all if ya can and enjoy the game...Date:12/24/98
Size:198.06 KB

Just a plain and simple .wad. Good for deathmatch and single play....Date:07/04/21
Size:30.66 KB
Author:Gary Atkinson

UW_PART1.WAD v1.1 "Doom II - The Unholy War: Part I Colorado Spaceport"
This WAD is the first part of my 3-part series entitled "The Unholy War" The next two parts are tentatively titled "Gotterdammerung" and "Prelude to Armageddon" respectively.Part 1 takes place in a mammoth UAC spaceport carved out of some 3 dozen mou...Date:12/31/96
Size:829.34 KB

This map is my (very first WAD-building) attempt to realistically model part of the campus where I teach (located on the shore of Lake Michigan, Manitowoc, WI). The player begins in a cola-machine area just off the cafeteria. The hallway from the caf...Date:07/14/97
Size:51.3 KB
Author:V. Alan White

The Unknown Chasm
It was all over. You had singlehanded cleared earth of every scum-blood-dirt sucking alien bastard ever to hit the face of the univers. Or so you thought. As you had probably realised as you were fighting your way through halls, corri- dors and entir...Date:02/12/00
Size:58.14 KB
Author:Christian Hansen

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