Title: Saturn Communications Complex
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/satcmplx.zip
Size: 133.43 KB
Date: 01/18/96
Author: Pain Elemental (Jason Staples)
Description: A communications base that makes a pretty damn good level... Not a lot of story really. This is going to be included in a major DOOM 2 project tennatively called 'BIGGER' due out in a couple of months... It's gonna replace all 32 levels... (ambitious, huh?) (A little too ambitious... It never got finished so I'm releasing it as a single level...)
Credits: Whoever sequenced the music... (Sorry I don't know your name)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEEP v7.30S (until it got too big to save in the shareware version), then I finshed the level in in DETH v2.3... Nodes, Blockmap, & Segs were created with DEEPBSP (part of the DEEP package) (NICE BSP builder by the way... FAST as hell and able to process .WADs of any size) The REJECT map was built with RMB v2.1 (Reject Map Builder) This level was 'packed'with WARM 1.4 (cuts about 80K off the final .WAD size. MIDI2MUS was used to convert the music to .MUS format. The Antenna Tower texture was modeled in POVCAD v3.0a and rendered in the excellent freeware ray tracer POVRAY 2.0 (Persistence of Vision). Text labels for the rooms/areas were created with ProImage Plus (another GREAT program). Images were color quantised (sp?) scaled, and cropped with Paint Shop Pro. FINALLY DEUTEX v3.5 was used to condense all of this shit into ONE PWAD. (DEUTEX rules!)
Bugs: On Ultra Violence sometimes the game will crap out with a M_Alloc error (memory allocation) if you've played a good portion of the level and then try to load a game. This is due to the large number of THINGS in my level. This error is quite rare now. (I had to go through and remove a lot of not so important decorations in the level). Though this bug is annoying, it merely forces you to restart DOOM again... No real damage is done (you were trying to load, anyways). This error only happens to me when I IDCLIP through a lot of the level and don't kill anyone that I see and try to load... So... it's a minor bug.
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Getsu Fune
really not good, I already get the BFG at some point at the beginning of the map, and many weapons afterwards that it really isn't much of a challenge. the stairways, long orthogonal hallways, and the elevators in some parts of the map plus the nazis in places don't make this worth it.x
Sui Generis
A bunch of mostly square, monotextured rooms & corridors, with flat lighting and little height variation. The map attempts to be realistic, which often means having rows of lower textured computer banks in boring rooms. Worse, there are some mazelike structures, and gameplay is dull. I did quite like the satellite dish at the end though. 1/5x
It was a very fun map..... Obviously not the best and a lil bland at times but it was realy fun.x
Quite good for it's age. -- 4/5x
made well..but red block room have bug. and press ending :(x
a larg good levelx

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