Title: Proxyon Sector KGx/57 mini Episode
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/sector57.zip
Size: 384.23 KB
Date: 10/12/95
Author: Scott McNutt
Description: Proxyon Sector KGx/57 was built on the planet Andromeda in the Alpha Cruxus system, known as Summer Row because of the five Earth-type worlds that orbit this G-type sun at comfortable distances. The whole system is possibly the richest non-mineral system in the galaxy.
Credits: Darrellman - Check out his cool Web page http://www.calpoly.edu/~desau
Base: New levels from scratch (actually its Proxyon Military Base, Control Station and Attack Station conviently rolled up in one wad. Although the music is different.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomCAD 6.1, NewWad Tool 1.3, Ed Map, Ted12, DMapEdit , Waded, Photostyler, Kitchen sink
Rating: (11 votes)
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Getsu Fune
MAP01: annoying hitscanner ambushes. MAP02: there are a lot of moments in this one where you have to press a wall somewhere just to get around. MAP03: the best map, but why can you easily fall in a non-damaging pit? and why is the water at the end damaging?x
The maps of this wad reappear in the archive in multiple forms, but this is probably their best incarnation. Its not the greatest minisode (map02 is pretty confusing to navigate), but it has a memorable theme and for some reason the thought of country music in space gives me giggles. An old favorite. x
I will vote for 3 because this started well but screwed it from level 2. Seems that maybe it's unfinished or not debugged especially in level 3. In level 2, you've got to go through many secrets for the yellow key you need and for the normal progression. There is also a bug, red wall somewhere that if you press it the level ends. Then in 2,3 unaligned, pit you can not get out, water that burns, etc. - Optimusx
i found myself going "well wear am i apposed to go now?" threw out the course of every level, between the action there was 20 mints of running around the level confused 1/5 x
Good times, bad times, you know I seen my share... 3/5x

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