Title: Shampaign Jam v1.5
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/shamjam5.zip
Size: 129.04 KB
Date: 10/25/98
Author: Sparkle Tom
Description: Indoor/Outdoor with plenty of surprises. Lots of opportunity for letting the monsters duke it out amongst themselves if that's your thing ... or, punish the boys yourself.

Warning: This level is not recommended for pregnant weeeemin or those with heart problems. Crybabies not allowed.
Credits: Rich Sham(paign) and his clan. ID Buhbuh (for an idea or two)
Base: none
Build time:
Bugs: none - please notify author if something amiss is found.

note: "Red" room has pink-bug mortar - this was the intended effect.
Rating: (13 votes)
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It was hell, and I like the swarm hallway fight where you in the middle room. There's some things that prevent this map to get high stars. The start was hell, but surviving it was surely rewarding to banzai through the bullet haze. Reinforcement rooms are like traps, but it's fair. Start difficulty is the major flaw for me and the map looks somewhat bleh/average. I can go for some sprucing up and testing since I am using custom monsters, lol. Whatevers. ~2/5x
Sparkle Tom was making very bare looking but fun as hell maps, many of which are still challenging today. Kind of an opposite to many modern mappers who seem to be interested only in the looks. Where did we go wrong? Yeah, I loved the use of Mr. Blue Sky. :)x
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Fun, but tricky. It's basically a moderately large open-air area with a cyberdemon off in the corner (you don't really have enough ammo to kill him, at least to start off), and some rooms that lead off. There's an assortment of medium-to-tough monsters and the cyberdemon rains down missiles, although this is useful because it thins out the weak and infirm. It's hard but enjoyable, like a cock.x
too hardx
totel crap x

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