Title: Siggi's "heh" Speedmaps
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/sigheh.zip
Size: 85.92 KB
Date: 07/14/09
Author: Stephen "Siggi" Finniss
Description: This is the result of one working week of attempting to make complete maps in the shortest possible time. Each map was made in one about afternoon.

The result is an episode of 5 small monster filled levels, which I find challenging to play. I imagine these maps will appeal to players who apreciate older more challenging maps, but keep in mind the amount of time spent making the maps does show in their quality.
Credits: Belial - playtested some of these maps way back when I made them.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2 - 4 hours per level
Editor(s) used: Slade
Bugs: maybe
Rating: (8 votes)
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walter confalonieri
funny pack of speedmapsx
Nice small oldschool maps packed with action. There are crowds of monsters but with plenty of ammo (esp. MAP05 - that's rocket overkill) it's a blastathon. Most of the time you have some safe are to fall back to, although at times things get hectic and you need to keep moving to stay alive. Low fat, high octane fun.x
Bad. The gameplay is linear and overly predictable. 3/5 ~Kamikazex
Okay if you consider that there was not much time put in. But the amounts of archviles and stuff is just hilarious. Some maps are better some are worse. Depends.x
Decent set of speedmaps. Map 3 is meh but the rest are good.x
Nice speedmaps, and an extreme challenge to boot. Of course, that means that noobs better stay very far away from this. Still 4/5x
Pretty good for 2-4 hours speedmaps Siggi. 4/5x

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