Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/skulkeep.zip
Size: 399.67 KB
Date: 07/13/97
Author: Marcus Malden
Description: This is Skulkeep.wad. When you get it, it may be named MAL_SKUP.WAD. This is just the same thing, but you must run SKULKEEP.BAT to expand it. Or Skulkeep.wad if it was expanded before. The resulting PWAD will be around 4,5 MB...

Now for the level: In the Demos, both recorded at Skill Level Ultraviolence, you can watch the wrong and the right way how to start the level. I agree that the second demo is a bit long - that's although I wanted to die fast. The level is thought for single player. In Deathmatch you should have no problems, you cannot get stuck, but it was thouhgt for single player. Attentione: I used the old idea of hallways that open into rooms. I think that the level is not playable in Nightmare mode. (NEW:) Note that the level has (NEW) monsters and flats replaced. After having noticed (grave) problems with DEMOs here, the description of the demos may differ from what is final. I will re-record them.
Credits: YOU! You will need additional credits.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Not as long as DEU needs for building NODES!
Editor(s) used: (some or all of the following, all authors should be credited) DEU 6.66 - Level CADesign DEUTEX - Making Quilts. DEEPBSP - Nodebuilding that works! NOT? NEOPAINT - As if made for DOOM... PAINT SHOP- For converting pictures MIDI2MUS - What plays *.MUS files, b.t.w?
Bugs: I have some trouble with sounds. This one should work. Honestly! It has troubles with the second demo, that is displayed incorrectly. - I don't care. Go play it!
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'twas ok for 97. Worth one playthrough if you have nothing better to do. 3/5x
Pretty short and easy, and nothing to write home about, but a good little time waster. - GreazyShortsx
Entertaining level, some monsters are abused for style effects apart from there usual role. The design succeed in creating a certain dungeon atmosphere. 4/5 coldfusio. x
Not bad. Uses some sprites from Hexen, and the "greetings mortal" voice sample. The level is short but fun, with a few traps and clever falling walls. Not a particularly memorable level (it's too short for that) but it pleased me and that is all that matters. I dig the electric orgasm of the cackleberry conundrum.x

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