Title: SOULED OUT -- for DOOM2
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/souldout.zip
Size: 31.25 KB
Date: 08/26/95
Author: Kyle Black Dave Black (daveb@srv.net)
Description: Just a fun level with a bit of a twist that we've not seen done before.
Base: New Level
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Rating: (5 votes)
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Simple and very nonsensical. Offers enough carnage to keep you entertained, but ends with an exhausting switchhunt all over the previously visited areas. Has a voodoo doll (and the authors were proud of their idea).x
I liked itx
This is like exploring a dark and strange mistextured cave. Plenty of misalignments and generally bland/ugly architecture. However, the gameplay was alright. I suppose the "twist" the authors were mentioning is the voodoo doll which is close to the exit :P. It was "meh". 2/5x

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