Title: Goin' Down to South Park
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/spdoom2.zip
Size: 699.47 KB
Date: 03/06/98
Author: Ceremn
Description: Changes many of the sprites in to South Park stuff.
Credits: id Software for making Doom][ and Chris Prillo for his kick ass icons which were used in every one of these changes(except the demons)
Base: Graphical wad
Build time: A while...2 months maybe
Editor(s) used: NWT, Paint Shop Pro and Waded(for testing)
Bugs: God I hope not
Rating: (4 votes)
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I wonder how old the comment above is? I remember playing this back in 98 or 99.... Memory lane. Only a few sprites are replaced in this one, maybe there was a later version, I specifically remember a bad Cartman sprite for the player. I laughed at the "You killed kenny!" graphic when I was 8 years old. Time flies! Anyway, this has aged like sunday milk.x
gahh im so tierd of this south park shit! it was an ok show but it is crap to put in a doom game god i wood rather play with mcgiver sprites rather than south park sprites! 0/5 x

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