Title: Spock IV Wad
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/spock4.zip
Size: 40.53 KB
Date: 06/01/96
Author: Spock
Description: Well, after a long delay HERE IT IS! Wad IV in the Spock-DOOM series. This one starts a new trilogy of wads called "Death Sanitarium." Each wad is designed for the ultimate experience in pure violence. This level contains a few more tricks than the wads of the first trilogy, but that's what they're for! :)
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Bugs: 1 - The door that requires the red key (I think) won't always open on the second attempt. So if you open it, go ahead! Don't wait around or you could be lost forever... (unless you cheat...YOU WOULDN'T DARE!)

2 - The three monsters guarding the back hall and the final door won't move until one of their friends is killed.

3 - No deathmatch starting points! (See final paragraph in this file) (this bug is, as usual, a credit to my supreme laziness)

4 - I didn't ever get around to decorating the walls, so most of them will be your standard plain walls. Sorry!

5 - The Spider Mastermind in the dual towers room won't budge.
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