Title: Search and Destroy
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/srchndst.zip
Size: 52.81 KB
Date: 09/24/97
Author: Vaughn Corpus
Description: This wad is going to be part of a 32-level wad i'm currently working on. The idea for this wad comes from a book i've read called NEANDERTHAL. Who wrote the book? I can't seem to remember. But in the book the Neanderthals had the ability to know where you are by looking through your eyes. So in a sense that is how the monsters in this wad are. They will seek you out! So don't stay in one place. They'll get to you sooner or later.
Base: totally from scratch
Build time: i couldn't tell you if i tried!
Editor(s) used: Hellmaker
Bugs: none that i've noticed but i'm sure someone will tell me differently
Rating: (5 votes)
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large and bit complex but enjoyable x
it was funx
This doesn't work in ZDoom, although it runs in PRBoom and Doom2.exe. It's a good example of a level that's objectively poor but fun to play; it's a large map that requires you to find a secret directly behind the player one start, and it's very non-linear, with a wandering design made up of large, similar-looking rooms. There's a big crate maze, a dark area, lots of stone etc. It's quite fun if you just dash around letting the monsters infight, but average overall.x
i tryed it for zdoom and it didint eavin work.. 0/5x

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