Title: Star Ship ATC (ATC stands for "Almost Total Conversion")
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/ssatc2.zip
Size: 488.43 KB
Date: 01/20/97
Author: Kyle Smith
Description: A non-linear level that is set in a space ship. Don't look at the map if you want to preserve the idea that it's multi-floor!
Credits: Ok, here we go......

The most thanks to id Software for THE most addictive games I've ever
Base: New level from scratch, with graphical exceptions. Most of the new graphics were from the 3D GAME ALCHEMY CD, published by SAMS PUBLISHING CO., provided by Justin Fisher. The status bar came from Doom Alien Star - FX Pack (FX.WAD), which was put together by Michael Byrnes.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Thanks to the authors of: Doom Editor for Total Headcases (DETH) WinTex DeuSF Doom Enhanced Editor Program (DeeP) Paintbrush Creative Wave Studio ZenNode WAD Auxiliary Resource Manipulator (WARM) Reject Map Builder (RMB) TED
Bugs: WHAT?!? In MY level? Surely you jest!
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author says to warp to map06 but he changed the cheat codesx
This is dated late 1996. There's a separate sound effects wad at id=7587. It's a spaceship map, in design terms reminiscent of Roger Ritenour's old sci-fi levels and the Death Star-themed id=435. Suffers from being too copy-and-paste, but has a nice old-fashioned adventure feel, with some cute ideas (e.g. the holodeck). You can dodge a lot of the monsters though, and fundamentally it's a fairly small switch hunt.x
Pretty good for a '97 WAD. If you practice some and keep trying, maybe you could make a newer version of this for ZDooM - It'd be pretty interesting to see. 3/5 ~ Manek Iridiusx

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