Title: The Stand
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/stand.zip
Size: 20.04 KB
Date: 10/10/94
Author: Chris Hopkins
Description: BTW: THIS WAD IS FOR DOOM 2 This wad is based on HEADLONG.WAD but I made many improvements and I think you'll find it's quite different. It's got (as far as I know) every weapon in the game and is intended for deathmatch with no monsters (only way to play!). I did add co-op starts and some monsters but I didn't spend much time on that. I took advantage of some of the new textures from Doom 2 such as the panelling and bookshelves. The exit is easy to reach and very visible because I expect in deathmatch it will make it easier for you. (why bother with co-op exits? :) Anyway, I can't think of anything else to say, except maybe that if you're wondering where I got the name , it's from the best book of all time, `The Stand' by Stephen King and it seemed as good a name as any! :)
Credits: Jeff Rabenhorst for making _the_ best editor out there, edmap.
Base: New level from scratch. Based loosely on Headlong.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Edmap 1.20 beta and BSP12TC
Bugs: There is one spot where I just could not get the door to work both ways. I tried every possible linedef action but that sucker wants to stay closed. :). Looking at it, it might be better that way anyway but you'll have to decide. (it's the door by the exit)
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Another "get your ass to the finish as fast as you can" type of level. Nothing interesting, nothing challenging, just crap. x
Now to be fair, this is the earliest Doom II map there is on the archive, but, this could have been a shit ton better. I mean I can't even beat this map on normal, there are THREE Arch-Viles out in the beginning of the map. And, you only have a Chaingun with 60 Bullets, and, a Super Shotgun with 6 shells. Impossible if you aren't a Doomgod, unlike myself. Overall, avoid this map if you don't want a shitty file on your computer.x
hurray for a shitty 1994 wadx

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