Title: Star City
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/starcity.zip
Size: 467.74 KB
Date: 11/02/97
Author: Roger Ritenour
Description: Single level with lots of new graphics. This is a 2nd sequel to the Pleiades level where you captured the starship pleiades. (you may wish to download Pleiades, which can be found at the same sites as this level under the names Pleiade2.zip and Pleiade3.zip; Pleiade2.zip is for Doom2 versions before 1.9 while Pleiade3.zip is for Doom2 versions 1.9 and later.) (The first sequel is Mir which can be found at the same site as Mir.zip.) Starcity will run under all versions of Doom2. Note: Pleiades, Mir, and Starcity are not intercompatible for combination into a single multilevel PWAD nor for play under the same loading of Doom2. They have different sky and wall textures assigned to the same names. Finally, this level is a standard patch wad that does not alter the main Doom wad and is playable with the standard -file parameter.
Credits: Doug Ryerson, I borrowed a few of his textures from his ANTARES.WAD. Dave Swift, I borrowed his idea of shiny gold surfaces for a door textures from his H2HMUD01.WAD level. Michael Coyne source of Planets, Jupiter, the music selection.
Base: New level using portions of the Pleiades
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wintex/Deutex WinDEU32 DoomCAD BSP Node Builder RMB, Jens Hykkelbjerg Corel Photopaint 6 CorelDraw 6
Rating: (6 votes)
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good authorx
A neat old wad, has some cool tricks (like fake slopes and a 3D elevator). The starting area is quite impressive but the city itself is dark and a little bland. There's also a lot of boring square rooms, but overall its an amazing wad considering its age. Be sure to check out the author's other levels. 5/5x
The 3rd entry in the underrated "pleaides" series. This one takes place in a neat city and features nice music. As usual, there are impressive vanilla mapping tricks like that 3D elevator. This wad is a lot of fun compared to the first two, but his Galaxia and Phobos wads are even better. 4/5x
This was one of Roger Ritenour's earlier levels; like the rest, it has lots of custom graphics that look a bit naff nowadays (the caverns section in particular has some nice lighting, but the walls look silly), and it's a bit too square. The city section is very atmospheric, and there are some clever bits of design - a centrifuge, an external elevator. Not as good as the author's later Phobos.wad though.x
I like this one. Love the music.x
Impressive looking map. But it's a very dark map and health and ammo are scarce, so it's quite hard.x

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