Title: Starport v1.7
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/starpt17.zip
Size: 172.7 KB
Date: 05/28/04
Author: Dave Wilcoxson
Description: Starport is a high-tech level containing new music (the theme from Halloween), floor, ceiling and wall textures as well as a couple of new sounds and sprites.

The level itself resembles some type of futuristic starbase. The level contains several large interconnected rooms, such as a shuttlebay, airlock and computer room built around a centralized pool of acid.

As a hidden bonus, many of the rooms are interconnected through a series of hidden tunnels and ventilation ducts, which make great hiding places in deathmatch.

NOTE: In order to use this WAD, you must unzip the file STARPT17.ZIP into your DOOM2 directory and type INSTALL, you can then move the WAD to any directory you want.
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Considering, that this is a map from 1995, it's not bad at all. It has an avarage difficulty and is very unlinear. All areas are interconnected and there are many hidden ways between them. It's a little pain, too, however, because of a lot of acid areas which you can't completely avoid. Plus, I didn't quite understand, why I got a BFG at the end. Maybe I've missed some harder monsters in secret areas? The hardest baddies I've encountered were a Revenant and some Mancubi. 2.5/5 -Milianx
cool statis bar? check good graphix? check game play?... um.. whoops seems he forgot somthing! 2/5 x
Brilliant map: non-linear, very challenging and well balanced. It's not quite as hard as it might seem at first, and lots of fun once you know your way around the place.x

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