Title: The Adventures of Sub
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/sub.zip
Size: 578.54 KB
Date: 12/26/06
Author: Tony Soderlund
Description: In SUB you're a well trained soldier of the German spy organisation, CIA. You've found out that USA have started an operation called "dungeon-blazt", this operation is about a bomb which could destroy your whole homecountry Germany. So you must stop USA from succes of this operation!

Your mission will first be to get inside US.Submarine, a well guarded one. Once you done that you must eliminate the whole crew and get the submarine in control, to do this you must first make the machine "active" and after that you have to find another "active switch" that will make the submarine move! Now you can make the submarine move to US secret area in the pacific ocean. As you made it to that area you will use your virus to the main computer in the "Bomb-Room", that virus will make it impossible for USA to launch the A-Bomb!

When that is done you can go to US Helicopter that will take you home! If this will succed, USA will probably start a war and if that happens you must kill USA's president! GOOD LUCK!
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Yeah, thanks for uploading it, ive been looking for this forever. :Dx
Not bad at all, and refreshingly different.x
I was looking for this without all the "jive". Thanks for uploading the original.x
This is naff but charming. It's an ambitious levelset from 1995 or so, with an emphasis on real-world locations and objects. You travel in a jet plane, a helicopter, and a surprisingly large and free-form submarine. At the end you have to infiltrate the White House and kill "USA President Mr Bill Clinton",(!). The ingrained anti-Americanism in the readme is amusing. It's all very poor, but I enjoyed it because it's so old-fashioned and silly.x
Lol its an old wad but it is pretty fun, and the cute underwater textures rule. Yeah I remember his site, it was called the Doom Kid or something. Too bad it no longer exists.x

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