Title: Ice Station Alpha
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/swmort02.zip
Size: 74.86 KB
Date: 01/24/01
Author: S. 'Metabolist' Woodman, Mattias Berggren
E-mail: sewoodman@talk21.com
Description: After you cleared out the military outpost, you stepped into a teleporter with demonic designs on it. This teleported you to the first strategically important part of your campaign: the north of the country, where steep valleys and cuttings of ice are being drilled through to find minerals and pure water. Your mission in this level is to clear out the ice station and make your way to the Supply Depot.
Build time: around 34 hours in total
Editor(s) used: DETH 4.24, BSP 2.3x
Bugs: maybe a few misalignments, danger of VPOs
Rating: (2 votes)
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Great map. Nice 5 minute quickie, shotgun and rocket blastin fun. 4/5 - Belialx

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