Title: Omega Facility
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/swomega.zip
Size: 192.3 KB
Date: 02/17/01
Author: S. 'Metabolist' Woodman
Description: For those of you who have played through my previous levels and expect all of them to be smallish, like the existing ones, then prepare yourself for a major change. This my largest independent map (so far ;-) that I can still call coherent, weighing in at 300k but still being perfectly playable. It's like four small maps joined together to make one large base. It's totally non-linear, and there are about six or seven distinctive areas in it. Demo-recorders should have lots of fun finding all different routes through here... On the last day, I found that ZenNode refused to compile the map's nodes without crashing, and I also found that it had screwed up the map into random junk, and I basically said "AAAARGGGHHH!!!!!!". I had a backup copy though, and I recompiled it with my trusty BSP.
Build time: 5 or 6 days
Editor(s) used: DETH 4.24, BSP 2.3x
Bugs: --
Rating: (6 votes)
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Masterfully decorated level. Very neat looking spacestation and a good romantic midi. The gameplay isn't that hot - a lot of monsters but their placement is poor and generally not very threatening. Also there is a couple of bugs, I found at least two places where you can easily get stuck. But I still enjoyed it because everything else was so nice. It is not from 1996 by the way: the date above says 2001 and in the readme there is a line "back in 1996".x
As is typical of Metabolist, this level has very square architecture and an overabundance of ammo and powerups. It looks relatively decent notwithstanding a few dumb detailings, but the crouched yet easy difficulty with an awkward progression make it a rather poor level to play through. The music, which is rather gay in mood, does not fit in a DOOM level. [2/5] ~Chain Mail (11/2007)x
This is dated January 1996. It's a techbase / warhouse with some intricate detail. The design is often a bit cramped but it's not bad. It has a non-linear layout that lets you explore most of the map from the start, although it feels random at times and it's hard to navigate. You fight about 150 mostly weak monsters in a fairly small space. But there isn't much progression and you get masses of health; I wandered a bit trying to find the red key.x
Great level from start to finish. 5 Stars -PCx

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