Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/symohome.zip
Size: 53.13 KB
Date: 04/21/03
Author: Symo Storr (C) 1995
Description: Oh shame! Just back from walking the elephant and what happens? Bloody hellspawn again! Have to frag 'em I suppose. What a life, eh? This level is fairly HARD to complete, but fun to explore and even more fun in multi-player mode! New graphics created on an Acorn RISC PC (what's that?) and converted to BMP's using !ChangeFSI and !ToBMP software.
Credits: Simon Tolhurst, Ben Hell for testing
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Ages on and off
Editor(s) used: DeeP 7.11 for map + nodes, RMB21 for rejects (use one lads!) Acorn !Paint, !ChangeFSI for gfx. !ToBMP for gfx conversion, DEUTEX for gfx inclusion
Bugs: Sometimes premature upstairs toilet operation!
Rating: (9 votes)
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Not too bad. I don't like when secrets are not official. x
This is dated February 1996. It's a typical, and typically naff, "my house" level. As with all the others there are lots of tiny cramped square rooms. Unlike most, this doesn't try to simulate multiple storeys by having a teleport at the top of the stairs; it just has a long winding staircase. The gameplay is moderately tough for a short while, because it's so cramped, but it's very short and there's a secret that gives you loads of BFG ammo.x
this sucks, it sucks it sucks it sucksx
heh heh cute house! :) 5/5-- SSWolfenSiex
nice house ha ha! doomer666x

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