Title: Tantrum
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/tantrum.zip
Size: 89.35 KB
Date: 04/08/96
Author: Ola Björling (aka "mokum")
Description: Lots of different brick walls and corrosed metal. (Excuse my english, I think it's called corrosed, what I mean is metal with corrosion.) Dark, (not TOO dark) sunset-like feeling. Lots of brilliant light shadings. Clever setup, very good looking and fun to play. There's no story, just go out there and kick some daemon butt!
Credits: Jeff Rabenhurst for the brilliant EdMap 1.40 id for making that game, what's it called... :) I think this level is at least as good as any other I have ever played, even though this is only my second release level. Lots of inspiration from Andre Sverre Kvernmo, one of the "The Master Levels" authors. His level "The Image Of Evil" is an incredible piece of art, but not much fun to play...

I also got some inspiration from the Quake Screen- shots.

Jeff, please make EdMap able to deal with maps bigger than 150K! It keeps hanging up! (Even though I have 629K free!)
Base: New level from scratch with inspiration from several different pwads. (And my own sick mind...)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: In the beginning I used DoomEd v2.60 beta 4 but as soon as I got EdMap 1.20 I used that one. IDBSP 1.0 was also used. (Better that 1.0.1) When the level got bigger than 150K IDBSP crashed and I had to use WARM (another bsp), but it did something strange - the map disappeared! (Not the level - the map you get when you press TAB.) (Fixed that now, but I don't know how I did it.=)
Bugs: Perhaps there are a few cosmetic errors etc, but I've playtested it a *LOT* and couldn't find anything that could be called a bug. Runs a bit slow in the bloodfalls room on full screen on my DX4 100 but that is due to over 200 2S lines in sight, nothing else. (Well, the overall map size has an effect on the speed, but not that much. WARM is a bsp that gives really fast levels.)
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Good design for the time and still great now. The gameplay is both challenging and engaging enough to keep you playing, and I like the claustrophobic, quick feel to it. Recommended 4/5. -TRRobin.x
4/5 The encounters feel well balanced though some of the architecture is a little bland. I found myself eagerly anticipating each firefight to see what was thrown at me next. Health and Ammo are very tight. Watch out for secrets and tread carefully. - KMX E XIIx
This is dated November 1995. It was remade as id=9644, a good and tough level. Taken on its own merits, "Tantrum" it is a superior 1995 map, but it feels like the PG edit of the 18-cert remake, with all the breasts and gore taken out. And the bit where Officer Murphy's hand is blown off - eww. The only significant new bit is an uninteresting dark maze / waterfall section. If you've played the second one, this is easy. A good example of how polish pays off.x
love this mapx
(Note that I graded this wad below what it deserves, as it gets 4 stars, and I wanted to get the score down.) Good level, although it does not equal the standard of the remake. Still, a level well worth playing, and very enjoyable.x

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