Title: Tantrum 2
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/tantrum2.zip
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Date: 08/15/98
Author: Ola Björling (With funky dots over the o in Bjorling.)
Description: Sweet level with bricks and corroded metal as its main texture theme. Some wood and marble too. I've pushed the engine to its very limit in just about every damn area - enormous level of detail. A LOT harder on UV than the first version, but lower skills should suit mortal players fine. The level is now highly non-linear. Woohoo.

There's no silly plot, just kill stuff.
Credits: * Jeff Rabenhorst for the brilliant EdMap.

* Kurt Kessler for a LOT of inspiration.

* Nick Baker, Scott Cover, and Mike Reid for testing. Eric James Roberts and Mike Watson for pointing out small flaws.

* id for making YEAHYEAHYEAH you know what I was going to write.

* Lee Killough for teaching me a lot about VPOs and slime-trails. Also thanks for letting me use BSP 2.4 beta.

* Jim Flynn for VERY essential help when EdMap was acting strange and screwing up my level. The level might not have been released if it wasn`t for him.

* Julia.
Base: New level from scratch with inspiration from several different pwads and other games.
Build time: Some 250 hours I guess. Hard to estimate though. A lot of that time was learning and just running around in the level. Most areas have been rebuilt about 3 times, some as much as 7, before I was satisfied.
Editor(s) used: In the beginning I used DoomEd v2.60 beta 4 but as soon as I got EdMap 1.20 I used that one. IDBSP 1.0 was also used. (Better than 1.0.1) When the level got bigger than 150K IDBSP crashed and I had to use WARM (another bsp), but it did something strange - the map disappeared! (Not the level - the map you get when you press TAB.) Got rid of it using BSP.

For the new version I used EdMap 1.40, EdMap 1.31, WinDEU 5.24 and BSP 2.4 beta.

Jim Flynn applied some magic with DETH 3.92.
Bugs: Pffft, silly.
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