Title: TBD21
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/tbd21.zip
Size: 110.12 KB
Date: 10/30/95
Author: Tony Baxter
Description: This is a set of three wads for Doom 2. My intention is to release further sets of three in the future with the next set due around Christmas `95.

These wads are NOT particularly difficult. They are NOT particularly big. They are NOT particularly clever and they are NOT particularly original. They were designed to allow me to win a deathmatch game (SOME HOPE!).
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Editor(s) used: Waded
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Three short and unimpressive levels from October 1995 (Map01-Map03). The first is a blocky maze with 69 weak monsters; it's no more fun than shooting 69 monsters in any set of random square rooms. Map02 is a confusing mazey maze that actually made me angry, and Map03 is just a mazey switchy pile of poo that I couldn't be bothered to finish because I was still angry with it. Awful 1995 rubbish.x

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