Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/tcsas.zip
Size: 430.09 KB
Date: 11/28/95
Author: TomCat
E-mail: TomCat@boots.com
Description: A large vac storage facility has been overrun by terrorists.It is your job to enter the plant and regain control by killing all of the invaders...
Credits: ID Software for DOOM/ULTIMATE DOOM/DOOM ][/Heretic, and Hexen

Olivier Montanuy for all the deu thangs i use
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: None that I know of although there are a lot of things scattered about that might tax slower comps
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ROFL, Vac storage! Look out Dyson!x
Nothing fancy, but a decent sort of map. Balance is good throughout (the player never feels "like a tank"), and the author found ways to repopulate areas that the player might have thought he had cleared. It's fairly easy to get disorientated, and more colour-coding or variation of architecture would certainly improve the map. The end is a bit of an anticlimax (one archie very near the exit, and you've been given several BFG shots), but overall it's a solid piece of mapping.x
The level design was competent for 1995, but the sound clips and monster placement were terrible. It reminded me of Twilight Warrior except without the new graphics. 3/5x
LOCK N LOAD!!!!!!x
This is a big dull old map that takes place in a city block, although it resembles the castle-type levels that were fashionable at the time, with a "moat" made out of a road, some battlements, and a central building. There's a lot of grey textures and bare rooms. In common with every level from 1995 there's an annoying sound replacement that seems designed to be as irritating as possible. The readme talks about a "vac storage area"; did the author misread "UAC"?x

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