Title: Teleportation Station
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/telebase.zip
Size: 25.45 KB
Date: 08/05/03
Author: Xaser
Description: You Emerge In A Small Room With Two Locked Doors And A Teleporter On The Ground... You Recognize It As The Entry Room Of An Old Base called the Teleportation Station. You Heard Some Crazy Rumor About The Base Being Taken Over By Hellspawn 5 Years Ago And It Looks (And Sounds) Like It Became True! You Grit Your Teeth And Enter the teleporter.
Credits: Me, Myself, And I For The Wonderful Level! (Oh Yeah And Also To The Dude Who Made DoomCAD). Randy Heit for Zdoom! It RULES!!!!!!!
Base: DoomCAD's Default Level (That One Big Room) :)
Build time: Now Why Is That So Damn Important?
Editor(s) used: DoomCAD, DETH (To Fix One Screwy Wall Texture), BSP (nodes)
Bugs: My sister had headlice once...
Rating: (8 votes)
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This is dated August 2001. It's Map15 and its bad; bad like the Nintendo Power Glove. You start off in a series of small rooms, that you teleport between; there's a tough lot of monsters and you have to fight them close-quarters. The third or fourth room has a little platform you can easily fall off, but if you do you're stuck. The map itself spells out the word "howdy". The gameplay isn't impossible - you have to flee, and then come back - but it's just not fun.x
Stay away from it? wasn't this level 7 or something in Xaser's shitwads? It isn't bad, so i don't see why you think it is shit. Much better than my first wad! 5/5x
Xaser this rules!x
best level evar *****x
He uploaded just to see if he could...x
Then why the fuck did you upload itx
Total Shit. Yes, it's lame that I'm reviewing my own wad, but it totally sucks. Stay away at all costs! -Xaserx

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