Title: Temple
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/templea.zip
Size: 80.24 KB
Date: 04/13/07
Author: Konrad Bresin
Description: The Inca civilization flourished in present day Peru from accent times to the 1500's .In the 1500's Spanish conquered the Inca's. Some escaped and made small cities or blended with others. Some time before World War II one such cites discovered. After World War II the U.S. funding was taken out because of the arms race with the U.S.S.R. Once the U.S. funding was taken out the project stopped. During the Kennedy years people from the peace corps put renewed interest into the area, but the scientist keep the land. After the cold war's end the money was finally able to be used. So after fifty years the site was being excavated, but soon after the workers got there they began to disappear. Rumors of Icas still alive spread to the media . So the government wants to know why after so many years they can't find out what it is. So, you take a look and what do you find??? Not Inca's, not Russians, but Imps, demons, barons, and revenants. Your job is to take them out and try to keep the temple safe.
Base: who makes levels not their own
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Bugs: hom in the second room and I can't fix it.
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I want my $5 back!x
che roba ? what's this? bah... wa4.wad is bettar! - 2/5 Daimonx
You can get stuck if you just run from the starting pyramid and land into the imp fences. IDCLIP to the resque...what a piece of crap.x
Somewhat interesting outdoor architecture, even some "deep water" effects, but mostly 1994-in-1998 crap. 1/5 -Maesx
"accent times" - what are they?x

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