Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/the-zone.zip
Size: 61.62 KB
Date: 02/28/97
Author: Claude Phillips
Description: I Built this level with the serious DOOMER in mind. Not to say that this is one of those LAMER levels with 1000 Demons in 1 room. You will have to really THINK in order to make it through "THE-ZONE". Great Puzzles and new Techniques used throughout this HUGE level.
Credits: Kevin Donald for his input, play testing and pointing out ALL texture Misalignments :) Special thanks goes to Slug for all the play testing, 100's of times.
Base: Scratch
Build time: Looked at this level so long I can't remember.
Editor(s) used: EDMAP 1.21 Best editor I have used to date.
Bugs: Completely Bug Free
Rating: (3 votes)
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I liked it - COOL - one secret can't be triggeredx
Would you trust a man called Slug to evaluate your level? Neither would I. Surprisingly, the map is pretty good. It's crude, but the gameplay is solid, and there are some odd little design touches. The red key puzzle is a bit too obtuse, and I didn't like the unmarked duct maze. A couple of times the level has a hidden secret weapon followed by the same weapon in plain view, in almost the next room. But it entertained me, and that's what counts.x

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