Title: The_Hunt.WAD
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/the_hunt.zip
Size: 93.39 KB
Date: 12/26/97
Author: Alexander Weening ( Warlock ) ( from ) ( Cosmic ) ( Chaos )
Description: This is one Action-packed level. There are load's and load's of secret's to discover, some EZR then other's. This level is PERFECTION in action for single, cooperative and deathmatch play. You start of with only a few creatures roaming around. If you've killed all those creatures you can open up one of the plateau's or containers. There is way more ammo then you will ever need, but most of it is hidden away in secret's. If you know more secret's than your opponent, he is very dead.
Credits: The Guys at ID for making such a great game and letting me build wads for it. Ben Morris for making DCK 2.0. Rayden, The Dark Lord, BitKiller, Shadow Nuclear Vision and Kitana for Beta-testing of the level. This level will also be included in C_CHAOS2.WAD so watch out for that one. You can find this WAD on any good BBS contained within CC_D2LV2.ARJ CC_D2LV2.ZIP
Base: NOTHING, from scrap.
Build time: Since Cleopatra's death, I had to find a destraction.
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.0 New Wad Tool PRO
Bugs: In The Hunt you don't see all the monsters witch are standing in the crusher(hint, hint). no other bugs are know to me. If you find any bugs please send me a card or contact me about it, so I can fix it.
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yay fucked up 90's wads, it was fun trying to kill all the monstersx
"I'm a student and SINGLE!!", of course you are, Warlock from Cosmic Chaos. The zip contains a lengthy list of Cosmic Chaos' achievements and Warlock was very proud of his P120 with 24mb of memory. The level itself is awful; a huge room with jagged "islands", some of which release monsters, mostly cyberdemon/spider mastermind combos. It's basically a big brightly-lit enclosed arena with masses of uniform textures. It'd be uselessly huge in Deathmatch, not much fun in single-play.x

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