Title: The Chase
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/thechase.zip
Size: 43.7 KB
Date: 04/23/96
Author: Darryl Ashton
Description: In our previous adventure, we left our hero, Paul Nomard, in the chasm of death (and a big spider-thingy - surely no-one bothered to kill it?).

We now join our hero, Paul Nomard, and (if you play co-operatively) his friends Len Keward, Mandy Meltem, and Darryl Ashton (me!!!) at the entrance to a toxic dump, a waste disposal unit, a warehouse, a sacrifical chamber with loads of imps and a sealing door, and another stylish chasm or two.
Base: New level from scratch. "And it shows!"
Build time: Not much. About 20 hours, maybe.
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor 32bit (the best editor, and it works brill in Win95! Register though) and DM, for testing the deathmatch-ablity.
Bugs: I think a few wall textures are iffy (ie. the WADAuthor standard), and the exit door might open with the wrong key. No HOM, at least!!!
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