Title: The Lord
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/thelord.zip
Size: 338.51 KB
Date: 08/19/95
Description: Hey, I didn't include the .EXE files with the ZIPFILE for nothing! Check them out!
Credits: SySop James Shane. My monitor sucks so much I can't even find a program that lets me edit resolutions of 320x200x256 colors. Without James' help, I wouldn't have been able to use new graphics. James is also the sysop of Porky Piggin' BBS. Look for the number of the BBS levels.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: 3 different versions of DEU
Bugs: Surgeon Generals Warning: These levels cause epileptic seizures in small dogs and cats.
Rating: (7 votes)
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WADs like this were a blast because back then extras were rare and hard to find. I just have a question: Does anyone know what songs were converted to midi and used in this WAD? I recognized Nirvana's "About A Girl", but the rest I have no clue and have been dying to find out what they are. If anyone knows and could Email me, I will say many prayers to the videogame gods for you! ;-D Thanks! Email: faerodyn@gmail.comx
Six levels dated December 1994. Map01 is a fun but short Downtown-style level; 02 is a bigger techbase although you get too many rockets; ditto 03; 04 is an impressively big (although very simple) temple, again with obscene amounts of ammo; 05 not bad but ruined by tiny catwalks; 06 unimpressive Romero head arena. Feels like a prototype of Hell Revealed; similar mood, not bad for the period, but far too much ammo and not much challenge today.x
A mixed bag, after all those years, and a proof of how memory can fail you. I remembered a multi-episode Doom 1 replacement, instead it's a 6-map DOom 2 replacement (the John romero head on Map01 brought back memories though). 3/5 -Maesx
It doesn't look good enough! 2/5x
This is incredible! New graphics are good and the levels are quite hard. Of course one of the best wads made in 1995. 5/5 -GG x
Very good!x
It's OK if you just want some standard Doom action. Kind of fun. Made with a sense of humour too: map05 is called "Lava Pits that Suck" - and yes they do!x

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