Title: The Secret Path
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/thepath.zip
Size: 838.47 KB
Date: 12/15/96
Author: John Graham
Description: This is a huge wad that is set way under ground. It is totally futureistic and includes many clever effects. Even though this wad is massive, (over 6000 linedefs) it is not annoying in the sense that it is just one huge maze that take 5 hours to complete. The whole wad flows in one direction you never feel that you are not getting anywhere. So, the massive amount of linedefs have gone into brilliant, intricute and well thought out architecture .
Credits: I would like to thank Micheal MacCana most of all for his
Base: Heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy modified E1 M1 from Doom 1. It was only done for the story line, not for any architectural purposes. Actually, if you measured the lindefs that the extracted section of level is to the new parts I have made, they work out to about 1/100th!!
Build time: This wad has been about a year in the making. Of coarse I didn't work on it for all that time. (Use your heads people!)
Editor(s) used: DEU52GCC - The second best program ever invented for levels editing. This program allows you to create unlimited sized wads and NOT RUN OUT OF MEMORY!!! DETH - The BEST level editting program for DOOM, DOOM 2, HEXEN, HERETIC and STRIFE (quite a good little game with great textures just no game play.) If it wasn't for this program my wad wouldn't be!! Deep (original version), DeepBsp - the best nodes builder available today DShrink DMGraph DMaud Deu 2 - (shit, I ran out of memory at 1200 lindefs!) Deu53GCC Beta 9 - (this beta version did not allow me to insert textures so was only useful to build sectors, but I can see this is going to be a kick - ass program when it comes out. (Hopefully it will have unlimited memory like its younger brother.) Picture Publisher - (for modifying the textures) Doom2wad - easy way of changing Doom 1 map names to Doom 2 map names. Doom1-2.wad - This file lets you use Doom 1 textures in Doom 2. Deep835s - A newer version of Deep (orr derrrr) EdMap - Good zoom (1 by 1 detail), bit this program ran out of memory after I had made the first room! BSP 1.1 - Used in the early stages of development. NWT - good for inserting textures and sounds.
Bugs: There is none except for slow game play on anything less than a 486DX250. A few magic lines here and there, and sometimes strange sound effects can be heard. They sound like little children whispering with a devil like tone. It is a sound defect in the DOOM engine but I like to think them as little demons trying to break free from you computer into the real world. Possesing your body and turning life as we know it into hell itself. :) When loading, the little blue disk might dissapear and everything looks like it has frozen. THIS IS NORMAL!!!! Don't reset the computer thinking it has crashed, the level is so big it takes ages to load. You cannot save, it crashes DOOM 2 and subsequently your computer. So, if you are very far in the level and are about to die (this next thing I'm going to say is to be a fisrt from any wad designer in the world) I DO permit you to pause and put GOD MODE ON! - until the offending monsters have been dispatched, after which I beg you to take the warm and comforting bliss of not being able to die off.
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