Title: The Raven
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/theraven.zip
Size: 54.14 KB
Date: 04/05/06
Author: Matt Bollier
Description: You are an elite special forces unit known simply as the Raven. Your orders were simple. You and a team of other agents were to infiltrate and destroy a suspected drug cartel headquarters. On your way, you and your buddies ran into some difficulties with the Colombian Army. You got past them, but not in one piece. The only survivor is you, and you'll have to take on the base alone or die trying.
Credits: ID, Zerius Development
Base: Built from the ground up
Build time: A couple of weeks
Editor(s) used: DCK v2.2
Bugs: Yes, lots of HOM just because of the detail. If you stand on some of the ledges and overlook the box area you may see a little bit of HOM here and there. It's not that bad and you may not see it at all if you don't look for it.
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sniper style gameplay in realistic type stonewall +mountain location with all former-humans along related drug-lord type story all combined gives me very impressive feeling about map idea.its exploratory and bit short.it shows doom can be realworld type rather than just running and wildly fighting (mythical) monsters...x
This is dated 1st January 1996. It's a big beige rock castle, mostly battlements. It's large and barren, with only 43 monsters, exclusively former humans; in the context of the story they are Colombian drug dealers. The lack of health makes for frustrating gameplay against hitscan enemies, but it's still a trivial level to finish, because there isn't much of it - a couple of walkways, vestigal crate mazes, stairs, a couple of lifts, it's empty.x
This had a very beautiful look and good balance. However its finished too quickly. Its rooms are beautifully integrated but the rooms themselves are very unimaginative, most being square and empty and sometimes excessively large. Overall its a pretty sight to see at best. x

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