Title: Thirtythree wad (for Doom ][)
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/thirty3.zip
Size: 81.74 KB
Date: 03/24/96
Author: Douglas Ryerson
Description: March, 1996 Decent sized, around 1400 vertices and 400 objects. Called complete because I attempted to put as many functions (lifts, doors, raising floors, crushing ceilings, lights on, switches, etc.) as possible (more than 50 separate tags). There is a lot to do in this level and a lot of passageways and rooms. Mostly it was designed to look good and be fun. Tell me what you think. Originally this wad was called complete, but one of the same name was just posted. So to avoid problems, I renamed this one. Its called 33 because I think (lost count) that it is the 33rd level I have made and posted.
Credits: All the usual people
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2 (tried 3.0 and 3.1, both kept locking up when I tried to do some things), idbsp1.1
Bugs: None
Rating: (5 votes)
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Nice map and good challenge, better watch out for health/ammo and try to maximize infightings. Copy-paste might annoy you though. Unfortunately the author often sacrificed fun for the sake of realism.x
This is dated March 1996. The author points this out in his readme; and I point it out as well, so that you can tell I'm taking account of the level's age when I write my review. This is a good fun tech/castle-style map with 219 monsters. It's refreshingly tough - not hard by modern standards, but there's only a small amount of health, and the baddies grind you down. Very copy-and-paste in the second half, and the exit comes out of the blue, but I liked it.x

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