Title: ThunderDOOM
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/thunder.zip
Size: 20.14 KB
Date: 09/15/95
Author: Peter Mathiasson
Description: I'am not a great DOOM player, so this level is quite easy. The level is not for those how completes DOOM ][ in Nightmare. This is my first WAD.
Credits: IDSOFTWARE for DOOM and DOOM ][ The "DEU-Team" for WinDEU
Base: New Level from Scratch
Build time: 7+ hours
Editor(s) used: WinDEU 5.24
Rating: (3 votes)
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Tight ammo balance makes for some hectic situations: you often have to skip monsters and look for ammo in the next rooms. Or you can find all secrets with the help of the automap and then life will be easy. The visuals are very simple: there are only 3 or 4 main textures and most rooms have the maximum bright level of 255. I thought that trying to survive was kinda fun.x
A map that consists of sparsely textured rooms and dodgy monster placement. There weren't any glaring crimes that I noticed(large HOM patches, etc), but it wasn't that fun to play. I know it was made in 1995, so I'll give it 2 stars. - Obsidianx

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