Title: Time to Die!
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/time2die.zip
Size: 114.9 KB
Date: 08/27/95
Author: Joseph J. Pecoraro
Description: This is a HUGE, three-key level designed mostly for solo and co-op play. Death Match is supported, but I would stay behind the yellow key boundary so that play is restricted to a tighter, more circular traffic pattern area. This pwad started as an experiment in trying out the new DCK ver. 2.2 editor. It was so much fun to use I couldn't stop! This editor is so far superior to anything I have ever used that I was able to really let my creativity run free! I'm sure you will appreciate the architectural detail, light and shadow detail (check-out the sundial!) and the challenging tricks and traps. My favorite way to play is on difficulty level #3.
Credits: All design ideas are my own, except for the concept of slime falling down from pipes into flowing water. I first saw this in LCAVE1CB.WAD, (submitted for consideration in the T.N.T. project), by Christopher Buteau. He had the creative idea, but I think I implemented it in an better way. :-)

* Copyright / Permissions *
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Doom Construction Kit ver. 2.2 DoomCad ver. 5.1
Bugs: There are two spots where I reached the game engine limit for lines in view (256+), and this will cause the player to see a "Hall of Mirrors" effect. The problem does not effect game play, and in one instance can only be seen if the player turns in an unlikely direction. In both these instances I left the problem alone, because repairing it would mean decimating some of the neatest VR spaces in the game.
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This is dated August 1995. It's a large, very empty level that isn't much fun to play - the monsters are spread out and you have loads of ammo, and it's puzzly and mazey - but there's some decent architecture. The giant sundial is particularly good, and you have a chance to see it from some nice angles. In fact the level is worth the download just for this alone.x

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