Title: The Lost Wad #3 (Version 3.8) 11/97 Remember this is a WAD from The Lost WADz series!
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/tlw_3.zip
Size: 66.54 KB
Date: 11/06/97
Author: Jeromy John Visser (Formerly known as Manna Doom)
Description: /Story ......This WAD was started in January 1996 and available for the first time in November 1997! Due to cheap floppies and a Hard Drive crash this WAD has been built and rebuilt countless times. This time we went for excellence! Using various editors and the finest MIDIs we offer the third installment in The Lost Wads series! This is a pretty big level with all sorts of tricks and traps! Try to find the secret room included within the level. ......The story is the same. Those idiots allowed it to happen again, it's up to you to stop 'em!
Credits: Countless beta-testers!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Waded 1.83, WinTex 3.4, RMB 2.1, MIDI2MUS, MUSTool
Bugs: None! If there are any found let me know, I'll mail you a floppy with the whole series on it (with the bugs worked out, of course) duped perfectly with label and all! It'll bug you that you can't!
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This is dated November 1997 but apparently has a lengthy and chequered history. I haven't played any of the other levels in the series. Overall it's not bad, although the layout seems deliberately designed to get you stuck if you get the yellow key too soon (why?). Apart from that, it's a competent, dull dungeon level that feels unstructured and a bit buggy; you can finish without exploring about a third of the level, including a pointless cyberdemon fight.x

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