Title: The Lost WAD #7
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/tlw_7.zip
Size: 238.98 KB
Date: 02/17/98
Author: Jeromy John Visser
Description: /Story You awoke sharply at 3:53 AM to the sound of the sirens. You knew what that meant. In a matter of minutes the phone rang like a dull roar under the sounds screeching outside. The UAC Commander was talking so fast you could barely disipher the words. "Slow down" you say, "What's going on?" The sudden screech and the UAC Commander's screams brought back that slow chill you had the last time. After hanging up the phone you look outside at the opaqe moon and the red haze that blankets the night and realize they're back. You shake your head. "When will they close that experiment for good" you wonder. After starting a pot of coffee and stumbling to the shower you hope this time you won't get called. At 5:34 AM the phone rings again. After two words you tell it is the President of the UAC Corperation. "We screwed up" he says. "An understatement!" you yell back. The President continues, "There is an abandondend sub-station we forgot about. We need you to go in and stop this from happening again. I've arranged a sub-sect transport for 700 hours, be here. Remember your oath." You dress calmly, wondering if this time it won't happen. As you drive to the UAC Corperation you prepare yourself, and as you step onto the transporter you hold your breath and cross your fingers.
Credits: Mr. Doom (Tom Sanner) for permission to use his Level 30 Nightmare Demo as a replacement for Demo 1. John Romero for answering my e-mails regarding SpeedView (included). The Slayer Fan Club for information and graphics. Subhuman for the pro-midi on this level.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Many Months (off and on)!
Editor(s) used: TLS's WAD Bastard (Beta) Unreleased
Bugs: None, never are. I suggest you use the most current version of Doom II, of course!
Rating: (4 votes)
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Basic but inoffensive design, actually quite nice looking at times (the E4 sky helps). I enjoyed the fights and totally loved the music. Fun level.x
This is from 98, and it's a not too creative wad with some sound-effect changes/enhancements that don't really do anything. The level feels like a couple of different ideas cobbled together, and never presents a unifying whole.x
some bugs foundx

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