Title: Tread Softly!
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/tredsoft.zip
Size: 49.95 KB
Date: 05/15/95
Author: Brandon Bannerman
Description: I built this level primarily to test out a new feature I'd found in the Doom engine, before realizing that, although simplistic, this level could provide a bit of play value and test someone's coordination. I make no claims to original architecture in this one; I personally loathe levels with cyberdemons most of the time. It was necessary here.
Credits: Mackey McCandlish, author of the Doom Must Fall total conversion patch, one of the best that there is. The first level showed me what happens when you put more than one Player 1 start pos, and got me thinking...
Base: Brand spankin' new scatch level
Build time: One lazy Sunday afternoon in May. (About four hours, including docs and optimizing)
Editor(s) used: DEU 2 (Yes, I know it's a hack, but I don't like ADE2 and will use this until DEU 5.3 is released.) BSP v1.2x RMB v2.0 NWT v1.3

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I show up and this thing has one person voting and 5 stars. Hardly. It's from '95, and the author includes his home address if you want to send him a diskette (!) to get more levels. It's a gimick wad: a mine field with a cyberdemon. It's a relic of it's time, and good for 2 mins, and not a second more.x
I liked it - but hugely smallx

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