Title: Tunnel
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/tunnel.zip
Size: 61.24 KB
Date: 06/08/04
Author: PumpkinSmasher
Description: a very tiny wad taking place in a tunnel This WAD is a joke based off a discussion in #legacy

Don't worry about loading the .cfg file, the wad will load it through fragglescript
Credits: id software - for DOOM! #Legacy for idea and FS help
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: 1.5 hours
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder
Bugs: None that I could find..but probably some
Rating: (8 votes)
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not bad as joke wadx
Whatever discussion that has spawned this probably wasn't very entertaining nor interesting. However, it might have been downright sick and probably involved the awesome mutilation of defensless rabbits and cats using rusty gardening tools. However, I can rule that out because this wad does not reflect any of that at all or it tried to but the author couldn't contain that level of awesomeness in wad format.x
A novelty. It's an S-shaped river; you are pulled along it by the current, and you can't jump out. On the banks of the river are lots of monsters, and you are given a rocket launcher with two hundred rockets and you are invincible. Auto-aim is switched on. At the end of the river there is John Romero's bloody head on a stick.x
Why did u release this piece of junk?x
Are u kidding me?x
Piece of crap.x

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