Title: twad.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/twad.zip
Size: 294.74 KB
Date: 05/15/96
Author: Tom Gibson
Description: TWAD.zip contains 8 of my early levels, 4 of them good solid finished things, and the rest are really just experiments. The first four are sort of a story, You Go To Save Civilization, in four parts. Not much new art here, but some nice rooms and some good fights. Deathmuch & difficulty levels are enabled. Have the Fun while awaiting my Theme, His Master's Voice (tm).
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These are clearly early levels and they arent the best looking out there but they sure are fun as hell to play. as he said there really are only 4 levels the other 4 are pretty crappy except maybe the 6th one. -RainboWarrioRx

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