Title: Toxic Plant
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/txcplant.zip
Size: 131.39 KB
Date: 07/05/19
Author: Jakub "KUBA18i" Majewski
Description: Your home town used to prosper in peace. But then, the air quality decreased all of a sudden. The nearby power plant started to emit toxic waste in colossal amounts, and that caused the citizens to become sick with bloodlust. You became curious and decided to investigate what's going on over there. Upon your arrival, a hellish surprise was about to reveal itself...
Credits: "ChemicalPlant1.mid" downloaded from vgmusic.com, Foxysen for assistance and testing
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 5 days
Editor(s) used: GZDoom Builder-Bugfix, WhackEd4, midi3mus
Bugs: None
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