Title: The UAC Dam Facility
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/uac_wet.zip
Size: 226.15 KB
Date: 01/26/97
Author: Ben Turner
Description: UAC has called you in to save their collective ass once again. Seems some troops stationed at their (This is the story Rio hydroelectric plant have gone berserk and for the all of the (with the help of a few dozen denizens of Hell) seven levels, not have taken over the plant. The blueprints that just the first.) the UAC suits show you during the briefing reveal that in addition to the main dam, there's a sewer, vault (?), and storage area in the facility. More interesting, there's a vast network of tunnels and chambers within the mountain that the base was built into. UAC believes that whatever caused the marines to go berserk originated within these catacombs. "Your mission is to infiltrate the base and purge the invasion force. Once the dam facility is secured, descend into the catacombs and destroy whatever it is that's in there. If you survive, find a way out of the mountain and signal for pickup." "That's all?" you smirk. "Easy money." The suit doesn't smile. Instead, he points to a sign.

---------------- | | | NO SMIRKING. | | | ----------------

In his droning monotone, he croaks "It's time." Then he chokes on the Jolly Rancher he was eating. You shake your head, as you watch his body spasm. You knew this story couldn't stay serious for long. Your briefing over, you board the waiting UAC shuttle. You're dropped into the heart of the complex, and your mission begins...
Credits: My good friend Sam Rensimer for testing and ideas The author of Mountkng, for his excellent waterfall (These are the credits textures for all of the seven Lee Jackson of ROTT fame for Smooth.MID (level 14) levels, not just the Chant.MID (level 15), Radagio.MID (level 17) first.) and Kissoff.MID (level 32) Ken Hukushi for Gothic.MID (level 16) and the neat stained glass window texture The (anonymous) creator of the cool sky texture (sometimes) seen in level 32 (see below) The (also anonymous) author of Space.WAD, whose glass texture I modified Rumiko Takahashi for Lum The authors of DCK, NWT, DEEPBSP, Midi2Mus, TED and Neopaint id Software... you know why
Base: All are new levels from scratch
Build time: At least, oh, 100 hours (can you see why I never finished the other levels? I'm too damn meticulous!)
Editor(s) used: DCK v2.2 NWT v1.2 DEEPBSP v4.0 Neopaint v2.2a TED v1.2 Little anecdote: About halfway through the development of these levels, I got DCK v3.2, which I had eagerly awaited. After playing with it for about an hour, I was shocked. It was crap! There were so many little annoying bugs it was amazing that they weren't caught and fixed. In fact, I almost lost my first level to its evil node builder. And to top it all off, features that worked in v2.2 were crippled in this one. With all due respect to Ben Morris, (who, after all, made the awesome v2.2) I can't believe he let that.. that beast be released. It looks like I'll be sticking with 2.2 for a while now, until something comes out that surpasses it (which seems unlikely). What a shame. :(
Bugs: Nothing that will detract from the level, except that it might be a bit slow at times on anything less than a P100... :(
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It's certainly large, but I was put off by the dark crate maze near the beginning. The maze just goes on and on and isn't worth the effort. The idea must have been that, because E2M2 had a crate maze, then a level with a bigger and darker crate maze would be better than E2M2. It's tedious if you use IDBEHOLDL, and unplayable otherwise; there's a light switch, but it makes things worse by lighting only part of the maze, ruining your night vision.x
A very good map. The only negative is that there's one slightly annoying puzzle. Perhaps there's a clue somewhere for the "combination" but I didn't find it, and had to use trial and error.x

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