Title: UAC Deathcamp v.1.2
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/udc12.zip
Size: 393.11 KB
Date: 04/18/98
Author: Rich & Derrick Allen of Allen Software
Description: Texture Alignment is used....it was GREATLY needed


Refer to the UDC.txt which should be included

in this zip file.
Credits: Chris Pisarzyk (member of AS),Adelusion....both

for commenting on UDC not having texture-Alignment.

JJM12379 on AOL for testing this out and giving it a

rating on his web-page (DooM News, the best place

to get Doom information). visit sometime.

Once again Kevin Fleming for still having the

UDCv1.1 on his old DooM Web-page.Tommie Quick of TeamTNT

for Helping out with the flat extraction for uploading

to FTP.

*And i'd like to personaly thank Angel Haley on Prodigy..

her P.A voice, it was excellent!
Base: Modified UDC.WAD UAC DEATHCAMP- Allen Software.
Build time: (original UDC.WAD 3 months) 1 week and 2 hours for

the texture Alignment and the gfx\music\sound reworking.
Editor(s) used: Doomcad6.0


Wintex 3.4

Wintex 4.3

Dehacked...latest version -supports Final Doom-

Paintshop Pro 14.4
Bugs: None...(YES!).
Rating: (11 votes)
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Good fun if somewhat confusing.x
ugly and awesomex
UAC DEATHCAMP-- played it, loved it. LEFT ME WANTING MORE!!! And actually, the level itself was created in '95-'96 and then later "updated" in '98. UDC was ahead of its time and needs to be re-done with a much more powerful engine (Unreal perhaps?). Props to the Allen bro's for having the vision and creativity to bring about such a marvelous map for a game that will NEVER be good enough to showcase how it was meant to be played. Upgrade/hack/mod it anyway you want...DOOM2 IS STILL JUST DOOM2!!!x
This is from 1998. If it had been from 1994 or 1995 it would have seemed okay-ish. It's a large map with almost 350 monsters. It looks and sounds pretty poor (there are new doors etc with kiddy fonts, and a typically rubbish sound pack) but there's a fair amount of action, and at least some creativity has gone into the layout. I dock a point for having a toilet. Confusing progression - you just wander around - but the final outdoors battle isn't too bad.x
very poor - looks ugly 1/5x
No gameplay, and the patches are ugly...x
Stay away from this - it's utter crap. A waste of both bandwidth and diskspace as well as time.x

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