Title: Unholy Temple
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/uhly.zip
Size: 103.23 KB
Date: 07/26/04
Author: Josh
Description: Well, your in a temple. Okay, it's not really a temple; more like a cathedral, but unholy cathedral doesn't sound so hot, does it? Anyway, you have to do the usual (kill badasses, save the world, blah, blah,blah) but heres a twist: At the end of the level you have to shoot the altar and then you'll exit the level automatically. So, whats my secret? Well, I made Romero's head invisible using Wintex 4.3, surrounded the altar with them, so it looks like your shooting the altar, not Romero. The sound has also been replaced with the sound of the nail hitting a brick from Quake, thanks to Pak Explorer
Credits: Nobody.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About a week
Editor(s) used: WinDEu, Wintex 4.3, Midi2mus, paint and Sound recorder.
Bugs: Won't work with zdoom. (teleporters)
Rating: (7 votes)
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i can't believe i made this over seven years ago. vomit.x
This isn't bad, at least not to start with. It's a castle / dungeon level from September 2001, dark and claustrophobic. And also very small, with only 27 monsters. It falls apart with a silly pit with the blue key - it forces you to lose a whole lot of health - and the ammo is very spartan. The ending doesn't work too well in GZDoom (you have to shoot at the floor).x
Nice little fight. A few HOM errors, but not bad at all for the work of a 13-year-old kid.x
Not that bad but pretty tight, monotonal and the ending is lame. And god help religious people if thats what cathedrals look like now--winding caves and hellish blood pits?? ** -Duncanx

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