Title: The Unaided Eye
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/unaided.zip
Size: 95.21 KB
Date: 02/08/00
Author: Christian N. Hansen aka Dykanden
Description: /story After saving the Earth from Hellīs most gruesome spawn, you suddenly found yourself in the unpleasent situation of being the center of the universe, and was very fast overrun by eager and irritating journalists from all over the world. Being famous was not really your wildest dream. The psychological presure got too high -even higher than being blasted 20 feet across a room by an incoming rocket- and you needed to escape; escape the boring and stressing real world. You asked the remaining management of the UAC to find you a hard job among ordinary people, who had not really had much contact to the outside world through the last few years, so that you could put your past behind you and occupy yourself with something totally different than blasting monster limbs through a hallway. Luckyly a mine in the mountains was going to be expanded by drilling from the west side of a mountain towards the excisting east mine. They needed new workers and you were given a job. Even though the UAC could not really understand what a highly decora- ted and famous marine (and world saviour) wanted in a dirty olī mine. However they let you go and gave you the job. The work was everything you needed: solitude, dirty talking and hard sweaty work.

After a couple of weeks, which fully satisfied your needs, you notised that the Employer always carried a red key on him and he never left it out of sight, much to your suspicion. And sometimes he used it to access the control room in the mines. That was not really the weird thing, the weird thing was the secret door you once saw him enter! And how come the east mine was a restricted area. Something was going on behind these rocky walls and it was not digging. This mine was not only a bit of lava and a rusty drill.

One day, when you were out breathing some fresh air, a terrible and thundering quake shivered the earth under your feet and numerous screams reached you from within the mine. Something was very wrong, very very wrong.

You grap your sidearm and cannot help relating your present feelings to past experiences. And now you come to think of it, you once heard from a drunk security guard from the UAC, at one of the numerous parties celebrating your heroic homecoming, that the UAC were still conducting the same experiments, which lead to the alien invasion of Earth, at some moun- tain top in the desert. Of course he was drunk, so you took no notice of his babbling. However, now it all made sence. YOU were on THAT mountain.

And it is a cooinsidence the fact that YOU are on that mountain sent there by that UAC? Does the east mine at all exist?

Whatever the answer might be, a closer look might be the only thing left to do. And actually, you were getting bored with working a drill and a shovel. The silent, but steady sound of growling and mumbling makes you silently, yet firm and determined say to yourself: "Lets make that trigger hot again..."
Credits: Those weird brains at ID for Doom and its many successors. Matt Tagliaferri for a userfriendly yet strange level editor. The fantastic creators of Zdoom and GlDoom! Kasper Tidemann, Denmark The creators of Final: Evilution aka Team TNT All you Doom fanatics outthere for keeping this all time classic, mother of all 3D games and best game ever, alive. Wes Burd for his cool homepage and help
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Ahh,.....70 hours.
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nice level. seemed easy until a couple of in-close fights with barons. plenty of ammo,little health makes one not so careless.good job!4/5-d.d.koopx
^^ Missing textures? Make sure you are using tnt.wad (Evilution) as your iwad, as the text-file indicates.x
Nice level.x
Nice, but some missing textures, which really spoils the fun.x
Nice job, Chris!!x

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