Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/unholy01.zip
Size: 163.95 KB
Date: 10/22/95
Author: John Walker IV for DOOM II
Description: You're not a space marine, not yet... Just last week, you received a message via secret channels that you were to report to the "Axe" chapter of marines ASAP for inprocessing. You're blood was pounding.

As an initiation, you're fellow marines decided to initiate you by sending you to an abondoned castle back on Earth. All you had to do was survive the night while they hunted you down like an animal...

Or so everyone thought. Unknown to you or your comrades, the abandoned castle was actually a hiding place for the leftover demons from "The Cleansing" (the historic name for the events that happened in Doom2). You found yourself fighting for your life from the start, and as you made your way through the castle, you eventually came across the bodies of you campanions, or what was left of them after the hell knights where finished.

Make your way through the "Entryway" and destroy all the evil you may find within. Sure you could run back to base and get reinforcements, but then you just couldn't live with yourself as a real, hard-core space marine....

The level is meant to look like one single building. You might just notice the attention to detail I tried to take into account when creating the level. The outside of the building and anything else that might be exposed to weather has a stone, brick, or bronze texture. BUT, close inspections of the brick textures will show that those openly exposed to the outside are beaten and falling apart, while those inside the building still look new.

Nothing much, but I though it was kind of clever :)

Also, look how the outside walls above the red key are lower than the cage sections. Again, nothing much but I thought that was clever too.
Credits: My wife for her patience. Paul Sterud for putting up with my anoying calls: "Dude, check out the wad now, I added another texture!!!" A guy nicknamed ||BARON|| who I met on IRC (my first playtester who was a complete stranger). John W. Anderson for the disclaimer. All the authors for all the editors and other utilities I used for creation. Everyone at Id Software for allowing people like me to create my own world! Not to mention a great game! Hip Hip ...
Base: New level from scratch, Millions of revisions.
Build time: A really, really, really, really, really long time. Most of my life at the age of 21, and still going.
Editor(s) used: WADED 1.87 by Matthew Ayres.
Bugs: There is edge overload in a place you'll probably never goto, so I'm not gonna tell you and hopefully you'll never notice. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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fairly professional for 1995! exit is very sudden, I don't mark stuff down for being "too easy" and enjoyed it a lot.x
I liked itx
This was the first and last level in the UNHOLY series; judging by the readme, and that of id=2962, the author went off to be an officer in the US Army. It's a shame because the map is a promising start, and would have been a solid opener if it was harder. It's entertaining but unmemorable and much too easy. There's a mish-mash of styles, it's a techbase medival slime factory. The design polished for 1995, with shadows etc. Mostly weak monsters until the end.x

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