Title: USQ goes to Hell! (or "Uni 'o' Deth)
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/usq.zip
Size: 142.74 KB
Date: 10/08/95
Author: \/\/ilbur (aka Chris Willacy). Doin' Info Tech. Hell drummer.
Description: Level 1: The refectory and library of my Uni. Not totally accurate but close enough. Attend a lecture with possesed shotgun guys with two (count 'em) guest lecturers. Get served hot food by the refectory ladies. Go to media services and say g'day! Return overdue library books and watch THEM pay the fines! Find out what REALLY goes into the burgers in the refec. Plus MORE!

Level 2: Resembles L,C and T blocks of my uni. Go to L113 and YOU see if you can find a spare computer. Um, i can't think of anything else to say. This is a good deathmatch level.
Credits: Moory, no-hair par excellence. Scooby, FlatCave DooM Master. Davey Dethman, Alias Spock, Dr No. Geordo, Village People Fan. Greggo, the feral one. Mick, Simo, Phil, Jason and all the other kills.

ID and the Deu product guys.
Base: Scratcheroo.
Build time: A bloody long time.
Editor(s) used: WinDeu 5.24 beta. The best editor i've found to date (and i've tried most of 'em). WinTex and TED.
Bugs: No bugs in this wad. Just carnage.
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Wow. The quality of this wad (for the time at least) is quite high, however the (somewhat cheap) difficulty is also rather high (rooms filled with hitscanners, HOORAY!). Although you do get -1 stars for the shitty sound effects included.x

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