Title: UW_PART1.WAD v1.1 "Doom II - The Unholy War: Part I Colorado Spaceport"
Filename: levels/doom2/s-u/uw1_v11.zip
Size: 829.34 KB
Date: 12/31/96
Description: This WAD is the first part of my 3-part series entitled "The Unholy War" The next two parts are tentatively titled "Gotterdammerung" and "Prelude to Armageddon" respectively.Part 1 takes place in a mammoth UAC spaceport carved out of some 3 dozen mountains 300km northwest of Denver, CO. Most of these mountains were literally leveled to create a man-made plateau. You start at level 1 (Entryway) and fight your way to level 11 ("O" of Destruction) and I MEAN FIGHT! The original DOOM II starport levels pale in comparison to this.Be prepared for some vicious firefights and hair- pulling architectural riddles. This version update fixes a few minor bugs in levels 5 & 6.Levels 4,7,8 & 9 were revamped in order to correct the "savegame buffer overrun" bug that occurs when one attempts to save the game on these levels.The PWAD has been recompiled for DOOM II v1.9
Credits: Joe Grant Bell, author of "Hexen: The Official Strategy Guide" (The format in which this book was written served as the basis for the format of the survival guide I'm working on as a companion to this PWAD)

ID Software & GT Interactive Software: The moving shutters in level 4 of the original game WAD was such a neat effect that I couldn't resist using it in my version of level 4

Lucas Arts Entertainment, and most notably, the design team who created the game "Dark Forces": Elements of level 3 (Anoat City) and 11 (Imperial City) in that game were incorporated into levels 5 and 9 of "Unholy War - Part I"

Autodesk, Inc. - makers of the CAD program AutoCAD LT: This drafting software program was used to create the preliminary maps of each level.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: Over 1 year
Editor(s) used: Deep v7.30 (registered)
Bugs: "savegame buffer overrun" error on levels 4,7,8 & 9 now fixed.
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