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Vacation in Hell V.1 for Doom2 LEVEL 1
It was suppose to be your day off! Ha! Level is complete with pool room, shower room and courtyard. Access is keyed. Fair ammount of monstors without being too much....Date:04/25/05
Size:29.52 KB
Author:Mike Audleman

Exit to Hell
New level for Doom2. All three keys, all difficulty levels used, the cyber-demon is there for difficulty level 4, some tricks and traps, first real level I have made for single play Good for Deathmatch too. Fun and a challenge....Date:08/20/04
Size:77.22 KB
Author:Val Galloway

An absolute pain in the ( enter word of your choice here ) to finish due to the savegame memory limit in the doom2.exe file. I did this on a p120 with 32 meg and just got it within the limit but 50% of the time it still hangs the when you...Date:03/06/97
Size:346.21 KB
Author:Dylan Barber

The valley outpost has been infested with evil. Gather the keys and watch your back. This one is pretty tough but there is plenty of ammo and healt...Date:04/03/99
Size:85.38 KB

Size:33.79 KB
Author:Vlad the Impaler (Jay Cook)

Vectra, The last mystery
2000 years after every claimed monster was destroyed there was a complaint deep inside the neck of Cloud City one day where a DNA formed a Boss brain. Your mission is simple, kill all the electronic dolls and destroy the Brain to eliminate hell itsel...Date:10/28/99
Size:27.61 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Quite similar to the theme of most Ultimate DOOM E4 levels. As always loads of cool lighting, traps and state-of-the-art architecture. This is my finest piece of DOOM level art to date, without a doubt. HOWEVER, this is a linear level. Sorry all love...Date:03/27/98
Size:108.68 KB

Verada (AKA, Please Consider)
Size:76.83 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

A medium-large map with fairly easy gameplay....Date:12/30/05
Size:81.31 KB
Author:to obtain permission to upload.

El Viaje de Diciembre
Set of 6 levels with a consistent rustic theme, inspired by EARTH.wad, Fistful of Doom, Evilution and other 90's goodies. The project originated as a speedmapping challenge for me where I'd make the first two maps in a day each, the next two in 2 day...Date:07/27/23
Size:1.35 MB
Author:Cacodemon187 and Eye del Cul

Vile Challenge
This is a fun level for doom2 with only Archviles and a twin shotgun for you to shoot them with. You start off in abase and then go outside to forest were you must face 3 Archviles at once....Date:12/05/08
Size:33.25 KB

The Villa of Pain
A large new level for Doom 2. E-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:03/09/00
Size:80.69 KB
Author:Michael Reed

This is a big wad and has many monsters but it also has enough health and ammo to beat it. The fights are fair and you have plenty of room to move around....Date:10/19/00
Size:163.19 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

Dark and seductive, this level is not for the timid or squeamish!...Date:05/12/96
Size:148.68 KB
Author:Brian James Clever

Lair of the Visigoths
Size:74.84 KB
Author:Sonny Wasinger (CONDUCTOR)

Semi small wad that can be used as either a single player or deathmatch (or co-op if need be). My first level wad, so any comments would be appreciated!...Date:08/25/95
Size:42.91 KB
Author:John Rosencutter

VISTA Begins as outdoor urbanish sort of play, progresses through buildings, cemetary, sewer, underground fortress, deep underground nastiness, back up through underground fortress to urbanish wharf, up mountainside to a big temple. Some levels are p...Date:05/19/97
Size:454.08 KB

DEATHMATCH WAD for DOOM ][ ! Look at the HelpScreen (press F1). It is good for playing at work. In single and cooperative player mode you start at a position you never reach in deathmatch mode. The reason for this is to keep the deathmatch area s...Date:09/03/95
Size:224.56 KB

Van Maerlantlyceum
You enter your school building finding it has been infested by demons... ...just another school day...Date:05/21/10
Size:125.31 KB

Vanillic Acid
A short pure-vanilla level I did to break up work on a zDoom project. No difficulty settings. It's yet-another-base theme with focus on concrete instead of space walls. I would personally rate it medium-to-kinda hard, but that's me. It's rough using ...Date:09/05/15
Size:151.59 KB

Voidship2 v2.2
In the ruins of Deimos base, the mop-up crew found plans for a ship that will cross the void between the galaxies. This ship will enable the Hell-Spawn to spread their evil across the entire universe! The engineers at UAC have been able to beef up a ...Date:01/13/98
Size:171.87 KB
Author:Kevin McGrail (hevkev)

Void Space
Size:530.66 KB
Author:Lee "DooMAD" Wallis

Voivorbs - Exercises in Advanced Metafuzzycs
Voivorbs is a vanilla mapset crafted specially (but not exclusively) for Nightmare enthusiasts - think Heretic's Black Plague meets collectable hunting meets fuzzy dynamics meets arena combat. Featuring 14 small-to-medium sized maps with: No secret...Date:03/13/22
Size:669.69 KB

A single one-player level. I've taken special care on the textures and the awesome view. Try it on Ultra Violence for the fight of your life!...Date:02/16/96
Size:35.39 KB
Author:Broderick Arneson

Volcano.wad Is basically a volcanoe type deal. Fight monsters Up to the top. fall in the volcanoe and press a button which raises a bridge to freedom. Try Deathmatch. Tell me how it plays! Opinions, comments, suggestions to!...Date:07/30/98
Size:14.16 KB
Author:Nik Pilkington (aka Sniper sst_misery) for DOOM II

Adventures in the caves of a volcano. This is a large level (actually 1/4 of what was planned, but betabsp started choking and we had to cut it short). This was our first wad, so we were really trying to find out what the DOOM engine was capable of d...Date:04/05/06
Size:68.94 KB
Author:Jonathan Tourtellot, Daniel Snyder

I was messing around with different player starts...Date:07/21/95
Size:33.77 KB
Author:Patrick Davey

Antithesis (updated May 2000)
No storyline! I cannot and will not attempt to create a ridiculous and poor story like the last one for this level! It is im- possible to achieve the same level of Trek atmosphere as the Voyager writers are capable of. This level is a highly modifi...Date:05/13/00
Size:98.96 KB
Author:Christian N. Hansen

A Time to Face Your Fears
Many strange things has occurred on the USS Voyager, but never has it met a greater threat than now. Life is ordinary on the ship and everybody are doing their normal duties. Chakotay is meditating and Paris and Torres are having a quarrel about some...Date:02/16/00
Size:78.19 KB
Author:Christian Hansen

The Keep of SIN
Ok, this the first in a series of pwads in the 'SIN' series. In this level, teleport in to the Keep of YamanLamanLa (King of Sin and the man who opened the gate to bring the demons to earth to begin with) in an attempt to assassinate him and stop the...Date:02/16/95
Size:62.09 KB

Vanilla Wafers
When Doomkid and co. released MID The Way Id Did, I said to myself, "I should make a WAD using those MIDIs." So I did. The end result is Vanilla Wafers. It's a collection of 6 vanilla-compatible Doom 2 maps that are short, sweet, and to the point. No...Date:12/20/21
Size:202.66 KB

The Global War Against Terrorism
A patriotic map. Fight for the freedom and the democracy against the al-Qaeda yihadists. No frenchs nor cubans here, but I'll add them in future releases of the map. If you don't like this map then you're a terrorist and a Saddam supporter. Please ...Date:07/06/07
Size:233.93 KB
Author:I, American Warlord

A simple Level using only Wood5 as a texture and Flat5_1 as a flat. I wanted to see what I could with only this one texture. I love wood and I love metal, and so this map was born. Midi is Monsieur Gourmet by JD Herrera....Date:11/08/23
Size:47.72 KB

2 levels for Doom2....Date:10/28/96
Size:110.77 KB
Author:Albert Lam

Wolfenshit 3D Act 0ne: Das Wolfenshit Basen
A crap wolfenstein style level whit a lot of enemies, make a laugh playing it......Date:11/25/05
Size:27.38 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

Utilizes all three keys, but it is a quite small level. Conserve your health. All weapons are found within. No big architectual wonders, as I kept 2 the basics. If you play this level with Deathmatch, be sure to add -nomonsters in the command line!...Date:06/30/96
Size:11.6 KB
Author:Chad Raeside

Wado4(For lack of a better name)
A level I made from scratch. I tried to get some nifty lighting and such into it. I also tried to make it somewhat non-linear, meaning that you do not have to go everywhere in the level to beat it, but going in the non-required areas could be benific...Date:08/22/00
Size:44.57 KB
Author:Robert Dudley
Just some levels I built, in two wads. The first has 9 levels, E1M1 - E1M9. The second has 3 levels, E1M1 - E1M3....Date:02/25/97
Size:348.74 KB
Author:Michael Hafen

Der Wahnsinn, "The Insanity".
A single-player/cooperative map. A city kind of thing....Date:02/20/09
Size:107.7 KB
Author:Colin Mitchell aka 'Radtard'

WAHWAH.WAD (v 1.45)
A well laid out single / multiplayer level with extra attention paid to textures, alignment and other small details missed out in many other levels. A good time for triple 100% (UV) is about 15 minutes. P.S. Only been played max 2 player so far, plea...Date:05/24/95
Size:76.52 KB
Author:Robert Dutton Esq.

A map I created while waiting for the new Doom (2016) game, puzzle based arena map. Open to criticism, this being my first completely finished map....Date:05/14/16
Size:70.01 KB

A walking corpse
Complexity of undeground everything is dim and shaddowed There's no humanrace monsters,nor bright colors. There are only imps, spectras, mancubuses, skulls burning on the dark. All movements are slowled. Just turn the switch on and door opens slowly ...Date:11/27/97
Size:175.22 KB
Author:Alex Welikanov Ilya Britvich

10 levels for DOOM2....Date:10/31/14
Size:675.58 KB

Walking In My Name
My first doom level.It probably looks like shit for most people :)...Date:02/28/06
Size:64.2 KB
Alright boys and girls get ready to jump for joy... Here is a wad for doom 1 or doom 2. It is my it has two...yes two floors...oh joy! I think it be neat. ...Date:11/12/94
Size:108.93 KB

Who's afraid of the dark?
This DOOM2, level 1 PWAD is the net result of playing and studying dozens of other levels. I incorporated all my favorite tricks and traps into this one, three key level. WAOTD.WAD is designed as a mini-game, taking you from pistol to BFG 9000. All...Date:05/17/95
Size:96.44 KB
Author:Joseph J. Pecoraro

Warcade One
Size:178.41 KB
Author:Sam Ketner

A tight little level, second in the Warcade series....Date:01/11/99
Size:89.58 KB
Author:Sam Ketner

Third in the Warcade series....Date:01/11/99
Size:75.51 KB
Author:Sam Ketner

Fourth in the Warcade series....Date:01/21/99
Size:63.25 KB
Author:Sam Ketner

The Satanic City
Fifth in the Warcade series....Date:05/12/99
Size:133.72 KB
Author:Sam Ketner

The Hidden Warehouse
One day you hear of an evil force that has taken up residence in an abandoned warehouse on the edge of the ocean. It is rumored that the heart of this very place is the entrance to Hell itself! Locals tell of many would be heroes that entered that...Date:07/26/08
Size:71.95 KB
Author:Joe Kaminski

WARm Welcome 2
Single Player/Cooperative level based on WARM.WAD (for DOOM1)...Date:12/30/05
Size:43.9 KB
Author:Vit Bockstefel

There are no monsters in this level! It was not built as a hack and slash level. Instead you must use your brain (I know it's a weird idea) to try and work your way through the level. A word to the wise: USE YOUR AUTO MAP! If you don't you are DOOM...Date:04/26/96
Size:124.64 KB
Author:Michael Eastwood

This is the eighth of eight levels that I made a long time ago....Date:09/08/00
Size:9.91 KB
Author:Jason Free

The Warrens
After the bizarre ruins were found beneath a UAC excavation site, your team was sent down to investigate. Left behind to watch their backs, you heard them die... and worse. Investigate the warrens!...Date:04/16/09
Size:65.06 KB
Author:Pope Guilty

At War With Satan
Size:19.96 KB
Author:Kevin C. Scanlon

Washington Monument
You are just a tourist visiting Washington DC. You decide that you want to visit the Washington Monument. When you get there you realize that some- thing strange is happening. Good thing you brought a pistol like every sane DC tourist or no should do...Date:08/08/97
Size:20.81 KB
Author:Vince Lupo

I bet you thought it was over when you had defeated the evil hordes in the Plutonia Experiment. It was. Almost. Waking up in a dark prison cell unaware of how you got there you crawl out to find some answers. And answers you get. The Plutonia Experim...Date:10/23/99
Size:116.54 KB

Knee Deep in the Waste
A lot of waste and bad guys...Date:10/03/04
Size:195.8 KB
Author:Marcus Areschoug (Plasmaburst)

UAC Nukage Processing Area
Ohh happy days, when you destroyed the gate- keeper and saved Earth once again. Another hellish monster met its maker. You were once again the hero and received another bundle of medals. But. Some distant and very secret UAC areas had also been hit b...Date:02/08/00
Size:221.26 KB
Author:Christian Hansen aka. Dykanden

Waste Processing
My first project based on the Map13 TNT. Nuff' said....Date:11/14/04
Size:139.85 KB

of Game watcher
Size:65.62 KB

The Watering-Place
As soon as coming back from The Tunnels after having killed all Hell Order agents, Gal Mac Porter congraculates you for your success. Indeed, you can see that Hell Order forces have lost a lot of their strengh and power. You didn't work for nothing. ...Date:04/15/95
Size:304.29 KB
Author:Dominique Lavergne

Your mission starts in some wet underworld. After that, be the guest in a lovely, though not too friendly populated mansion. But there's more outside ......Date:09/28/96
Size:63.41 KB
Author:Bob Ferguson

Days of Xornox The WATER FIEND
This is the Water fiend. One of the most challenging of the 8 fiends. The next place is the Ice World....Date:07/21/98
Size:681.12 KB
Author:Frank Laing

Water Flood from Hell & Gorilla Gore II
Two new levels for DOOM II...Date:08/06/95
Size:113.61 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

Water HQ
This is just another classic Doom 2 map. I got inspired by the original MAP02 and some other WADs but all I made is from scratch....Date:07/25/12
Size:45.67 KB
Author:Lukas Wilhelm aka omegamer

Water Purifying Plant
The Demons are attacking the Water Purifying Plant near your hometown and are corrupting the water into blood! Stop them before its too late!...Date:04/08/23
Size:50.2 KB
Author:A Stone (BillyBones)

Days of Xornox The Waterway
This is a wad that has 5 levels. This is a really challenging part of the game. Not only are there hard enemies, but there are shamans that can bring them back to life....Date:06/23/98
Size:411.88 KB
Author:Frank Laing

The Waterworks
You find yourself dropped into the city waterworks where the usual baddies are turning your pristine drinking water into nukeage. Somehow, you've got to stop them. Ok, ok, there's not really that much plot involved, but you get the idea. Kill the bad...Date:08/20/04
Size:57.06 KB
Author:Michael Morrison

Days of Xornox The WATER WORLD
This is a very challenging part of the game. new enemies new everything. At the end of this part you encounter a guardian that is not like any regular mini boss. Overall I think this part is really fun but challenging and it will get more c...Date:07/15/98
Size:688.35 KB
Author:Frank Laing

Water Facility
Size:11.94 KB
Author:Marc J.S.

Waverly (DOOM 2)
A medium sized wad designed for deathmatching. Includes lots of cool stuff like automatic doors, working light switchs,etc...Date:11/21/98
Size:266 KB
Author:Alastair Montgomery

This Way to Hell.
This level is my first wad file. I intended to make a deathmatch level, after all, that is the best way to play. It turned out that the file ended up to be a little more difficult than I expected. The best way to play it now is 2-4 player co-op. The ...Date:12/14/95
Size:54.06 KB
Author:Dax L Nulph

My intention with this level (my first and probably my last) was to construct a level that was reasonably challenging to complete, but without tossing 20 monsters in each room. But, I did assume that you don't cheat! Otherwise, the level will be ...Date:06/01/11
Size:53.32 KB
Author:Bruce A. Chastain

My intention with my second level was to construct a level that is reasonably challenging to complete, but withoout tossing 20 monsters in each room. But, I did assume that you don't cheat! Otherwise, the level will probably be too easy to comple...Date:08/21/04
Size:46.65 KB
Author:Bruce A. Chastain

Pwad for Doom2. Watch yer heinie, everything's there when you need it....Date:05/31/01
Size:57.05 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

Based on the first level of my old wad, has been re-designed for all modes of play (single/multi/deathmatch). I was originally going to make a full-on 32-map set of stages like that, but then Unreal Tournament came along... :)...Date:02/13/00
Size:42.66 KB

A big exploration in a forest mixed with moutains....Date:02/12/18
Size:142.19 KB

Size:31.52 KB
Author:Kevin Tinkler

The new NAZI movement is being controlled by vile monsters from hell. It's up to you to sort them out. 3rd in a series, other two are... COMBASE.WAD SUPSTA.WAD...Date:04/25/99
Size:88.6 KB

A thematic level that uses the arachnotrons as denizens. Go for the infighting!...Date:11/13/97
Size:35.71 KB
Author:Derek Merrill

Size:19.95 KB
Author:Gary Webb

Welcome to Hell
The story continues... You've just fought your way to the very gates of Hell! You're ready to take on the Prince of Darkness now right? Wrong! You wake up with a splitting headache, the ripped clothes on your back, and a pistol with 50 rounds. Sounds...Date:06/20/96
Size:481.7 KB
Author:Paul Schmitz

Well slap me silly then!
It's small. It's fairly hard. I made it with 50-70% health whenever I played it. It hasn't got any fantastic only took me 2 hours to create...enjoy or don't enjoy....Date:06/14/97
Size:16.92 KB
Author:Der Teufel

Wild West Of The North ;)
Wild West Camp Setting With Cool Sounds Made By Me And Great New Music For ALL The Levels Of Doom2!...Date:04/07/96
Size:445.26 KB
Author:Mike Lasota

Mulder "Are there any swamps or bogs in the area? The Undead are often said to be drawn to their aura of gloom and decay." Sherrif Lucious P. Squonkwell: "Well we used to have swamps, 'ceptin the EPA came around and made us take to callin' ...Date:08/17/99
Size:13.85 KB
Author:Squonkamatic for the People!!

Wet Work
Wet Work: We've lost contact with a small science outpost located on the Isle of Gilligan. UAC recon indicates an enemy presence, the hell spawn have redecorated and HQ doesn't like the color scheme. No one really likes you much, so we've decided to ...Date:11/17/94
Size:64.36 KB
Author:Zen Psychosis

These two levels are reconstructions of the two floors of an existing student house in Enschede, The Netherlands In reality, this house is a DOOM paradise, where the screaming of "heroes" and blasting of plasma guns ("BOIK!!") are very common s...Date:01/27/98
Size:92.7 KB
Author:Arjan Driessen

A techbase to blast your way through....Date:03/10/12
Size:43.46 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Size:89.2 KB
Author:Andre Maas

my first release. I did a couple of unfinished maps here and there. they were crap :p...Date:01/13/04
Size:33.77 KB
Author:Jason December

Waist High In The Damned
Just a damn fun vanilla Doom level! This level is a linear race to the finish that progresses like a condensed campaign. Every power-up, monster, and weapon was meticulously placed and play-tested. It starts out simple with just a shotgun and quickly...Date:09/24/17
Size:246.73 KB
Author:Robert Kendo

This level is designed for russian contest on Doom Power website, theme of map is Transilvania....Date:05/19/11
Size:49.19 KB
Author:Kir. Maximth P. Sholovuanoff

White Plume Mountain
Size:88.74 KB
Author:Michael Deckerd

What Remains
What Remains is a vanilla compatible episode for Doom 2, featuring an original soundtrack. In What Remains, you will explore aquatic techbases and what lies beneath the ocean....Date:06/29/22
Size:1.2 MB
Author:AD_79, Bobby (lolmcswagger), Egg Boy, Skronkidonk, T.WILL, ZeMystic

By the Pricking of My Thumbs ...
Eleven maps, fully compatible with DooM2.exe, while including as much detail as possible. The first 10 maps pay homage to the first 10 maps of DooM2 Tested with Chocolate DooM & GZDooM...Date:11/21/17
Size:785.52 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Medium sized, base theme, very non-linear. There's a reason why you get a chainsaw right at the start. Use it or lose it....Date:01/24/02
Size:114.18 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Wickedly Simple
Medium, fast-paced level...Date:02/05/02
Size:77.72 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

No Rest for the Wicked
Medium-sized "spooky", hellish-themed level. Save that ammo!...Date:02/27/02
Size:112.65 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

For the Wicked Shall Perish
The most fun you can have without a source port!...Date:05/17/02
Size:233.69 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Death Comes Not Gently to the Wicked
Single level base-city theme, moderately detailed to prevent VPO...Date:10/14/02
Size:199.65 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

The Wicked and the Damned
Medium-sized level; base theme with sometimes detailed architecture. Be patient -- you'll get your action....Date:06/11/03
Size:120.69 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Wicked Be The Ways of Men
One map, fully compatible with DooM2.exe, while including as much detail as possible. This map is different from most other maps in that the player progresses differently through the map depending on the skill level. Each skill level "starts" the map...Date:02/03/05
Size:356.36 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Damnation Awaits the Wicked
Hell-themed map, fully compatible with DooM2.exe while incorporating a decent amount of architecural detail. The map is quite linear in that it provides few alternative paths, but non-linear to the extent that it involves back-tracking. Tested with d...Date:09/14/06
Size:170.52 KB
Author:Rex Claussen

Exalt not the Wicked
Small-sized map that features all DooM2 enemies except the SS Nazi, and all DooM2 weapons. Map was developed for DBThanatos....Date:06/29/11
Size:169.25 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Wildwest for Doom2 for level one new sound!...Date:10/24/94
Size:475.39 KB

Wild World V.1 (for Doom ][ Only!)
This wad was designed to try to be a single player, a coop, and a deathmatch wad (Try playing deathmatch on skill 4 or 5! FUN!). It's my first wad too let out into reality, but I've made wads before this, just never let them out, so I know how to mak...Date:10/21/97
Size:319.79 KB
Author:Aaron Hansen

Days of Xornox The World in The Highest
This is a wad that has 5 levels. It is the wind place. About as hard as the fire palace. Since you are so high up, there are hole you could fall down so be carefull. The last of these 4 fiends is after this....Date:06/14/98
Size:491.56 KB
Author:Frank Laing

Days of Xornox The Wind Fiend
This is a wad that has 1 level. It is the last of these 4 fiends. There will be more in other places but not for now. This guy is harder than the fire fiend but not as violent....Date:06/14/98
Size:318.64 KB
Author:Frank Laing

Lots of Windows!!! for DOOMII
This is a medium sized level which is very playable with the weapons provided and should be enjoyable for players of all levels. Look out for the windows and watch your back....Date:12/22/95
Size:42.02 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

You are the good guy. There are some bad guys. Get the bad guys. Stay alive. You're done....Date:01/03/98
Size:121.62 KB
Author:Angel Leblanc

What Is This
This is a collection of maps i made ages ago....Date:10/12/10
Size:3 MB
Author:Boon Lived

Walkabout (Version 2.0)
Designed for Doom II. Fight in crowded rooms as a team or single player. You might call this hack'n'slash. I have used all monsters except Spiderboss. Tips: Use the small arena (revealed later in game) to fight the cyberdemon. Some switches opens two...Date:08/05/95
Size:64.2 KB
Author:Jens Nielsen

Hell has taken over a WW-II British Army base with Hitler's help, of course. Your mission is to 'clean the place up a bit', if you know what I mean. It is rumoured that the Cyberdemon enjoys rocket-tennis here somewhere and that a huge demon in the f...Date:04/21/03
Size:104.09 KB
Author:Symo Storr (C) 1995-6

Size:58.98 KB
Author:Sam Ketner

Woodlan School
Woodlan Junior-Senior High School is a public high school located in Woodburn, Indiana....Date:06/03/16
Size:116.13 KB

Theres nothing much to discribe about it. It's just some level I decided to make one day. But if you'd like to know how hard it is it's not very hard at all, But of course seeing as though I made it I may not be a goo...Date:04/12/96
Size:25.74 KB
Author:Nick Olman

Woof! Make the wrong decision again? Keep trying it's not impossible. Will you find the Exit or GO TO HELL? It's easy-Blue Key, Blue Door----Red Key,Red Door---Yellow Key, Yellow Door, Exit. Try the woof.lmp if u get stuck. The ending however is not ...Date:02/09/95
Size:61.99 KB
Author:Lester John

Mr. Woola Doom v1.0
!!!WARNING!!! Hymers College has been over-run by large bearded monsters from outer P1!!! It all started when an experiment The Moog was doing, went terribly wrong! Mr Woola, who was standing by, got sucked into The Moog's machine and lots of little ...Date:05/24/98
Size:181.44 KB
Author:Nick Giles

WOPHOM.WAD ( WOP Hall Of Monsters )
The Museum was become a haunted place, and a range of monsters have decided to dwell inside, if they really have the ability to decide something... You've just have to play vacuum-cleaner....Date:12/15/94
Size:34.14 KB

Largish DOOM II level for Deathmatch or for Single play with the -ALTDEATH parameter. New graphics too! Fake walls, secret doors, secret doors behind fake walls, all that fun stuff is included. Puzzles are present....Date:08/20/95
Size:164.82 KB
Author:Eric Wilkinson

This is a Doom ][ wad of my work office. We thought it might be fun to have a death match in our own office. t. This is my first attempt at creating a WAD so please be kind. Enjoy!!! (please tell my what you think!!!) Comuserve 102105, 3110...Date:05/07/14
Size:185.52 KB
Author:Jerry Truchan

Worms Doom.
Worms.wad replaces the player, the former human, the chaingun enemy and the cyber demon with the slimy but cute fighters from team17's game WORMS. The lost soul is now a sheep. There have also been the status bar face and title screen changed. wormsl...Date:08/04/06
Size:428.72 KB
Author:Luke Hastie Lh Software - The God of Hell & Fire

Looks like a bright sunny day, almost enough to make you forget you're wandering through a desolate landscape populated by bloodthirsty mutants, with death behind every corner and door. This is a big level (I ran out of linedefs in the editor, or i...Date:03/01/04
Size:77.42 KB
Author:Karl Minor

Wheel of Time Doom (version 3)
Wheel of Time Doom (WoTDoom) is a 5 level set of levels (not including the two 'dummy' levels at map01 and map02) inspired by the Robert Jordan fantasy novels....Date:12/30/05
Size:1.69 MB
Author:Chad Moore (levels + art), Kevin Moore (art) and Elias Agritellis (sound bytes)

This is the long awaited sequel and triquel for WOW.WAD. The story is short, the spiderdemon went into a pit and couldn't get up. There he thought, I'll just guard this red key and bfg and wait for the Doom marine to get me back up. Meanwhile the ...Date:11/29/05
Size:11.46 KB

The UAC Deimos Weapons plant
A large UAC weapons production facility, with three departments: The ballistics production/shipping/testing area, the explosives production/testing area, and the chem/nuclear/bio weapons area (restricted access). The latter has chemical handling faci...Date:08/06/97
Size:475.64 KB
Author:Jon Janssen

The Wretched
This is my first 'official' level. It is designed for single player,but should be quite good for DMs - as long as you use the NOMONSTER switch. The level is set in a complex which includes a library,a large central tower and some in- teresting secr...Date:04/24/97
Size:19.19 KB
Author:Loge Darkwood

Wrong key? Wrong door?
This is the first Pwad-file I've build so far and it took me quite a while to finish it, but that may sound familiar to you. It's totally designed for single player mode for that's what most of the common DOOM-addicts are sleuthing for. There isn't a...Date:04/03/95
Size:34.3 KB
Author:Henk Gierveld

WarpWorld 6
Demented warps lead you thru various parts of the level. Believe me this may sound boring, but this is one of the most challenging levels ever created. This is also a great deathmatch level. Lots of escapes and hidden sniper locations. You shouldn't ...Date:03/26/97
Size:36.36 KB
Author:Will Alston

You find your self in a seemingly abandoned complex. As you start exploring you soon realize that you are trapped inside a giant arena with lots of demons who are there to make sure you don't leave alive....Date:08/04/96
Size:69.89 KB
Author:Walter D. Sanz

This is a remake of WSPRISON.WAD that works on Doom II. I have added all the new monsters, items and weapons which are available in Doom II....Date:08/04/96
Size:104.72 KB
Author:Walter D. Sanz

If things are not looking good it is better to run then perish. You find yourself at an old reactor site right in the heart of hell itself. Can you make it out alive?...Date:08/04/96
Size:56.49 KB
Author:Walter D. Sanz

Size:74.03 KB

This is essentially the same WAD as WSTOWER.WAD except it has been converted to Doom 2 format and I have added all of the additional demons and items (like the supershotgun) which can be found in Doom 2....Date:08/04/96
Size:160.44 KB
Author:Walter D. Sanz

Where The Base Has No Name
A birthday wad for Larzuk who is playtesting a megawad I am making....Date:02/26/13
Size:155.32 KB
Author:Matt "cannonball" Powell

The Waterfront
Innovative level 1 for Doom II. Excellent 2 and 4 player deathmatch and suprisingly good solo and co-op play as well. Features areas haunted by the ghosts of dead players, some of whom are still firing their guns at you when you pass. Also features I...Date:06/04/95
Size:228.67 KB
Author:Scott F. Crank

PWAD for Doom ][. Designed for co-op play, tuff but do-able in single player....Date:06/04/00
Size:56.64 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

The West Virginia Anomaly
I had a MIDI of "Take Me Home, Country Roads" lying around, so I decided to make a map with it. The "story" is that demons have appeared in an old fort in West Virginia and you need to kill them. It's somewhat difficult, but quite short. A skilled pl...Date:12/28/21
Size:56.42 KB

Western Wyoming College
I have attempted to create a level that looks simular to Western Wyoming College in Southwest, WY. I could not add *ALL* of the rooms (that would be ludicrous), but it does (somewhat) look like the overall map of the college. There are plenty of big,...Date:03/06/95
Size:1.5 MB
Author:Brent Hedden

W.W.E.M (Worst Wad Ever Made)
This WAD was created to prove that, the infamous wow.wad by Paul Thrussel is NOT the worst WAD ever made. I mean, at least Paul tried when he was creating the level, the story was creative, the idea was creative. It just wasn't executed well. This ho...Date:06/16/11
Size:1.7 KB

WWF DOOM (version 2)
You are a new wrestler making your run-in debut at WrestleMania XII during the Undertaker/Deisel match! Kill the security guard Imps, and kill the crowd of Former Humans in the stands and the merchandise dealers in the lobby because they've all becom...Date:01/04/01
Size:556.96 KB
Author:The Kreator

UAC constructed a bolt-hole on the dark side of the moon which was terraformed for the purpose. It was known as the Waterwheel because of its shape. When you completed the cleanup at Deimos you were warped to the Waterwheel because the infestation ha...Date:01/12/05
Size:128.93 KB
Author:John Bishop

Watch your back too (2)!
Replacement of wyb.wad, due to a downloading mistake. Doom2 wad with a medium large labytinth where you'll find a bunch of secret doors...When you play it on ultra- violance go easy on the ammo, otherwise there's enough....Date:04/03/95
Size:26.8 KB
Author:Elroy Blom

Wytchlight WAD
A six level wad for Doom2 (all modes of play)...Date:11/03/96
Size:454.4 KB
Author:Richard Jacques
Try it out - nobody needs a story or something... ;-)...Date:08/18/95
Size:86.23 KB
Author:Michael "migru" Grube

all aboard the mega magilla gorilla flotilla
Single map for Doom 2. In this episode of DOULM 2: ELECTRIC DOOMALOO, Our Hero The Goddamn Doomguy accidentally books a cruise to THE UNDERWORLD instead of Fiji and gets caught up in a massive naval battle with the satans or some shit. And then he ...Date:12/30/17
Size:110.87 KB
Author:Xaser Acheron

XAOS ver. 1.3
A 10 level replacement for DOOM II with more probably on the way....Date:05/15/96
Size:429.45 KB
Author:John Bly

Xaser's Arena (Version 2)
Okay, basically you're going to go train some in your holographic combat simulator room thingy, which puts you in a fight with some of those nasty demons. However, when you go inside, something goes wrong. All the systems say "Virus Alert" and the do...Date:12/29/03
Size:100 KB

I based this wad on the layout of my house... naturally, my house doesn't actually look like this wad....but it is roughly the same layout as my house. There are a few is damn big...if you are able to find that secret you will own death...Date:05/02/05
Size:14.58 KB

Xeno-pen.wad (Doom II only)
Xeno-Penitentiary on Earth....Date:05/12/12
Size:42.69 KB
Author:Roy Ford "LaserJock" Coherent Inc.

The X File
My first complete level from scratch. I find it difficult and I know the secrets. Replaces the existing level 2 in DOOM2. Very large level with mucho monsters....requires a '486 or better....Date:04/05/06
Size:57.82 KB
Author:Mike Shinnick

Escape from the infested base and fight your way to the island floating in the sky....Date:04/18/12
Size:308.72 KB

Small WAD where you'll have to confront a couple of arch-viles and avoid certain death through the use of some well placed teleporters....Date:06/29/12
Size:83.5 KB

Christmas DOOM 2
Single/Co-op/DM wad for DOOM II Another brand new Level for Doom II....Date:01/19/97
Size:100.02 KB
Author:Yukio Ide (from Japan) *( Waizu )

My first published wad... Hey! It ended up quite large. There are three levels. The maps look almost identical but I changed the characteristics of each to create new levels...Date:05/01/02
Size:527.19 KB
Author:Terry Brooks

Y.A.B. (Yet Another Base)
Size:100.03 KB
Author:Patrick Martin

A Doom new level map for MAP01. In this level you get a plasmagun and you kill many bad men and heads. Anyway I feel real tired when making this level and im going to bed....Date:01/22/08
Size:30.94 KB

This is a gigantic level... it really took some effort....Date:01/29/98
Size:190.44 KB
Author:William Green

My first DOOM ][ wad and a good one at that!!...Date:02/24/05
Size:27.77 KB
Author:Eric Buchanan

You Are the Big Rocket Launcher (And I'm Just the Shot Gun)
A little maze where you have only a shotgun and try to avoid a Cyberdemon....Date:12/31/20
Size:214.26 KB

A Doom II Level...Date:02/22/98
Size:56.09 KB
Author:Bert elzinga

a boring ol level...Date:11/25/02
Size:18.95 KB
Author:anonymous author

The Yellow Key Card
Find the hidden yellow keycard in order to have some semblance of a chance of completing this level...Date:02/08/00
Size:39.22 KB
Author:Jason Root

Yesterday's Nightmare
Surreal medieval themed map. This is a map I am contributing to the Doom Wad Station community project....Date:07/30/04
Size:406.26 KB
Author:Ray Schmitz

Yanky Go Home, Level 1
This was supposed to be a routine mission. The earlier roconisons reported that there were no alian forces for miles around. Right away you figure out that they were wrong (as allways). It seems that the whole friggin Alian army is shacked up in this...Date:05/12/06
Size:60.78 KB
Author:Conan Callen

This DOOM2, level 1 PWAD encompasses a very large virtual space with a surprise around every corner! I designed it to be a "mini" game that takes you from pistol to BFG 9000. it contains a creative use of two sided line defs that I have not seen in a...Date:02/02/95
Size:26.19 KB
Author:Joseph J. Pecoraro

Size:7.31 KB
Author:Curtis l. Ensley (Tomhall)

Yngve series level 1 v2.0
Tricky but fun! Lot`s of wood and stone textures......Date:01/30/96
Size:33.48 KB
Author:Jesper Andersson

Yngve series level 2 v2.0
Not big, but you'll get your share of the killing... Marble textures......Date:01/30/96
Size:9.13 KB
Author:Jesper Andersson

This is a big wad and has many monsters but it also has enough health and ammo to beat it. The fights are fair and you have plenty of room to move around....Date:10/19/00
Size:108.93 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

Surveillance Base Ypsilon
A level with indoor and outdoor areas, some teleporting, a boss fight and a midi that I made....Date:05/10/20
Size:70.18 KB

This is about our 5th attempt at a wad file, we have learnt from our mistakes and this level includes some of our better ideas from the early attempts. The level is a fairly dark level based around a large cavern. In deathmatch there are several snip...Date:11/30/95
Size:28.47 KB
Author:Dale Maltby & Wayne Marland

This wad is one of an undetermined number of levels. After ETERNAL and all of the wonderful new textures, I wanted to build a level using the original DOOM2 textures. Not an easy task with all of the new textures that were at my fingertips. But, I wa...Date:10/17/98
Size:192.34 KB
Author:David Brachman

Zanko Miron!
Three medium sized maps based around different DOOM liquids, in classic Doom 2 iwad style. MAP01- WATER: An open-plan brick reservoir. MAP02- SLIME: A tight nukage techbase filled with brutal ambushes and close-quarter fighting. MAP03- BLOOD: A Blood...Date:05/16/16
Size:2.48 MB

This map is special because it's Map07. The Doom Engine allows usage of special sector tags 666 and 667 (lowering / rising floors) in this level. 667 is tricky, though, because it has a certain chance of rising too far and blocking the way, so I used...Date:01/09/98
Size:63.94 KB
Author:Andy Badorek

ZAP 18 Paradox Lost
Another tech-style map. I can't help it, I like those. about the map's history and reasons for this particular name read the notes below...Date:05/05/07
Size:90.59 KB

This level has a theme: it's the room you start in and the surrounding nukage area. Your way through this level leads you all around that area giving some nice views of the start room before you finish the level on the very same spot you started on. ...Date:10/18/97
Size:81.5 KB
Author:Andy Badorek

UNCONDITIONAL ELIMINATION Replacement of the Final Map (Icon of Sin)
Unlike most other Final Maps (including the original) where you end up *IGNORING* the monsters and concentrate on shooting rockets at the final enemy, ZAP30 makes you remember the point of the game and *FIGHT* against those baddies (and for your rock...Date:01/09/98
Size:108.97 KB
Author:Andy Badorek

Zap'em and Run Like Hell (DooM 2)
A DooM wad that works in all modes, including Co-Op and Death Match. Consists of many large rooms connected by narrow and dark tunnels. A special congrats goes to all players who end up with 100% secrets and items without using the computer map. Pay ...Date:08/25/95
Size:52.19 KB
Author:Tom Sanner

This is a single-player Doom 2 level I started a fair while ago, but didn't get around to finishing until now. It was designed around the standard Doom 2 metrics and functionality, so you don't need any particular executable for it to work....Date:05/10/03
Size:59.71 KB
Author:Jeremy Statz

This WAD is pretty basic. There's neat guns and enemies, support for all three styles of play, etc. The textures are aligned for the most part, and it has been tested for deathmatch and difficulty. Fortunately, for those of you who care, it is NOT a ...Date:11/05/96
Size:27.51 KB
Author:Kirk Hemmen

First it should be a Single Player only level. Then I decided to include a Deathmatcharea. And now the Deathmatcharea is better then the Single Player Part! My betatesters said also that it is'nt that good as Single Player - so you maybe want to use ...Date:05/18/95
Size:105.28 KB
Author:Florian Helmberger

ZED's big one
My 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th levels, all packaged in this handy, easy-to-carry wad. No music replacements, tho... I haven't had time to find out what comes after D_RUNNIN......Date:02/08/03
Size:430.35 KB

Medium-sized map with uncomplicated design and well-planned gameplay....Date:02/03/06
Size:41.3 KB
Author:Jeremy Zeh

This is a very simple level and my second attempt at making a level. I just wanted to do this level for fun. If you are a legend of zelda fan then you will notice in map mode if you use the code IDDT twice in map mode you will see that the triforce i...Date:02/12/98
Size:8.18 KB
Author:Chris Fischer

Zelda 3 - Eastern Temple
This map is based on the Eastern Temple from Zelda 3....Date:05/21/10
Size:31.33 KB

This is a Coop/Deathmatch WAD, made by Zero. It replaces most of the monsters, and most of the guns. Everyone on Doom Connector found it hilarious, I think you will too. (And a great stress reliever)...Date:04/05/04
Size:845.12 KB
Author:Rei Yukamuri (Zero on Doom Connector)

This level was originally made as a test to see if we could figure out how make a WAD. It worked out great. It was originally intended for single play, but turned out to be extremely fun in deathmatch....Date:08/22/96
Size:30.75 KB
Author:Alamo and Kramer

Built for fun, for brother's Birthday, it's meant to be a fun challenge...Date:04/20/21
Size:153.02 KB

This is a DOOM2 level based on the Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Center(ZOA). It has been changed and added onto from the first ZOA.wad file made for doom1. All the new monsters from DOOM2 have been added, many new secret areas added, and the key...Date:12/02/05
Size:83.39 KB
Author:Chuck a.k.a. CJetSki

The levels follows George A. Romero's great movies "Dawn of the Dead" & "Day of the Dead", known to as "ZOMBIE 1 & 2"...Date:06/16/97
Size:2.21 MB

Zombie Heart of Death v1.11
The challenge of this wad is to not become a Zombie! This is a very tough, large, non-linear, single player wad. Please note, skill 4 (Top Doomers Only!) is designed partly as a "Test of Doomer Skills" -- tough but not impossible (no cheat codes re...Date:09/29/11
Size:483.94 KB
Author:David E. Armstrong

An earlier Marine expedition was responsible for the construction of a laboratory dedicated to the preservaton and study of mutant specimens in a special "Zoo." Recently, communications with this base been inexplicably cut off. Due to your track reco...Date:10/08/03
Size:110.68 KB
Author:Doria Biddle

The Zoo
Intense zoo full of doom entities with enough stuff to keep you alive all the way through....Date:12/18/03
Size:105.72 KB

If I Ran The Zoo
This is an arena in which you can safely view several demonic exhibits. You can see demons, imps, arachnotrons, mancubi, revenants, barons, cyber demons, and cacodemons. Viewing other enemies would be dangerous, since they would kill you or each othe...Date:02/15/11
Size:24.6 KB
Author:Kevin Eudy
normal play or deathmatch only ...Date:10/22/96
Size:128.35 KB
Author:Ian Tornquist

Sorry for the time you're about to lose playing this wad!
This is a medium large single player PWAD for Doom2, but you can play it on deathmatch and cooperative levels as well. You don't have to be a Doom-addict to finish this level, but it helps...:-). When you are almost by the exit whatch your steps beca...Date:07/20/95
Size:26.24 KB
Author:Elroy Blom

Zukky's Gaveyard
A dark level with archeways, cyber and lotsa other bad dudes. Have allot of fun my frends. This is free, it cost no Baht. The exit room is a pic of me....Date:12/13/07
Size:31.32 KB

No story - just have fun! If you wonder what the silly name stand for: it is german and means 'rusk'. I named my level this way because I was eating this &#%@ the whole weekend. *PLEASE* send me your comments, even if it's just to tell me how lam...Date:03/17/95
Size:75.77 KB
Author:Florian Helmberger

Two Doom II maps inspired by Hexen's lead - simple architecture, solid behind-the-scene mechanics, hand-to-hand combat and, most importantly of all, switch hunting!...Date:08/24/14
Size:184.45 KB

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